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June, 2020



INSIDE: • Why Physical Therapy Is Necessary • Exercise Essentials • Patient Success Spotlights • We Are Having A Maskarade

June, 2020



Whether you have pain or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Appalachian Physical Therapy, Inc. can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call at: • Broadway: 540-901-9501 • Harrisonburg: 540-209-8977 • Pinehurst: 910-215-0541 Today is no different. One of the biggest problems I see from a physical therapy standpoint is a significant amount of tightness with our pectoral (pects) musculature on the front side of our chest. These huge and powerful muscles help with pulling our arms across our bodies. They also are responsible for internally rotating our arms or turning in our hands when we let our arms hang down by our sides. One can quickly assess if a person has tightness in these muscles by looking at them with their arms hanging down when at rest. So what’s the big deal? The big deal begins with poor posture that is often caused by muscling up the front of the chest with weakness in the muscles about the shoulder blades. Also due to shortening of the pects, people are exposed to problems such as impingement of the shoulders, intermittent numbness and tingling of their hands and even significant headaches (HA’s) to name a few and the list goes on. Strengthening is great, don’t get me wrong. There has to be a happy medium with stretching to allow for good mobility. Strength is worthless if it cannot be used. I have seen folks that really wanted to have a large chest only to be uncoordinated and not able to bounce a basketball. Improper posture and strength overloads structures and will lead to impairment and possibly surgery: all the time. This is one of the things we deal with on a daily basis. Ask any physical therapy shop and they will tell you the same thing. Never and I mean never have I ever seen anyone with an insufficient pect that needed strengthening. It just doesn’t happen. (continued inside)

I remember looking at comic books when I was a kid and I always remember scenes from a big bully all muscled up picking on a less endowed fellow at the beach. He of course was pushed into the sand in front of his beautiful girlfriend and the bully walks off with his girl. This was an ad that was burned into my brain as a kid buying bazooka bubble gum that had the same type of scene. I can

only guess you have seen similar ads that you can remember as well. At any rate this causes the less endowed guy to go and learn martial arts or lift weights and then to approach this bully later on in life and he walks off into the sunset with his girl back by his side. Lifting weights was always a part of my growing up in life. I was a sports nut and participated in three sports year round. To keep in shape and gain strength, weight lifting was a part of my life for several years. It certainly helped me gain strength however there was less than sufficient guidance to help me along the way. Yes we had coaches and maybe an occasional trainer to guide us but really no one that actually worked directly with us on a regular basis. It really is amazing none of us that I remember was actually injured with all we did. I mean we really pushed ourselves pretty hard at the time.

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(continued from outside) I mentioned this as a problem last month regarding tightness in one’s shoulders can lead to symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome. It can also cause tension headaches, shortness of breath due to rounding of shoulders and poor posture and the list goes on. This can be a big influence on the rotator cuff and how well it functions as the pect minor tilts the shoulder blade forward causing an imbalance of the scapular or shoulder blade muscles. Presently I am treating a patient now who fell at work on ice catching on his hands and he has to have the tightest pects I have ever seen. He works moving and lifting heavy items at chest height and overhead every day. He was treated for a year at another clinic before coming to us and no one ever worked on his pects. Hard to believe. Thankfully after much hands on stretching and soft tissue work, he is showing progress. Thank you Lord. It is all about balance and working together. Any exercise regimen needs both sides of the chest strengthened properly. In our world of physical therapy we are constantly trying to increase strength of the scapular musculature and stretching the pects. So anyone with postural problems as well as HA’s, rotator cuff issues, shoulder impingement, cervical or neck restrictions or the inability to stand upright or tall needs to have a little balance brought back with stretching the front of the chest and strengthening the back of the shoulders. Have questions about problems that may be caused by tight pects or imbalanced muscles? Give us a call or better yet, schedule a free screening exam to get balance back in your life.

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“I have been totally impressed with Appalachian Physical Therapy!” “Had shoulder pain right side, attended free shoulder seminar and signed up for PT. Did six treatments and I feel major improvement in pain. I also notice better range of motion. Experienced dry needling which really made a difference. I have been totally impressed with Appalachian Physical Therapy. Great people and a welcoming environment.” - Dan Pickett, Broadway “I did not suffer with a headache after the first visit!” “After an auto accident that totaled my car, I was plagued with daily headaches, left hand pain, and decreased grip and strength. A month of therapy brought much welcomed relief to the pain! I did not suffer with a headache after the first visit! My

range of motion in my neck has improved tremendously. By the last week of therapy, my hand is nearly pain-free and my grip strength is almost normal. I am thankful for the benefits of physical therapy, it is nothing short of a miracle!” - Orpha Peachey, Harrisonburg “I have zero pain!” “I was having pain in the arches of my feet. My mother told me about Appalachian Physical Therapy. She wanted me to come here so they could assist me with my problem. Dr. Jon helped me and taught me the proper techniques and now, I have zero pain. It wasn’t just him that helped me feel better; everyone here played a role in that. When I walked through the door I was greeted with a smiling face. The other therapists also talked with me which made me feel good and helped me pass the time by. I would hightly recommend their services to anyone seeking physical therapy.” - Javon Johnson, Pinehurst


Due to Covid-19 we have not felt it is quit safe to return to our monthly seminar sessions. We are saddened as this has been a way for us to give back to the community in a very special way. They are a lot of fun and it gives us an opportunity to meet with you and help you with your immediate needs. We know by the calls you make each day asking us when these will return that you are eager also to get back to normal. Sooo to help solve a mutual problem, we have decided to clear our schedules at all of our offices on the 25th of June just for you. That’s right, the 25th of June is your day to come in on an individual appointment, our courtesy to ask us any questions you may have with your, shoulder, knee, hip or whatever. We are always eager to help and share our knowledge with you and if we can help you with a quick fix such as an exercise, stretch or change in your habits causing your pain, we will get it done right then. Should you need further assistance, we can tell you what you will need and how to get it.

Remember, we havebeenopenall through this pandemic andhaveworkeddiligently in keeping our offices clean and free from this virus. This is a rehab facility and not one where folks have been going in and out of a primary care office to see if they might have the disease. You will have to answer several questions to make sure you have not been exposed to this disease before we will let you in and also you temperature may be taken electronically. If you prefer to take it rectally, we can probably accommodate that as well (NOT). Seriously, this is a way for you to get your answers regarding your pain/problem taken care of in a very safe way without being in a large crowd. We get it and want to float this out to you as an option for the postponement of the monthly seminars. All you have to do is call the office where you want to schedule and show up at the designated time on the 25th of June. These are coveted slots and they will fill fast so we ask that if you are going to schedule, you show up. It is that simple. IT costs you nothing but a few minutes. Stay safe and healthy and we will see you on the 25th of June.

Who is the Workshop For? The Rotator Cuff Workshop is for people suffering with shoulder pain. The Hip and Knee Seminar is for individuals having difficulty walking or having pain in either joint. If you are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without medications, injections and surgery, don’t delay! Register today! Use the camera app on your smartphone to see the next workshop at the location nearest you. You may also call our office numbers listed on the front page of this newsletter. REVEALING HOW TO GET BACK TO NORMAL WITHOUT MEDICATIONS, INJECTIONS & SURGERY...

The workshops belowhave been canceled for themonth of June

and are tentatively scheduled for July at each location








I need not have to explain why we are even talking about our staff wearing masks in the last few months. We have seen all kinds in these recent times so we decided to have a little fun and parade a few of the pictures for you. Now before we do, I want to make sure we do not step on anyone’s toes about the seriousness of this pandemic. For those of you who may have been sick, we are very sorry. For those of you who may have loved ones that succumbed to this disease, please know we are extremely saddened and pray for you and our country and the world that this too shall pass. We continue to see folks on a daily basis at our offices and so far have been very fortunate in staying safe and healthy. It is because of all the work and vigilant hand washing, cleaning, asking questions and questions and questions that we have remained safe. This is the new normal for a while so make sure when you come into one of our offices that you know we have been hard at work to keep this place a safe haven. You will be grilled about where you have been and if you have been around anyone sick or have been sick yourself. If the answer is yes to any of the questions, you will be asked to quarantine yourself for two weeks before coming into our office. We would rather see you but must take special precautions for now. So here are the pictures of our staff with various masks. We decided to have a little fun so here goes. Oh and a big thanks to Janet Wrenn, Lauren’s grandmother who made masks for our Pinehurst office folks. Like everyone else, we were not able to find themwhen we needed them so thanks Janet. Also to Phoebe Renfroe in Broadway who offered to make masks for us. We just had a person come in and drop off a dozen masks for us without saying who they were when Phoebe offered so we appreciate whoever you are. And also the many others who have kept their humor as well as spirits up in dealing with this virus. We are going to have a little fun so if you want to vote for your favorite picture, please do so by sending an email to and the person or picture with the most votes will win…..Something. And yes, I do know how to spell masquerade.

ARTWORK AT THE OFFICE Gayle has volunteered her time and talent photographing newborns and children for a program called “Hand In Hand” at the local hospital. In her spare time when not behind the camera, you can find Gayle spending time with her family or riding her horses. She and her horses compete in 30 and 50-mile endurance rides throughout the state of Virginia. She is married 35 years to her husband, Douglas and they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Gayle and Douglas are members of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg and they live on their 30 acre farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with their sweet pup and 6 horses. View her website at

HarrisonburgArtist: Gayle Driver, Digital Photography. In this body of work I concentrate on the facial expressions of my subjects (whether people or animals) trying to capture the emotion of the moment when my subject is

Pinehurst Artist: Gwen Dumas. I graduated fromPeace College with an Associate of Art Degree and from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art. After college, I worked in commercial interior design for Raleigh Office Supply in Raleigh, NC and Design Logic in Asheville, NC. I have also had the opportunity to work as an artist for Camden Field, a painted furniture company in the mountains of North Carolina. Currently, I live in Whispering Pines, NC. I love art and wake up every day ready to paint. Pinehurst Artist: Sarah Hendrix. I grew up on a beach in Southern California with an artist for a mother. My first training was absorbing her knowledge of painting. She would call me to ask if I had seen the clouds that day or looked at the sunset. Through her, I learned to look at the beauty that surrounds us. My paintings aremostly landscapes and I lean towards seascapes frommy beach bum days. Over the years, I have taken instruction from various artists-including Frank Pierce, Mike Rooney and recently Connie Winters.

looking directly at me. The eyes are windows of the soul… a phrase that I think about as I amworkingwithmy subjects. There is something captivating to me about looking directly into someone’s eyes and knowing how that person is feeling. When that person or animal starts to feel comfortable withme is when I can capture that special image. I focusmy camera on their eyes and by adding a soft blur behind the subject helps draw the viewer into the detail of the face. Of the animals that I photograph, the dogs and cows have a special place in my heart. I love their interesting, unique faces and I try to show their sweet personalities inmy photograph.

EXERCISE ESSENTIALS Try these exercises to keep you moving... SITTING CHEST STRETCH Sit in a chair, keeping good posture. Raise your arms up with your elbows in front of you, and lock your hands together behind your head. From this position, push your elbows out to each side as far as you can go while keeping your hands locked. You should feel a nice stretch in your chest. Repeat 6 times.

MAKE PAYMENTS ON OUR WEBSITE! Appalachian PT gives patients the option to pay online using our website. All payments are totally encrypted for security. Select the “Pay” tab at the top of the page. It’s just that easy.

Strengthens Chest

SITTING POSTURE (HELPS IMPROVE POSTURE) Sit on a sturdy chair and scoot your hips forward. Place your feet flat on the floor. Tip your pelvis slightly forward. Straighten your spine until your ears are directly over your shoulders and your shoulders are over your hips. Draw your shoulder blades gently back and together. Tuck your chin. Stretch up tall; imag- ine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling you up to your full height.

Improves Posture

Exercises copyright of

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up:

� Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently & securely

� Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active & healthy lifestyle


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