2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department

Grants and Records

The Grants Division provides sound financial management to promote efficient and effective use of PD grant funds. During fiscal year 2022 the El Paso Police Department received $38.4 million in grants that helped support a wide range of law enforcement activities, including the Body Worn Camera Program. The Grant Division is made up of one accountant, two project accountants, a senior accountant, a senior planner, and a grant project manager. The Grants Division is responsible for seeking grant funding, preparing grant applications, monitoring programs to ensure grant compliance, accounting for expenditures, and preparing reimbursement requests.


in Federal Grants in State Grants Total Grants

$26,319,384 $12,149,351 $38,468,735


The Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) had an exceptional year of improved customer service with a sustained call answer rate of 99.76% of the 39,384 calls received. In the months of October and November, we achieved a call answer rate of 100%. Both the waiting time for callers and the amount of abandoned (unanswered) calls were decreased. The specially trained TRU personnel processed information from the calls into 16,547 concise police incident reports. The completion of these reports reduced uniformed officers’ need to respond to non-emergency calls, providing more officers available to respond to higher priority incidents.

During 2021, the Records Division continued its outstanding support to the El Paso Police Department, local and distant Law Enforcement Agencies, and the public as a whole. Throughout the year, and despite the pandemic, records specialists and telephone report takers and our two police officers, worked safely and successfully from Department offices without telecommuting. The division guided the entire Department in completing the transition to the new automated Records Management System (OnCall RMS). Two of the five public records counters

Outside Agency Requests District Attorney Requests Open Record Requests Subpoenas Received & Processed Court Appearances in Person Court Appearances via Zoom Requests for Crash Reports via US Mail Requests for Incident Reports via US Mail Requests for Incident Reports from the TX Attorney General via US mail Calls Handled by the Telephone Reporting Unit Reports Completed by the Telephone Reporting Unit

8,370 368 7,305 150 1 6 477


remained open and operational; implementing credit card payments for the first time ever using the Clover automated system. All applicants for City positions receiving an initial job offer received a background check at the Records Office, and fingerprints for CJIS clearances were electronically submitted to the State directly from our office, replacing the contracted service at the local FAST site in town.





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