2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


The El Paso Police Departments Gang Unit consists of 33 officers. The unit is divided into two teams. The first is the marked suppression team which currently has 17 officers. The suppression team is a proactive unit responsible for targeting areas with an increase in gang violence. The unit primarily conducts traffic stops to identify gang members, gather intelligence, and locate weapons as well as narcotics. They play a very important role as it pertains to taking high-profile dangerous subjects into custody. The Gang Unit’s second team has 16 plain clothes investigators. The investigators’ primary task is to investigate cases involving discharge of firearms, aggravated assault with deadly weapons, deadly conduct, unlawful carrying of weapons, and any other offenses where there is a gang nexus. The unit works closely together in various operations to address high crime areas. The year tuned out to be one of the most busy years in terms of the increase in violence. The unit was responsible for addressing several gangs to include MCL, GD, MBK, Bloods, NLB, 9100, LVK, LVKK, CT, Surenos, Bandidos, Pagans, and Mongols. The unit worked several joint operations with DPS and Constables focusing on the entertainment districts resulting in numerous bars closing down in 2022.

The Narcotics Unit continues to focus on narcotics and drugs at all levels throughout the area of responsibility, and continues to investigate and interdict them using various methods. The unit continues to see an uptick in Fentanyl and Hybrid substances associated with it and the rise in Kush or high grade marijuana and THC products. The unit will continue to answer the call from within the department, other agencies and those made from the public.


Gang Unit Texas Anti-Gang Operations Entertainment District Operations Search Warrants Executed Arrests Weapons Recovered

40 16 94 413 51

Felony Arrests Misdemeanor Arrests Total Arrests Currency Seized Marijuana Seized Cocaine Seized Methamphetamine Seized Heroin Seized Fentanyl Seized

132 11 143

$393,082 318.62 lbs

119,970.08 g 119,653.13 g 295.28 g 3,070.82 g

Narcotics K9 Marijuana Seized Cocaine Seized

227.44 lbs 71,337.04 g 12,091.45 g 55,445.49 g $275,528

Methamphetamine Seized THC Seized Currency Seized

2022 Annual Report

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