2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


Backgrounds & Recruitment Recruitment

The Backgrounds Unit consists of Investigations, Recruiting, and Polygraph Examiner Sections. The Backgrounds Section conducts investigations for non-uniformed civilian hires, outside contract workers, 911 Tele-Communications Operators, Fire Department employees working in law enforcement positions, sworn reinstatements, and police trainees. The unit conducts police trainee investigations through extensive examination of family, employment, educational, military, driving, criminal, credit/financial, and social histories. Investigators confirm personal records, documents, and histories by researching, corroborating, and verifying information contained in submitted applicant Personal History Statements. Investigations are completed in accordance with Texas CJIS, TCOLE, COEP, and the Department’s HR standards.

The Polygraph Examiner Section uses computerized polygraph instruments to monitor a person’s physiological responses to questions to help determine truthfulness. Polygraph tests can aid the Department’s Organized Crime and Major Crimes Divisions in criminal cases and can be administered to suspects and witnesses, if required. The Polygraph Examiner Section’s primary mission is to examine police trainee applicants to help determine employment suitability. The Recruiting Section is responsible to meet the Department’s hiring goals by filling open police trainee positions with talented and qualified candidates. The El Paso Police recruiting team uses a variety of delivery methods including virtual, in-person, and traditional recruiting activities to address the police recruit employment needs within the Department. HR is currently in the process of conducting recruitment and retention improvements for the Police Trainee recruitments. With these changes come the implementation of Cycle Testing where applicants will be tested throughout the enrollment period to improve the wait times on the overall testing process. EPPD continues to advertise three Police Trainee Academies along with two Lateral Classes each fiscal year under the 9-1-5 plan. This plan ensures Academy classes begin each September, January, and May.

Recruiting Events Recruiting Career Fairs

17th Lateral Class Start Date Graduation Applied Passed Written Exam Passed Job Simulation Test Started the Academy Graduated

131st Academy Class Start Date Graduation Applied Passed Written Exam Passed Job Simulation Test Started the Academy Graduated

09/19/22 07/13/23


11/20/22 01/30/23

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Random Drug Tests Post-Accident Drug Tests Post-Firearm Discharge Drug Test

818 165 131 24 17

77 39 12

453 39 4

2 2

2022 Annual Report

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