2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department

The Crimes Against Children section of the El Paso Police Department is tasked with the investigation of child abuse, child endangerment, neglect, and child sexual abuse. The victims in sexual abuse cases are under the age of 17 and the victims in abuse and neglect cases are younger than 15 years of age. The dedicated detectives of this section work towards advocating for their victims and bringing victims justice. The section is comprised of thirteen detectives, two sergeants, and one lieutenant. The Internet Crimes Against Children Section is tasked with the investigation of child pornography and exploitation. The unit investigates cases associated with the possession, manufacture, and distribution of child pornography in addition to investigating cases of online solicitation of minors. The unit is comprised of four detectives, one sergeant, and one lieutenant. The Crimes Against Children’s Section operates out of the Advocacy Center for the Children of El Paso. The center is a child- friendly environment where a collaboration of agencies working toward helping victims that are traumatized by abuse. Every child is afforded services and counseling. Together, both units work relentlessly and remain dedicated to help our city’s most vulnerable members of our community, our children. Major Crimes Division Crimes Against Children

Crimes Against Children\ Internet Crimes Against Children Reviewed Cases

1,517 1,045

Cases Assigned to Detectives Cases Exceptionally Cleared Cases Cleared by Arrest or Non-Arrest Cases Unfounded Call-Outs Search Warrants Issued Physical Arrests CPS Cases Reviewed Crimes Against Persons Assigned Murder Cases Assigned Aggravated Assault Cases Assigned Sexual Assault Cases

144 239

Crimes Against Persons

234 51

The Crimes Against Persons Unit has continued to surpass the national average clearance rate for Criminal Homicides of 61.4%. In 2022, CAP investigated 33 murders and had a clearance rate of 88%, which helps set the standard for a safe and secure city, maintain our standing as one of the nation’s top safest cities, and increase public safety operational efficiency. The Crimes Against Persons (CAP) Unit is comprised of 17 detectives, five officers, four sergeants, and one lieutenant. The Crimes Against Persons Unit investigates the following cases: all Criminal Homicides, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, Sexual Assault, Kidnappings, all Missing Persons, all death investigations to include in-custody deaths, officer involved shootings, and any other offenses designated for investigation by the Chief’s Office. CAP is attached to the DEA Diversion Group to assist with overdose cases involving Fentanyl and prescription drugs. CAP also oversees the Cold Case Unit, SORT (Sex Offender Registration and Tracking) Unit and assists with the Veteran’s Court Program. Five SORT officers are currently responsible for oversight of 1,056 registered sex offenders within El Paso. Home compliance checks are done quarterly. SORT works with DPS, Probation/Parole Division, and El Paso Sherriff’s Office to ensure compliance. A SORT officer is also attached to the Veteran’s Court program (Judge Baca’s 346th District Court). The program is for active service members and military veterans with substance abuse problems and/or mental health treatment. The Crimes Against Persons Unit has gone above and beyond their duties and exemplify the excellence to which our Department strives. This unit has consistently shown their dedication to the El Paso Police Department and the El Paso community by their tireless service. Their many achievements and documented success in creating a safer environment for our citizens demonstrates the caliber of their character and depth of their commitment. The Crimes Against Persons Unit’s accomplishments are a credit to the El Paso Police Department and greatly contributes to the City of El Paso’s vision of creating safe and beautiful neighborhoods.

58 34 4,976

33 235

197 1,133 1,598 1,305 227 2,657

Assigned Other Cases Overall Cases Assigned Overall Cases Cleared Call-Outs Registered Sex Offenders


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