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June 2020

We’re Stronger Together


s I write this newsletter in mid- April, it’s tough to say whether or not the state of things around the

When I say our team is working twice as hard, I truly mean it. In light of changing times, the entire Dri Tech Corp team has really stepped up to the plate. I’ve written previously in this newsletter about how important teamwork is to us and how we foster it every single day. During a time when teamwork has taken a big hit for many businesses, our team has instead gone above and beyond to exemplify everything teamwork stands for. I couldn’t be more floored by how they’ve been working together. When Nevada’s stay-at-home mandate was issued, every member of our team had the choice to work from home. But even now, months later, every member of our team has chosen to continue working together in our office every day. This may be different from the common practices you hear about with other businesses. It surprised me too. But I’ve come to realize that the Dri Tech Corp team wants to work together in our office because their priority is to be there for one another. They each want to give their teammates the ability to continue doing their work so they can provide for their families during these hard times. We stand strong by standing together. Little by little, this pandemic is bringing people’s true character to the surface. In some ways, that’s good; in others, it’s bad. But I’m so humbled to discover that the true character of the Dri Tech Corp team shows that when times get tough, we rally the troops, have hard conversations, provide meaningful solutions, and get the job done. Change has thrown us

world might finally be on the up and up. That’s certainly my hope because for many, times are tough. At Dri Tech Corp, we’re facing these tough times head-on and still providing our clients with the services they need. The work we do has been deemed essential, which means we’re fortunate to be allowed to stay open and continue operating when a lot of other businesses aren’t able to. Being permitted to show up for work every day really puts things in perspective, and each and every one of us is so grateful for it. Our work has certainly shifted in several ways, but we’re doing our best to embrace the change. Primarily, restrictions and protocols have been put in place to keep things as safe as possible. We’re all about safety first, so our safety manager has been implementing new, heightened systems at each of our job sites to keep our teams and clients safe. We all need a little peace of mind in these strange times, and this is our way to bring some to our clients. As we implement our new systems and find ways to work with suppliers that now have limited means, we’ve had to extend the duration of current jobs longer than we originally anticipated. This doesn’t change our promise to deliver. It means we’re working twice as hard to make sure the job gets done, and we’re incredibly thankful for the patience our clients have shown.

for a loop, and we still haven’t come around Dri Tech’s new Service Coordinator, Kristina White

the bend just yet. But when we do, I know we’ll have used this time as an opportunity to learn and grow together. That means the future is bright for Dri Tech Corp. So know that we’re here now, and we’ll still be here whenever you need us. gone above and beyond to exemplify everything teamwork stands for.” “During a time when teamwork has taken a big hit for many businesses, our team has instead

–Blaine DeBrouwer



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