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MAR/APR 2018

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Welcome to the fourth edition of our Under Development series. We hope that your year is off to a great start. In the March/April edition, we’ll be taking a peek at the redesigned patient self- booking add-on, providing an update on our integrated faxing service, and hinting at an entirely new platform focused on patient engagement. Buckle up, because we’re about to go for a ride. A New Look for the Free Patient Self- Booking Add-On In 2018, businesses are shifting toward self-service kiosks that have no direct contact with staff members. A trip to the airport often involves standing at a machine, scanning your passport, and ticking some boxes on a touch screen. Similarly, a simple visit to the movie theater will likely have you collecting your tickets from a kiosk rather than from a person behind the counter. And in rehabilitation clinics, patients can now book their appointments on their own without ever calling your facility and speaking with someone — our free patient self-booking add-on allows them to do just that.

The patient self-booking add-on is a white-label solution that enables your patients to schedule appointments on their own. You can even feature your company logo on the webpage. But in essence, we’re providing you with a webpage where your patients book appointments on their own. You may then coordinate with your website provider to have the patient self- booking add-on featured in the form of a “Book Now” button or something similar. But what happens once the appointments are booked?

Select a provider, a duration, and a date to see all of the upcoming availabilities. Reminder: there is no additional cost for enabling this feature! Just contact the support department today to get started. You’ve probably heard about our new integrated faxing service by now. Priced at 5 cents per page, this add- on enables you to fax documents from directly within Practice Perfect without the need to print them out and idle by the fax machine. When you consider the price of paper, the fact that you’re tying up a phone line, and the wage your staff is being paid to stand around a fax machine, integrated faxing through Practice Perfect is a no-brainer. successfully onboarded and are taking a giant leap toward going paperless. If you, too, would like to begin faxing documents from directly within Practice Perfect, contact us today to learn more. Practice Perfect Faxing

Book a new appointment or view upcoming appointments.

When a patient schedules an appointment in the self-booking add- on, it can be automatically added to your schedule, or you can have it enter a queue so you can approve it before it becomes a part of your schedule. Currently, this feature is only available to existing clients, but soon, new patients will be able to schedule appointments using the patient self- booking app, too!

Patient sign-in page pictured above. 1

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