Coping with Injury

neuropsychologist or neurologist specializing in head injury if you suspect that head injury may be responsible for your symptoms. Because your body is complex, your physician may be unable to predict the course or completeness of healing. Nevertheless, you can expect your doctor to discuss your case. If you are not satisfied with treatment, talk that over with your physician. You may find that a second opinion from a specialist gives you peace of mind or helps you decide to change doctors or medical providers. Do not stay with a doctor simply because he or she is familiar. You need the best care possible while your body has the most ability

to benefit from it. Being treated as a “patient” may leave you with little sense of control over your own life. It is important to

You have the option

to get a second opinion.

regain some control by making your own decisions about treatment using the best medical advice you can find. There may be difficulty healing physically and/or emotionally if you focus on the past and have no commitment to the present or future. Often, healing takes place when victims/survivors accept their new limitations and seek constructive ways to compensate for them.

Your ability to accept temporary or permanent limitations will also add

considerably to the quality of your life and lives of your family and friends. If you are having a difficult time coping with your injuries, whether emotionally or physically, it’s


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