2022 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department

Special Operations Group

Special Operations Group (SOG) is comprised of six operational detachment teams; SWAT, Crisis Management (CMT), Bomb Squad, Dignitary Protection, Combined Search and Rescue, and Patrol K9. In most critical incident call- outs, SWAT, CMT, and the Bomb Squad oftentimes deploy together to meet different complex challenges requiring tactical expertise, specialized equipment, and communication skills. In 2022, SWAT, CMT, and Bomb Squad worked together to peacefully resolve 13 barricaded suspect calls and 46 high risk apprehensions with no losses of life. The Bomb Squad in its own respect diffused or safely took into custody 19 potentially hazardous devices or packages. The Dignitary Protection team is tasked with supplementing City Hall’s infrastructure and personnel with police officers with additional specialized training. Although they are primarily assigned at the Mayor’s discretion, the Team conducted 162 close protective details for the mayor and visiting dignitaries. In addition, Dignitary Protection conducted 240 assignments at City Hall to include providing security at City Council meetings.

Hazardous Device Technicians Call-Outs

65 19 3,875

Items Defused or Retrieved Training Hours Completed

Special Weapons and Tactical High Risk Warrants Served Barricaded Incidents SWAT Unit Activations Training Hours Completed

46 13 59 28,040

The Combined Search and Rescue (COMSAR) Team within SOG works in partnership with specialists with the El Paso Fire Department. For 2022, COMSAR conducted 22 missions ranging from lost persons and injured hikers, to assisting with body recovery and mountainous crime scene preservation. Of their call-outs, 12 actual rescues were successfully completed where patients were located and safely recovered from the desert area comprised mainly of the Franklin Mountains. Lastly, Patrol K9 is a SOG team that patrols the streets of El Paso supplementing and assisting the Patrol Division. In 2022, K9 either responded to or self-initiated a total of 4,320 calls for service city- wide. A main support function of Patrol K9 is assisting other police sections with building, open area, or narcotics searches. K9 saw successful searches in all categories of assistance and helped remove a substantial amount of illicit drugs off the streets.

Dignitary Protection Operations Training Hours Completed 402 5,046 Crisis Management Team Deployments Training Hours Completed 38 5,789 Combined Search and Rescue Team Call-Outs Rescues Training Hours Completed 22 12 3,875

Tactical Flight Officers Flights Flown Hours Flown Number of Events/Calls Suspects Located 259 576 687 1,240

K-9 Patrol Calls Observed Calls Vehicles Checked

4,428 393 679 321 148 35 2,573

Narcotics Searches Building Searches Area Searches Training Hours Completed


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