Coping with Injury

At any point in the process, recovering to the best of your body’s ability may depend on the hope and courage you have in following the advice of your physicians, no matter how tired and frustrated you get. Physical Healing Learn all you can about your injuries. The more you understand about them, the more patience you will have with yourself and your doctors as you progress through healing. Many people suffer from a closed head injury after a serious car crash. Severe cases of head injury are obvious. The victim suffers from loss of physical coordination, speech, and many thinking skills. However, mild head injuries are not as easy to identify. It is often after the physical injuries, such as broken bones and internal bleeding, have been treated and even after the patient has left the hospital that head injury becomes apparent. It is called mild closed head injury if the skull was not fractured. You may notice that you can’t concentrate or think as clearly or quickly as you once did. You may experience relationship problems, headaches, mood swings, dizziness, or difficulty with your memory. Specific symptoms vary from individual to individual, but there is almost always a personality change. Because it is difficult to

determine whether you have head injury or are depressed about what happened,

Some injuries may not show up until after you are released from the hospital.

you may hesitate to check it out. It is recommended to consult a

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