2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department's 2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Annual Report 2022

In Tribute to the service of Chief Gregory K. Allen

El Paso Police Department


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Police Week 2022 Tribute to Chief Gregory K. Allen Command Staff Department Demographics Regional Command Map NIBRS Crime Offense Statistics Use of Force Incidents Public Information Office Crime Stoppers Internal Affairs Code Enforcement Regional Operations Bureau Pebble Hills Regional Command Central Regional Command Northeast Regional Command Westside Regional Command Mission Valley Regional Command Retirements, Awards, and Promotions Special Operations Bureau Airport Special Services Division

HQ Traffic & HPVU DWI Taskforce Special Operations Group Training Academy

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3 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27

Crisis Intervention Team Department Contractors Investigations Bureau Organized Crime Division Major Crimes Division Strategic Planning & Auxiliary Services Bureau Planning & Research/Risk Management Communications Auxiliary Services Human Resources Payroll & Staffing and Employee Relations Backgrounds & Recruitment Administrative Services Grants & Records EOW: Sgt. Gerardo Morales

EOW: Sgt. Santos Perez End of Watch Memorial




Police Week 2022

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

In January of 2023, Chief Gregory K. Allen entered into eternal rest at the age of 71. He served the El Paso community for 45 years culminating in serving as Chief of Police from 2008 until his death in 2023. He is missed dearly as is his dedication to his officers, his staff, and his fellow El Pasoans. Among his many accomplishments in his decorated career, one of his proudest achievements was creating the Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit in November of 2017. He was an animal lover and lifelong advocate for animals and wanted to ensure that someone was fighting for those animals that could not speak for themselves. Chief Greg Allen dedicated his life to the service of others. His 45-year police career serving the citizens of EI Paso and his community has made a profound impact. He was a loyal friend, a great role model, and most of all a loving husband to Rosanne who was at his side holding his hand in the end.

In Tribute to the service of Chief Gregory K. Allen


5 "Failure to live by our Oath of Office, administered the day we were commissioned as Peace Officers, would only embolden the lawless among us, and betray those that rely on us to safeguard them.

This message to the people of El Paso is simple and hopefully easy to understand. The El Paso Police Department will not abandon its responsibility to safeguard this City and its people for political expediency. We Serve and Protect to the Best of our ability!”

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Chief of Police K. Allen Gregory K. Allen

Public Information Office Sgt. R. Gomez

Internal Affairs

Lt. R. Zavala

Regional Operations Bureau A/C V. Zarur

Strategic Planning and Auxiliary Services Bureau A/C Z. Silva

Investigations Bureau A/C H. Talamantes

Human Resources C. Ramirez

Administrative Services I. Valdez

Code Enforcement Bureau Arthur Alvarado

Special Operations Bureau A/C P. Pacillas

Airport Lt. C. Hamilton

Central Command Cmdr. T. Pena

Planning and Research Lt. J. Poust Communications Liaison Lt. M. Franco

Organized Crime Cmdr. R. Moton Major Crimes Cmdr. J. Briones


Budget & Finance C. Cisneros

Code Enforcement

A. Moreno

DWI Taskforce Lt. J. Esparza

Northeast Command Cmdr. J. Inciriaga Westside Command Cmdr. S. Lopez Mission Valley Command Cmdr. R. Ramos Pebble Hills Command Cmdr. J. Lanahan

Backgrounds & Recruitment Lt. J. Van Valen


I. Hooper

Headquarters Traffic Lt. J. Velasquez

Fleet & Supply Management S. Pedroza

Auxiliary Services Lt. L. Picard

Staffing & Employee Relations R. Prieto

Special Operations Group Lt. K. Law


Academy Lt. J. Johnson

V. Manson

Crisis Intervention Team Lt. R. Pisarcik Special Services Division Lt. S. Schmidt



Command Staff

Chief of Police Gregory K. Allen

Assistant Chief Victor Zarur

Assistant Chief Peter Pacillas

Assistant Chief Humberto Talamantes

Assistant Chief Zina Silva

Lieutenant Robert Zavala

Code Compliance Administrator Arthur Alvarado

Human Resources Manager Carlos Ramirez

Administrative Manager Isaura Valdez

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Department Demographics

Sworn and Civilian Staffing of Regional Commands Central - Mission Valley - Northeast - Pebble Hills - West Side - Specialized Units - Sworn - 1,128 Civilian - 271 169 Sworn 97 Sworn 108 Sworn 177 Sworn 97 Sworn 480 Sworn 21 Civilians 6 Civilians 4 Civilians 7 Civilians 5 Civilians 228 Civilians

Ethnicities of

Sworn Officers Hispanic -

82.3% 14.3% 2%

White - Black - Asian -

0.9% 0.4% 0.1%

Pacific Islander - Native American -

Male - 85.1% Female - 14.9%



Central Regional Command Population: 81,329 Land Size: 17.15 sq mi Mission Valley Regional Command Population: 92,057 Land Size: 29.73 sq mi Northeast Regional Command Population: 123,261 Land Size: 63.60 sq mi Pebble Hills Regional Command Population: 246,648 Land Size: 54.60 sq mi West Side Regional Command Population: 135,127 Land Size: 91.00 sq mi








El Paso Police Department Population: 678,422 Land Size:

256.08 sq mi

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Crime Offense Statistics

2021 2022 NIBRS Group A Crime Statistic Comparison 29

27 254 262 1,559 975 7,135 1,445

Criminal Homicide Forcible Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Burglary Larceny/Theft Vehicle Theft

296 233 984

1,152 6,752 974

Homicide Offenses 27 Burglary/ Breaking & Entering 975

Kidnapping/ Abduction 80 Counterfeiting/ Forgery 264

Animal Cruelty 123

Assault Offenses 9,482


Arson 62


Larceny/Theft Offenses 7,135 Destruction/ Damage/ Vandalism of Property 4,362

Drug/ Narcotic Offenses 2,782

Fraud Offenses 2,000

Pornography/ Obscene Material 119 Embezzlement 161

Weapon Law Violations 482 Motor Vehicle Theft 1,445

Prostitution Offenses 11

Robbery 262

Sex Offenses 473

Stolen Property Offenses 2

Extortion/ blackmail 0

Human Trafficking 0

Gambling Offenses 0



Use of Force Incidents

Total UOF Incidents - 1,517 Officer Service Calls Involving UOF Total Calls for Service - 345,970 Total Calls Involving UOF - 1,517 Includes On-View & Calls for Service Type of Calls for Service Involving UOF Dispatched Calls - 1,236 (81%) Officer Initiated - 281 (19%)

Central Mission Valley Northeast Pebble Hills West Side Specialized Units

409 154 261 302 233 158

Impact Weapon Chemical Agent

18 4 372 20 3 4

Firearm Display Soft Empty Hand Hard Empty Control Restraint Chair Spit Sock Application

947 2,525

CEW (Taser) Less Lethal K9 Deployment Firearm Discharge

757 132 47

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Public Information Office Empowering Our Community Through Transparent Communication In 2022, our Public Affairs and Media Relations Department faced many challenges as we navigated a rapidly changing world. Despite these obstacles, our dedicated team has emerged more robust than ever, committed to keeping our community informed and engaged. The Heart of Our Mission: Building Trust and Confidence At the core of our mission is the desire to build trust and inspire confidence in our ability to keep the community well-informed of critical updates and events. We understand that information is power and we are dedicated to empowering every community member with accurate, timely, and accessible news. Engaging Visuals and Anecdotes: Bringing Our Stories to Life Our team believes in the power of storytelling to connect with our community on a deeper level. We strive to incorporate eye-catching visuals and relatable anecdotes to make our content more engaging and impactful. From captivating infographics to heartwarming stories of everyday heroes, we aim to showcase the best of our community while highlighting the importance of our department's work. We can continue building a well-informed community that stands united in the face of challenges. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in our Public Affairs and Media Relations Department. Fostering Partnership and Unity: How You Can Help Support Our Mission We recognize that our success depends on the community's support and involvement. Here are some ways you can help us achieve our mission: 1. Stay Informed: Follow us on social media and subscribe for the latest updates and news. 2. Share Our Stories: Help us reach a wider audience by sharing our content. 3. Provide Feedback: Let us know how we're doing, and share your ideas for improvement by emailing us at AskPD@elpasotexas.gov. 4. Join Our Team: We're always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. Visit Joineppd.com for more information on how to Make the Change and Be the Difference.

Social Media Platforms

/ElPasoPolice /eppolice /eppolicetraffic /eppolice

Facebook Twitter Twitter Traffic Instagram YouTube Nextdoor

Press Releases Call-Outs Social Media Followers /ElPasoPoliceDepartment /el-paso-police-department

274 27 288,230



Crime Stoppers Sergeant Javier Sambrano Arrests

The program also supports the initiatives of local law enforcement agencies. We regularly work with the El Paso Police Department, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Texas DPS, campus police, and many other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The program also takes tips related to criminal activity occurring on school grounds. Students are able to call our tipline to anonymously report information. In turn, they can receive a reward if their tip leads to an arrest or disciplinary action. The Crime of the Week spotlights an unsolved case from one of our law enforcement partners that is distributed and publicized through local news media and our social media profiles. Our Crime of the Week has helped solve homicides, aggravated robberies, identity thefts, and much more with the help of tips submitted by the public. With the support of our local and business communities, Crime Stoppers aims to enhance and increase safety in El Paso as it continues to grow.

99 1,279 254 $37,500 $7,222 $6,847

Tips Received Cleared Cases Rewards

resulted in nearly 100 arrests, cleared over 200 cases, provided law enforcement with 1,279 anonymous tips, and rewarded tipsters with over $37,000 in cash. Additionally, tips from anonymous heroes led to the discovery of drug and human smuggling stash houses. This contributed to making our community a safer place to live in. As El Paso continues to grow and face new challenges, Crime Stoppers of El Paso will remain a trusted resource for law enforcement and will continue be an anonymous voice for El Pasoans to fight crime. This shows the effectiveness of Crime Stoppers of El Paso and how we engage with the community and foster trust. Since inception, Crime Stoppers of El Paso has helped arrest 4,721 subjects, cleared 6,424 cases, recovered $48,856,582 in narcotics, $4,512,590 in recovered property, and have issued $1,223,050 in rewards.

Recovered Narcotics Recovered Property

Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Inc. has given El Pasoans an anonymous voice in fighting crime since 1978. The mission of the non-profit organization is to carry out a community offensive against crime by working with the community, law enforcement, and the media to solve crimes. Through our program, criminal information is received anonymously, sent to our law enforcement partners, and cases are published through the media. Additionally, tipsters are rewarded monetarily if their tip results in an arrest. Crime Stoppers of El Paso had an excellent year in 2022 in the fight against crime. Our collective efforts

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Internal Affairs Lieutenant Robert Zavala, Jr. Complaints Reported by IA Cases Investigated by IA Cases Screened by IA Use of Force Incidents - Documented only Use of Force Incidents Investigated by IA Use of Force Incidents 351 75 19 1,517 46 1,563

The El Paso Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is comprised of sworn personnel and civilian support staff that is overseen by the Internal Affairs Commander. These men and women

are responsible for the care of professional police conduct and ensuring the overall integrity of the Department. Internal Affairs assures due process is afforded to all officers of the El Paso Police Department in the discipline process. We are always looking to improve in having a well-trained division and making strides in utilizing technology to enhance investigations. With the arrival of the body worn cameras, our office will utilize this equipment to further enhance and expand our capabilities in bringing fact finding to support outcomes. IAD strives to maintain the public’s trust by giving all complaints received the thoroughness it deserves. “We are the guardians of integrity”

(Documented and Investigated) Cases Resulted in Disciplinary Action




Code Enforcement Code Compliance Director Arthur Steve Alvarado Self-Generated Calls

citizens, customers, store employees, and owners of the convenience stores in the city. Its establishment will aid in the reduction of occurrences of crime, prevention in the escalation of crime, and increase the successful prosecution of crimes that occur in convenience stores within the city limits. The ordinance created a registration program for convenience stores and provides requirements relating to surveillance camera systems, alarm systems, drop safes, security signs, height markers, protection of inventory, store visibility, safety training programs, prosecution statements, and trespass affidavits. As stores submit their registration packets, Code Enforcement conducts inspections to bring them into compliance. As we look towards continued process improvements, we are proposing a new Code Response Team (CRT) that will focus on specific concerns in our community. This team would focus on CSO inspections, taking minor crime reports, high priority corridors, parking issues, 5-Day tags, traffic control, and monitoring the Entertainment Districts further.

looks to improve our current processes in code enforcement and expand our responsibilities to meet our community’s needs. The ability to diversify will allow us to create new programs to adapt to changes in our City. In 2022, our management team participated in seven cross-functional teams. Code Enforcement worked with the Environmental Services Department (ESD) and El Paso Water Utilities (EPWU) to draft an interlocal agreement to expedite the abatement of any illegal dumping on EPWU land. In response to the migrant crisis, we participated in homeless outreach and addressed issues that arose from the sudden migrant surge such as alleyway clean-ups. Code Enforcement continues to focus on illegal dumping on private property, overgrown brush, and weeds, illegal dumping in the right of way related to the eviction process, improvements with our Accela process, and continued monitoring the Entertainment Districts for noise issues. On June 7, the Convenience Store Ordinance (CSO) was initiated. The CSO ordinance was created to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the

24,133 21,052 45,185 2,286 6,203 118 2,250 8

Calls for Service Total Code Cases Parking Cases Noise Cases Notices of Violation Issued Cases transered to "Clean El Paso" Presentations Given

The Code Enforcement Bureau consists of four code teams that investigate nuisance violations on private properties. Code Enforcement leadership consists of a Code Enforcement Director, Code Manager, three Code Field Operations Supervisors (CFOS), and four supervisors that oversee the daily operations of these teams. On May 23, the City of El Paso hired the first Code Enforcement Director, Arthur Steve Alvarado. Mr. Alvarado has over 29 years of municipal government experience. He has managed code enforcement, parking enforcement, building inspections, permits, and plan checks. Moving forward, Mr. Alvarado

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Regional Operations Bureau Regional Operations Bureau

Assistant Chief Victor Zarur



Commander Julia Inciriaga Northeast Regional Command Commander Robert Ramos Mission Valley Regional Command

Commander Thomas Pena Central Regional Command Commander John Lanahan Pebble Hills Regional Command

Commander Steven Lopez West Side Regional Command

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Pebble Hills Regional Command

The Pebble Hills Regional Command Center (PHRCC) officially opened in 1994, and is located at 10780 Pebble Hills. PHRCC has a large, diverse community that is located on the eastside of the city of El Paso. The Pebble Hills area has experienced phenomenal residential and business growth in recent years. The region includes the area east of Buffalo Soldier Road to the far eastern city limits and north of Interstate 10. PHRCC is the police department’s largest region with a population that exceeds 245,000 people compassing over 60 square miles. The Pebble Hills Regional Command Center (PHRCC) is comprised of 181 Sworn Officers, Eight (8) Civilian employees, and four (4) Volunteers. Sworn Officers are assigned to Patrol, Traffic, Community Services (Police Area Representative - PAR), Criminal Investigations, Juvenile Investigations, and the Tactical unit. The Pebble Hills Regional Command Center (PHRCC) affords citizens the ability to pay traffic citations, set court dates, and obtain copies of police reports. PHRCC has a community room, named after Officer Karl McDonough who was killed in the line of duty in 2010. The Karl McDonough Community Room can be reserved in advance to hold community meetings. PHRCC also offers a variety of community programs that citizens can become involved in which include the Citizen’s Advisory Board, Public Safety Cadets, Safety Town, National Night Out, Pride Day, and Neighborhood Watch Groups. PHRCC also invites the community to participate in the Ride-Along Program. The dedicated officers and staff of the Pebble Hills Regional Command Center are committed to reducing crime and continue to build and maintain strong partnerships within the community in order to improve the quality of life for everyone to enjoy.

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Investigative and Tactical Units

49,054 20,365

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Staffing

6,441 3,427

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel

177 7

Police Area Representatives Events Held (Virtual & In-Person) Event Attendants

119 9,662

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 9 454 65 208 722 1,651 258



Central Regional Command

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Staffing

The Central Regional Command, located at 200 S. Campbell, proudly serves the citizens of El Paso with a dedicated force of 169 Officers and 21 civilians. CRCC serves a diverse mix of permanent citizens as well as a daily influx of citizens from other parts of the city and visitors who commute from our sister city Juarez, Mexico. The dedicated officers of CRCC are committed to reducing crime and maintaining strong partnerships with the community to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Sworn Officers are assigned in patrol, criminal investigations, juvenile investigations, tactical unit, community services and the Metro unit. The Central Regional Command overseas numerous community special events, including the Thanksgiving Parade, Celebration of Lights, and Winterfest, in addition to coordinating safe and secure passage to all events hosted by the Southwest University baseball park.

47,166 15,611

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel Police Area Representatives Events Held Event Attendants Investigative and Tactical Units

169 21

155 6,593

CRCC Community Service Highlights for 2022 include a successful Underage Drinking Initive Instagram Reels contest in collaboration with BORDERRAC and FITFAM El Paso publicity campaign. There were over 50 entries from area high schools students showing what they do instead of underage drinking. Winners were recognized by City Council and prizes sponsored by BORDER RAC were awarded to them. CRCC Community Services also successfully re-established the Citizen Advisory Board meetings which had been suspended since 2020. CRCC also participated in Texas National Night out on October 4, and attended several events at various locations in Central. CRCC Community Services re-established the Police Cadet Program in 2022 which had also been suspended since 2020. CRCC currently has 15 active cadets with 5 more in the enrollment stage. CRCC Community Services, in partnership with the El Paso Police Foundation and our Cadet program also ran a successful toy drive for children in the downtown El Paso for Christmas. Approximately 1500 new toys were given out. CRCC Community Services participated in Safety Town at Bassett Center, a six week program to teach 5-6 year old about safety. Community services gave numerous public safety presentations to various schools, groups and organizations. CRCC Community Services also worked with Code, Street Outreach Programs to address Homelessness in the downtown area.

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared

3,134 764

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 9 384 86 123 498 1,331 357

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Northeast Regional Command

The Northeast Regional Command is centered in the Northeast portion of El Paso. The region extends from the eastern slopes of the Franklin Mountains to the edge of Texas. Eight defined districts share close ties with Fort Bliss, Texas. From the Old Glory Memorial to the Fort Bliss Cemetery that defines the southeastern border, we proudly honor all who have served our Country and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. The El Paso Museum of Archeology, opened in October 12, 1977, hosts the annual Franklin Mountain Poppies Fest each Spring when the California poppies are in bloom and turn the mountainside a majestic golden hue. The Northeast Regional Command’s staff is comprised of 110 sworn officers and 4 civilians. Sworn officers are assigned through three patrol shifts, criminal, juvenile, and tactical investigation divisions, and a special operations division which includes community services and police area representative officers, along with traffic enforcement officers. The station is housed in the same building with the El Paso Municipal Court which enables citizens to access police services easily such as obtaining police criminal and traffic reports and also address traffic citations and set court dates. The Command Center also has a community room which can be reserved to hold community meetings. The community can become involved with the El Paso Police Department, through the Command Center, by joining a variety of programs such as; the Citizen’s Advisory Board, Safety Town, National Night Out, Pride Day, and Neighborhood Watch Programs. The Northeast Regional Command had a successful year in 2022 made possible due to the dedication to serve our community and strong work ethic by all sworn and civilian staff, coupled with the involvement and input from the members of this great community.

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Investigative and Tactical Units

46,175 10,928

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Staffing

568 190

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel Police Area Representatives Events Held Event Attendants

110 4

150 11,518

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 6 314 70 114 215 1,266 326



West Side Regional Command

On October 4, the WSRC Special Operations Unit spearheaded and hosted our first large scale National Night Out (NNO) event where over 70 vendors and 3,000 neighbors gathered to enjoy free food, entertainment, education, and fun activities. El Paso Police Westside Regional Command kicked off the event with representation of the flag, national anthem, and city representatives providing speeches. Mayor Oscar Leeser, City Representative Peter Svarzbein, and Police Commander Steven Lopez addressed the crowd discussing the importance of community and working together to combat crime. The event was completely free and all foods and drinks were donated by vendors and community partners. Entertainment was everywhere including a rock-climbing wall, archery and BB gun ranges, horse rides, a car show, and tons of free outdoor games and prizes. Area high school band and cheerleading teams performed as well as appearances from UTEP cheer team

and Rhinos team players. Team mascots, business mascots, McGruff the Crime Dog, and several Star Wars cosplayers were on scene to take pictures and meet with all the children. A raffle was held with several giveaways related to increasing the safety and security of the neighborhood were given away. Attendees enjoyed various booths and had multiple opportunities to meet and interact with law enforcement. Many community members expressed their gratitude as they left the NNO with a sense of healing, comfort, and safety. The event had a tremendous sense of comradery among the police, business, and the El Paso community. The Cincinnati Entertainment District (CED) draws large crowds each weekend, resulting in increased crime in the area. To mitigate criminal activity, ensure code compliance, and ensure safety, the EPPD provided high police presence in and around the CED during these operations to deter and take enforcement action against criminals. 1,199 decibel readings were gathered in order to maintain sound levels, and 74 total citations were issued between Code Enforcement and EPPD.

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Investigative and Tactical Units

28,300 20,798

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Staffing

3,438 1,502

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel Police Area Representatives Events Held Event Attendants

107 5

83 13,082

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 2 204 37 34 402 1,000 250

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Mission Valley Regional Command The Mission Valley Regional Command consists of an area which includes the Tigua Indian Reservation and the boundaries north of the Zaragoza International Bridge (Ysleta Port of Entry), and covering seven districts in the region. The Mission Valley Regional Command had a successful year in 2021. Despite having the least amount of personnel compared to the other regions, MVRC still ended the year with a decrease of 4% in crime. This was accomplished by the strong work ethic and dedication possessed by the region’s officers, detectives, and supervisors.

Calls for Service Dispatched Events Officer Initiated Investigative and Tactical Units

38,196 22,350

Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Staffing

2,383 1,161

Sworn Personnel Civilian Personnel Police Area Representatives Events Held Event Attendants

99 7

27 1,645

Part 1 Crime Cases Murder Aggravated Assault Robbery Forcible Rape Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft 7 240 28 50 127 832 248



Lifesaving Awards, Promotions & Retirements


Lifesaving Awards

Edmundo Romero Nikolaus G. Saenz Salvador Sandoval David Soto Civilian Patricia A. Brandon Carlton F. Brown Andre R. Casillas Graciela F. Chavez Linda A. Clemmons Irma Estrada Ezequiel Landa Olga D. Maldonado James E. Monedero Martin G. Rodriguez Jessica M. Santiago

Roberto A. Posada Nassim N. Sayegh Officer Armando Alvarez, Jr. Dwaine E. Bailey Juan A. Campos Mark A. Campos Jeremiah J. Casillas Ramiro A. Diaz Juan M. Garcia Tony Gonzalez Herman J. Hicks Eduardo Lara Sergio Lopez, Jr. Enrique Medina Michael A. Medina Virgil Mena Jose L. Olvera Jerry Paris, Jr. Rafael Peña, Jr. Arturo Peña Ricardo Prangner Daniel C. Quintana

Ofc. Dewayne McCalop #3280 Ofc. Daniel Escobedo-Tarin #3388

Lieutenant Joseph J. Garcia Frank S. Hernandez Sergeant Rosalynn L. Carrasco Armando Castañeda, Jr Lucas A. Cervantes Marc D. Chase Linda L. Hanner Raul Lozano Bernandino J. Martinez

Sgt. Jacqueline Aguilera #2886 Sgt. Edward Granados #2867 Ofc. Ramon Gonzalez III #2505 Ofc. Oscar Ceballos #3181 Ofc. Rachel Pirtle #3348 Ofc. Joshuah Montañez #3340 Ofc. Ricardo Najera #3421

Ofc. Alejandra serna #3011 Ofc. Michael Silva #3535 Ofc. Alan De La Rosa #3458 Ofc. Johnny Arce #2680 Ofc. Jarred Frank #3191


Natalie Castillo #3127 Ismalia Almaraz #3244 Julian A. Pena #3025 Stephanie A. Rey #3222 Javier A. Loya #2976 Brendan R. Kerns #3201 Pamela Lopez #3276 Stephanie H. Huerta #3109 Maria D. Gonzalez #2896 Felipe C. Barrera #2609

Lieutenant Alonzo Torres #1864 Lynn A. Picard #2341 Sergeant Ashley K. Pagitt #2981

Santos Perez Sylvia Serna Detective Mario E. Diaz Delia Dyer

Ruben R. Hernandez #2378 Willem J. Wilkinson #2596 Edurdo Castanon, Jr. #2729 Isaac A. Rodriguez #3030 Claudia A. Alcantar #2740 Nancy Madrid #2325 Detective

Deanne M. Hicks Michael C. Lara Erik M. Messer Jorge Molina, Jr. Alfonso Montelongo, Jr. Armando Nañez Fernando E. Ontiveros

Ely A. Rivera #2425 Claudia Azar #3245

Rocio A. Solorzano #3032 Charles B. Carillo #3126

Jessica C. Caro #3251 Eduardo Rueda #3078

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Special Operations Bureau

Assistant Chief Peter Pacillas



Lieutenant Jaime Esparza

Lieutenant Ken Law Special Operations Group Lieutenant Robert Pisarcik Crisis Intervention Team Lieutenant Jason Johnson Training Academy

DWI Task Force Lieutenant

Jaime Velasquez Headquarters Traffic

Lieutenant Steven Schmidt Special Services Division

Lieutenant Curtis Hamilton Airport

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department


The El Paso Police Department’s Explosive Detection K9 unit is a collaboration between the Police Department, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and the El Paso International Airport. Five Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) teams are each made up of an El Paso Police Department handler and a TSA owned Explosives Detection Canine. The Explosive Detection Canine teams are housed out of the El Paso International Airport. The primary responsibility of the Airport K9 teams is the detection of explosive devices and material in and around the transportation environment. Since the teams have EPPD handlers, they are also able to work throughout the city in the detection of explosives during bomb threats, safety sweeps of large public events, and security sweeps for high profile government dignitaries. The Airport K9 unit is made up of one Sergeant and 4 Officers, each partnered with trained and certified Explosive Detection Dogs. The unit is available for callouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The canine unit had 5 VIP sweeps which included the FBI Director, Homeland Security Director, and the Texas Governor. The sweeps included motorcades, hotel rooms, and location where meetings were held. The canine unit trained with the Air Force on a mass odor find and an Air and Marine aviation unit. The canine unit conducted sweeps for the Sun Bowl game, City Sponsored Parades, Officer Funerals, EPPD Memorial events, Federal Reserve Building, and a memorial event on Ft. Bliss.

Sweeps and Events

Random Sweeps Requested Sweeps Bomb Threat Responses Public Presentations Training Minutes Utilization Minutes Public Visibility Minutes Unattended Items

87 18

7 5 15,491 44,956 21,706 125

K9 Nik & Ofc R. Cano

K9 Brita & Ofc A. Nevarez

K9 Fantom & Ofc M. Goroeoff

K9 Riki & Sgt. R. Melendez

K9 Laky & Ofc R. Loony



Special Services Division

Special Traffic Investigation Cases Assigned (Hit-and-Run/DWI) Fatalities Investigated Traffic Fatalities Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities Speed-Related Traffic Fatalities Call-Outs

following areas: Driving While Intoxicated, Underage Drinking and Driving, Speeding, Distracted Driving, Pedestrian, Seatbelt and Car Seat Safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the program shifted to a virtual format and engaged in inclusive virtual community engagements. The program’s goal is to reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities within the city of El Paso. Safe Communities seeks to assist and/or reduce and prevent traffic fatalities and serious injuries including pedestrians’ deaths by making the public aware of local ordinances, laws, and prevention efforts that the community can participate in. Safe Communities works diligently to change and influence behaviors that contribute to fatalities and injury regarding pedestrian safety, risk of bicycle and vehicle collision, and other related and preventable traffic incidents. The purpose of Safe Communities is to create and build on safe behaviors that include the use of child restraints, seatbelts, and the understanding of local laws and requirements that could encourage the community to participate and/or change their old behaviors into new and improved safe behaviors. Safe Communities works hard with community-based resources and grants from community partners like State Farm to purchase educational material and traffic safety- related equipment, to utilize in local events that are intended to support safe behaviors thereby reducing traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

This year, on top of acquiring a second FARO 3D scanner, Special Traffic Investigations (STI) certified 5 officers to pilot a drone at traffic fatality scenes. The drone will map out scenes in conjuction with the two FARO 3D scanners in order to provide high quality scene reconstructions. The use of the drone should reduce the time on scene and open roadways quicker. The second FARO 3D scanner will allow STI to work two fatality scenes simultaneously with the best equipment. This, too, will help open roadways quicker while maintaining high quality scene processing. The El Paso Police Department’s Safe Communities section focuses on community partnerships and participation in developing strategies that respond to the community’s traffic safety needs, with an emphasis on building safe, resilient, and traffic smarter communities. The program’s purpose is to address community concerns and to engage, educate and promote traffic safety awareness through education, prevention, and intervention. Safe Communities focuses on the education, distribution of promotional material, and campaigns that stress prevention and safety in the

3,005 82 74 23 28 103

Safe Communities Meetings & Trainings

241 99 123 14,550 320 45

Community Events Total Presentations

Participants Aged 0-18 Participants Aged 19-65 Participants Older than 65

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

59,452 38,685 20,229 2,699 HQ Traffic and High Performance Vehicles to address road rage incidents. It is always the mission and goal of the HQ Traffic unit to reduce traffic fatalities by any margin. That goal was met in 2022, as the City had 75 traffic fatalities in 2021 compared to 74 fatalities in 2022, as a result of the outlined enforcement.

Traffic Enforcement

During 2022, Headquarters Traffic Motors and High Performance Vehicle Unit (HPVU) officers conducted a permanent Traffic Surge Operation to contribute to the Department’s Traffic Safety Plan, Traffic Safety Collaboration, and Vision Zero Traffic Safety Program. They were assigned daily to all 5 regions simultaneously to enforce areas where they could be highly visible to motorists and pedestrians, to convey a message that the officers are proactively conducting high intensity, zero-tolerance enforcement to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities as well as removing dangerous drivers from the streets. The areas of enforcement included high collision intersection locations, fatality locations, major thoroughfares, DDACTS hot spots, school zones, and major traffic hot spots. Emphasis has been placed on taking enforcement action against dangerous aggressive driving behaviors in order

Total Citations Hazardous Citations Issued Non-Hazardous Citations Issued Written Warnings Issued Special Events Funeral Honor Escorts Traffic Presentations Multi-Agency Traffic Enforcement

2022 saw the retirement of motors officers Jose Olvera, Juan Garcia, and Michael Medina, as well as the resignation of Officer Jeremiah Morales who became a Texas DPS Trooper. We welcomed motors officers Joshua Arce, Andres Becerra, and Steven Licona aboard, as well as HPVU officers Rosa Hernandez, Luis Granillo, Nicholas Quade, Ricardo Rodriguez, and James Snyder. All annual motors and HPVU re-certifications were performed successfully. Eight Motors instructors attended a DPS Motor Instructors course in Florence, Texas.

14 20 35 5



DWI TaskForce


The DWI Taskforce (DWITF) routine deployments focus in areas with a high concentration of drinking establishments in a close proximity to each other, also known as “hot spots.” The goal is not only to stop a drunk driver before they travel our City streets, but also to deter the crime with high visibility enforcement in those areas as well as major corridors of vehicular traffic. Our strategy on holidays with a high concentrations of drunk drivers on the roadways is to work in partnership with the Texas Department of Public safety to bring Troopers within the city limits to assist with DWI enforcement and deterrence. The DWITF also sees the importance of reaching out to the community to spread awareness of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. We reach out to our youth and adults in our community through various organizations and schools in El Paso. We also work in partnership with The DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program, which is a specialized court designed with the objective of changing behavior and reducing recidivism of Driving while Intoxicated. The DWITF also graduated 11 Drug Recognition Experts. These officers went through an extensive and demanding course. This course certifies officers in recognizing impairment of drivers under the influence of drugs. The DWITF dedicated officers will continue their hard work in saving lives on our roadways throughout our city.

Arrests Citations Issued Felony Cases Misdemeanor Cases Hazardous Citations Issued Non-Hazardous Citations Issued Writted Warnings Issued Presentations

948 3,943 97 851 1,477 2,405 1,108 29

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Special Operations Group

Special Operations Group (SOG) is comprised of six operational detachment teams; SWAT, Crisis Management (CMT), Bomb Squad, Dignitary Protection, Combined Search and Rescue, and Patrol K9. In most critical incident call- outs, SWAT, CMT, and the Bomb Squad oftentimes deploy together to meet different complex challenges requiring tactical expertise, specialized equipment, and communication skills. In 2022, SWAT, CMT, and Bomb Squad worked together to peacefully resolve 13 barricaded suspect calls and 46 high risk apprehensions with no losses of life. The Bomb Squad in its own respect diffused or safely took into custody 19 potentially hazardous devices or packages. The Dignitary Protection team is tasked with supplementing City Hall’s infrastructure and personnel with police officers with additional specialized training. Although they are primarily assigned at the Mayor’s discretion, the Team conducted 162 close protective details for the mayor and visiting dignitaries. In addition, Dignitary Protection conducted 240 assignments at City Hall to include providing security at City Council meetings.

Hazardous Device Technicians Call-Outs

65 19 3,875

Items Defused or Retrieved Training Hours Completed

Special Weapons and Tactical High Risk Warrants Served Barricaded Incidents SWAT Unit Activations Training Hours Completed

46 13 59 28,040

The Combined Search and Rescue (COMSAR) Team within SOG works in partnership with specialists with the El Paso Fire Department. For 2022, COMSAR conducted 22 missions ranging from lost persons and injured hikers, to assisting with body recovery and mountainous crime scene preservation. Of their call-outs, 12 actual rescues were successfully completed where patients were located and safely recovered from the desert area comprised mainly of the Franklin Mountains. Lastly, Patrol K9 is a SOG team that patrols the streets of El Paso supplementing and assisting the Patrol Division. In 2022, K9 either responded to or self-initiated a total of 4,320 calls for service city- wide. A main support function of Patrol K9 is assisting other police sections with building, open area, or narcotics searches. K9 saw successful searches in all categories of assistance and helped remove a substantial amount of illicit drugs off the streets.

Dignitary Protection Operations Training Hours Completed 402 5,046 Crisis Management Team Deployments Training Hours Completed 38 5,789 Combined Search and Rescue Team Call-Outs Rescues Training Hours Completed 22 12 3,875

Tactical Flight Officers Flights Flown Hours Flown Number of Events/Calls Suspects Located 259 576 687 1,240

K-9 Patrol Calls Observed Calls Vehicles Checked

4,428 393 679 321 148 35 2,573

Narcotics Searches Building Searches Area Searches Training Hours Completed



Pre-Service – In 2022, Pre-Service graduated their first ever 10.5-month academy class with well over 1400 hours of training for each recruit and simultaneously, started three overlapping academy classes. The pre-service academy continued to add to the required State of Texas mandated training hours by supplementing with practical applications. Pre-Service also continued to abide by the training academy’s training philosophy in using course material, unconventional to law enforcement, to achieve a holistic approach to develop a complete law enforcement professional. All recruits met and or exceeded the physical fitness standards imbedded into the program over the ten- and half-month program. Each recruit received special one on one developmental and mentorship and guidance. Training Academy In-Service – In 2022, the Admin section was able to successfully facilitate all NEXTEST and CJIS testing with one hundred percent compliance and no expirations. The admin section also assisted in training multiple classes of tele communicators in order to assist them in obtaining their tele communicators license. The Admin section was also in 2022 in service training conducted a large-scale Integrated Response training cycle. Integrated Response trained over one thousand officers and over five hundred officers that belonged to outside agencies in a training that focused on working alongside multiple agencies in a critical incident. The training allowed officers and supervisors to become proficient with the incident command structure and how to properly allocate resources with other agencies in the event of a critical incident. In service training continued to abide by the training philosophy standard that has been set by providing our officers and outside agencies with the opportunities to convey new policies and tactics to officers, to refresh knowledge, and to reinforce skills learned in previous recruit or specialized training courses.

Training Academy

Hours Taught to Civilians Civilians taught Hours Taught to Officers Officers taught Courses Taught For Civilians Courses Taught For Officers Courses Taught For Cadets Presentations

4,582 535 100,307 17,835 28 1,155 300 5

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department


Crisis Intervention Team

The El Paso Police Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) takes pride in the service they provide day in and day out. The Crisis Intervention Team officers and their mental health specialists receive important training to ensure they can serve the community as effectively as possible. Officers and their mental health specialists have been able to touch members of the community in a way that would not be possible without the partnership with EHN and commitment to address the community and those who are suffering from a mental health diagnosis. In 2022, the Crisis Intervention Team continued to respond to thousands of calls for service. CIT has been instrumental in linking those in need to the proper mental health services they require. Many of the current CIT Officers have been a part of the unit since the unit creation in 2018 and have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge. In 2022, Crisis Intervention Team Officers have been able to share their knowledge and experience with recruits in the El Paso Police Academy. CIT Officers provide training on Emergency Detentions to recruits, which is a fundamental part of many of the mental health encounters Police Officers come across on a daily basis. Ensuring they can

handle that process correctly and thoroughly will increase the likelihood that the person they have encountered will receive the help and resources they need. Additionally, EPPD CIT has been an instrumental part in providing training to other agencies around the El Paso area by assisting EHN who has developed a mental health training course for area agencies looking to develop and train their CIT Officers. Mental Health has been an increasingly important issue for the community and law enforcement locally and nationwide. The El Paso Police Department recognizes the importance of mental health and will continue to strive and provide a better and professional response year after year to all those in the community they encounter.

Crisis Intervention Team

Calls for Service Emergency Detention Orders Mental Health Reports

6,886 1,348 446




Community Policing 2022

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

Investigations Bureau

Assistant Chief Humberto Talamantes



Commander Juan Briones Major Crimes Division

Commander Reginald Moton Organized Crime Division

2022 Annual Report

El Paso Police Department

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a division of the El Paso Police Department’s Organized Crime Division, and is primarily tasked with various aspects of homeland security, intelligence gathering, and related criminal investigations. Areas of responsibility for the unit include threats involving critical infrastructure and/or government facilities, acts or suspected acts of terrorism, hate crimes, school and active shooter threats, imminent threats to elected or government officials, civil disturbance or demonstrations, bomb threats, and working as the liaison to the Office of Emergency Management. The unit also investigates criminal misconduct allegations by public officials and public safety employees. SIU also participates with joint task force responsibilities with the FBI and HSI drone program and special projects. SIU oversees state homeland security grant management, city facility access control, and any other task deemed necessary by the Office of the Chief. Organized Crime Division The El Paso Police Department's Auto Theft Task Force specializes in investigating motor vehicle crimes throughout the City and County of El Paso, Texas. The taskforce receives grant funding from the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA) and remains the only Auto Theft Task Force for the far western part of the State of Texas and the Southwestern United States. The Auto Theft Task Force is responsible for investigating auto related crimes which include theft of motor vehicles, fraudulent transfer of motor vehicles, thefts of auto parts, forgery of motor vehicle titles, vehicle insurance fraud, and recovery of stolen vehicles reported from outside agencies. The taskforce also serves as a liaison with Mexican authorities and assists with the repatriation of recovered U.S. stolen vehicles back into the U.S. from Mexico. The taskforce works closely with law enforcement agencies operating within El Paso County; Fort Bliss, TX; Dona Ana County, NM; and Otero County, NM. The taskforce consistently collaborates with other MVCPA grant funded Auto Theft Task Forces across state and with Mexican authorities across international boundaries in order to combat auto thefts. The Auto Theft Task Force Crime Awareness Section is responsible for providing education and public awareness at events to the public (i.e. schools, colleges, civic organizations, citizen police academies, and other law enforcement agencies). The Taskforce’s Crime Awareness Section disseminates the MVCPA’s State of Texas message of “Lock it Down” campaign. The taskforce also conducts salvage yard inspections, southbound border checks at the U.S. Ports of Entry for stolen vehicles, 68-A form inspections as requested by the Division of Motor Vehicles, assist with vehicle arson investigations, and provides department training on auto theft investigations.

Special Investigations Unit Cases Assigned Cases Cleared By Arrest/Warrant

Auto Theft Task Force Cases Assigned Cases Cleared Adult Arrests Juvenile Detentions Call-Outs Vehicles Recovered Value of Recovered Vehicles 1,661 898 182 3

110 8 9 33 18 56 61 725 13

Cases Cleared By Non-Arrest Cases Exceptionally Cleared Cases Unfounded Call-Outs Drone Deployments Hours Manning the EOC Site Assessments

200 865 $13,024,352


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