2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department


The El Paso Police Department’s Explosive Detection K9 unit is a collaboration between the Police Department, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and the El Paso International Airport. Five Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) teams are each made up of an El Paso Police Department handler and a TSA owned Explosives Detection Canine. The Explosive Detection Canine teams are housed out of the El Paso International Airport. The primary responsibility of the Airport K9 teams is the detection of explosive devices and material in and around the transportation environment. Since the teams have EPPD handlers, they are also able to work throughout the city in the detection of explosives during bomb threats, safety sweeps of large public events, and security sweeps for high profile government dignitaries. The Airport K9 unit is made up of one Sergeant and 4 Officers, each partnered with trained and certified Explosive Detection Dogs. The unit is available for callouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The canine unit had 5 VIP sweeps which included the FBI Director, Homeland Security Director, and the Texas Governor. The sweeps included motorcades, hotel rooms, and location where meetings were held. The canine unit trained with the Air Force on a mass odor find and an Air and Marine aviation unit. The canine unit conducted sweeps for the Sun Bowl game, City Sponsored Parades, Officer Funerals, EPPD Memorial events, Federal Reserve Building, and a memorial event on Ft. Bliss.

Sweeps and Events

Random Sweeps Requested Sweeps Bomb Threat Responses Public Presentations Training Minutes Utilization Minutes Public Visibility Minutes Unattended Items

87 18

7 5 15,491 44,956 21,706 125

K9 Nik & Ofc R. Cano

K9 Brita & Ofc A. Nevarez

K9 Fantom & Ofc M. Goroeoff

K9 Riki & Sgt. R. Melendez

K9 Laky & Ofc R. Loony


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