Coping with Injury

basis between feeling angry and hopeless to remaining committed to getting better as soon as you can.

Physical Impact

After a crash the first thing people naturally focus on are the physical injuries. There are all different kinds of physical trauma that can

occur as a result of a substance impaired driving crash. Some crashes will cause non-permanent injuries, while others may have long lasting effects. If you have recently experienced

It’s important to seek medical assistance after a crash.

a crash but haven’t seen a physician, you should consider getting checked by a medical professional to make sure you haven’t sustained injuries you aren’t aware of. The timeframe for your physical recovery depends upon the seriousness and permanence of your physical injuries. Physical recovery may or may not ever be complete. Even if your injuries are not severe, you may move a little slower than others or may experience intermittent pain. If you sustained serious injuries after the crash you have probably already seen a

number of doctors and may have spent a significant amount of time in a hospital setting. You may have been released from a hospital and subsequently going through rehabilitation.

The healing process looks different for each person.


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