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4 Together From Afar

Together From Afar

How Families Across America Are Celebrating Differently

From Passover to ‘Zoomover’

Last year, we probably wouldn’t have guessed the pandemic would still be lingering by this time in 2021 — but families have found ways to remain together, even from a distance. Here’s how people are celebrating their major events and holidays from afar.

In 2012, college best friends and Ohio natives Kara Silverman and Chad Martin started a tradition: Every year in New York City, they would host a Seder open to anyone who didn’t have one to attend otherwise. This year, however, they had to host the event digitally since they couldn’t be together in person. They decided to have it on Zoom and called it ‘Zoomover’ with the event hashtag #NextYearInPerson. Although it was virtual, a lot more guests joined since distant family and friends could tune in, too.

Birthday Parties on Zoom

Dressing up and decorating your home might feel like only half the fun of hosting a birthday party — the guests make it extra special. That’s why families like the Browns from Fredericksburg, Virginia, did all the party preparations at home, plus hosted a Zoom party so their son, Jackson, could still see all his family members face to face. Some guests even had their own cupcakes and festive decorations. Meanwhile, presents were mailed. "Instead of opening wrapped presents, he was opening Amazon boxes," Fred, Jackson’s father, told CBS with a laugh.

Facebook, including pre-recorded musical performances, and hosted a “virtual carnival” in Zoom afterward from 12–8 p.m. It included games, comedy performances, cooking tutorials, and more! In the late evening, they also hosted a “tiki lounge” for parents and caregivers to participate in after their kids went to sleep. No matter what you’re celebrating this time of year, we hope you find a way to do it while connecting with the people you love most. Have a wonderful April, friends!

A Virtual Easter Festival

Outside Boston, Phyllis Myung, the director at Highrock Covenant Church in Acton, adopted a way for her church to celebrate Easter with safety in mind: Keep it virtual with plenty of ways to interact with one another. They streamed their services on YouTube and


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