2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


To serve and protect. Those are the simple words most often attributed to the world of a law enforcement officer. Sgt. Gerardo Morales went about his life serving and protecting the citizens of this community since he graduated the police academy on October 5th, 1990. Law Enforcement Officers face the unknown out on the streets each and every day. It is our job to question the suspicious, to engage danger, to guard the weak and remove the treacherous. By its very nature, police work is an inherently dangerous business. Gerry took every precaution to avoid those dangers. He was a sound officer who struck an imposing figure, with a command presence. He trained seriously in every aspect of police work and covered all of the bases. By everyone's account, Gerry was an outstanding police officer who was very cautious. For these and so many other reasons, it is impossible to make sense of the tragic loss of such a fine man. And therein lies the core of our pain. It is our job to solve problems and to right that which is wrong. The stark reality is that we cannot fix what went wrong and bring Gerry back. Sitting in the dark hospital room with Gerry, it hit home and made me realize we are all vulnerable. And yet we continue to serve and protect. We take risks to protect people we don’t even know by going into hazardous situations without calculating risks. Instead of challenging me to question my career choice, the experience galvanized my resolve. Family, friends, and loved ones provide the support that keeps us going. We have faith that if we follow our training and instincts, we will come out on top. That’ s not always true, and yet we still do it. Policing is a noble calling. All that is left for us to do is honor Gerry’s memory and the sacrifice that he and his family have made. Gerry touched so many people in countless ways by the life he led. He is not only remembered by the brother and sisterhood of law enforcement, but also by the impact he made in the lives of his family, friends and the community in which he served. Sgt. Gerardo Morales, age 56, of Horizon City, Texas passed away on Friday, January 7, 2022. Sgt. Morales is survived by his wife, Diane P. Morales; his sons Gerardo Morales Jr., Ivan Jacob Morales, and Jonah Adam Morales; his parents Francisco and Elia Morales; his siblings David Morales, Hector Morales, Francisco Morales Jr., and Teresa Esparza; his grandchildren Avannie Jayleen Morales and Landon Myles Morales. Sgt. Gerardo Morales was the epitome of the model supervisor: smart, articulate, sincere, nurturing, and always working to get the most from his troops. His police work was exemplary. He modeled textbook behavior, knowing every policy and procedure. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who does the job, who’s done the job, and to all their families and friends who give the support to continue the good fight.

SERGEANT GE a RDO MO a LES Commissioned: October 5, 1990 End of Watch: January 7, 2022


2022 Annual Report

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