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Water Analysis - Turbidimeter System

MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter

Features  Small footprint - Takes up very little space  Local Display/User Interface provided with each instrument

 Fast response time and inexpensive calibration low sample volume (30 ml)  Modular design reduces overall costs - Replace electronics without stopping flow  Removable sample cuvettes allow for easy cleaning and calibrating  Ultrasonic Cleaning Function  Optics are not in contact with the sample -reduces chance of false low readings  Convenient reusable EPA Approved primary calibration standards


The MTOL+™ Online Turbidimeter has been specifically designed for measuring the NTU of filtered water, re-use water, raw water and many industrial applications. The MTOL+ features built-in Ultrasonic auto-cleaning and data logging as well as easy set-up, maintenance, and calibration. Calibration is completed using ProCal™ EPA approved* NTU calibration standards. The MTOL+ is compatible with the M100+ laboratory turbidimeter which offers a color touchscreen display and sample data logging for multiple sample ID’s. The M100+ also stores calibration NTU val- ues and the date/time of calibration. The two units share calibration standards eliminating the need for different calibration standards between laboratory and process NTU. On-site User Selectable Range MTOL+ Ranges include: 0 - 10, 0 - 100, 0 - 1000 NTU

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NTU Range


MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter - White Light Model, 0-100 NTU



M100+ Laboratory Turbidimeter - White Light Model, 0-100 NTU




Calibration Kit: 0.02, 1 & 10 NTU


Calibration Kit: 0.02, 10, 100 NTU


180 PAAS Source Book

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