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citizens, customers, store employees, and owners of the convenience stores in the city. Its establishment will aid in the reduction of occurrences of crime, prevention in the escalation of crime, and increase the successful prosecution of crimes that occur in convenience stores within the city limits. The ordinance created a registration program for convenience stores and provides requirements relating to surveillance camera systems, alarm systems, drop safes, security signs, height markers, protection of inventory, store visibility, safety training programs, prosecution statements, and trespass affidavits. As stores submit their registration packets, Code Enforcement conducts inspections to bring them into compliance. As we look towards continued process improvements, we are proposing a new Code Response Team (CRT) that will focus on specific concerns in our community. This team would focus on CSO inspections, taking minor crime reports, high priority corridors, parking issues, 5-Day tags, traffic control, and monitoring the Entertainment Districts further.

looks to improve our current processes in code enforcement and expand our responsibilities to meet our community’s needs. The ability to diversify will allow us to create new programs to adapt to changes in our City. In 2022, our management team participated in seven cross-functional teams. Code Enforcement worked with the Environmental Services Department (ESD) and El Paso Water Utilities (EPWU) to draft an interlocal agreement to expedite the abatement of any illegal dumping on EPWU land. In response to the migrant crisis, we participated in homeless outreach and addressed issues that arose from the sudden migrant surge such as alleyway clean-ups. Code Enforcement continues to focus on illegal dumping on private property, overgrown brush, and weeds, illegal dumping in the right of way related to the eviction process, improvements with our Accela process, and continued monitoring the Entertainment Districts for noise issues. On June 7, the Convenience Store Ordinance (CSO) was initiated. The CSO ordinance was created to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the

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Calls for Service Total Code Cases Parking Cases Noise Cases Notices of Violation Issued Cases transered to "Clean El Paso" Presentations Given

The Code Enforcement Bureau consists of four code teams that investigate nuisance violations on private properties. Code Enforcement leadership consists of a Code Enforcement Director, Code Manager, three Code Field Operations Supervisors (CFOS), and four supervisors that oversee the daily operations of these teams. On May 23, the City of El Paso hired the first Code Enforcement Director, Arthur Steve Alvarado. Mr. Alvarado has over 29 years of municipal government experience. He has managed code enforcement, parking enforcement, building inspections, permits, and plan checks. Moving forward, Mr. Alvarado

2022 Annual Report

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