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How a Criminal Doppelganger Brought Me and My Wife Together HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, MARAH!

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Stories of epic romance start popping up everywhere when Valentine’s Day comes around, and they’re

Years later, when I was heading into class at college, I got a crazy phone call that ended up bringing us back together. At the time, I was scheduled to go to an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters that required a background check. I wasn’t worried about it because I have a clean history — until I got the phone call. The caller was from the program, and he said he needed to talk to me about “things that came up” in my check. Then, he started interrogating me about stuff I’d never heard about, including a DUI charge, a charge for “running over landscaping,” and even a charge of resisting arrest! All of the charges were filed in Texas, a state I hadn’t visited since I was a 12-year-old kid. I told the guy as much, and after a bit of digging, it turned out the background check had turned up the information on a different JoshWalker. Not only did he share my name, but we were also the same age and born on the exact same day! I didn't end up doing the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, but the whole incident was so crazy that I had to call and tell Marah about it. We were still friends at the time and got in touch occasionally, but this particular story of mayhem kept us on the phone talking for more than an hour. The way she tells the story, after she got off the phone, her roommates started teasing her about having a crush on me, and theywere right! We got together not long after, and we’ve been a couple for 10 years now and married for six of them. Marah is the more introverted of the two of us, but I love how passionate she gets about things like singing in our church choir, reading, and planning our vacations down to the smallest detail. (She loves to read online reviews.) When I take things too seriously and get stuck in my head, she always knows how to get me out of my funk and into a better headspace. I’m lucky to have Marah not only as a life partner but also as a business partner. Here at Chiro1Source, she helps with customer service and handles all of our accounts payable and receivable, freeing me up to do other work to help our clients. I think our complementary skillsets help us keep the business running smoothly, and I love that I can always come to her if I’m stuck on a work-related problem because she knows Chiro1Source inside and out. Between the two of us (and with the help of the rest of our amazing staff), we can handle any questions you might have about our products, prices, or other programs.

pretty much impossible to escape. A lot of them are classic boy-meets-girl tales, and seeing all of those TV rom-com ads and the rehashing of old friends’ love stories on Facebook always makes me chuckle and reflect on how off-the-wall the rekindling of my romance with mywife, Marah, reallywas. It involved Big Brothers

Big Sisters, the state of Texas, an accidental impersonator, and some seriously damaged shrubbery.

Truth be told, the first time I asked Marah out on a date was in a classic romantic way. We were in high school at the time, and I passed her a note asking her out, just like in the George Strait song “Check Yes or No.” She said yes, we started talking on AOL Instant Messenger, and that was that — at least until typical high school stuff got in the way and we broke up as most teenage couples do.

FromMarah and me to you, happyValentine’s Day! We’re proof that love can pop up from unexpected places, and we hope it finds you this year.

-Josh Walker 1


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