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SEPTEMBER 2018 WWW.VITALCAREREHAB.COM G ender G ap , B ias , and P rejudice in T he W orkplace HOW THE FUTURE OF WOMEN CAN BE BRIGHTER THAN EVER (623) 544-0300

Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL (623) 544-0300 Contest is for past and present Vital Care PT patients only. We live in a world where women are objectified, and many have endured some of the worst experiences in order to advance in business. If you look at examples like Harvey Weinstein, you will see that an unwritten hierarchy is imprinted onto the soul of modern business. There’s a In honor of founding the American Business Women’s Association, the Reagan Administration proclaimed Sept. 22 to be American Business Women’s Day. The mission of this organization is “to bring together diverse occupations and provide opportunities for women to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition.” It became a national holiday in 1986, but here we are over 30 years later, and no one knows about it. If you look at the women’s movement going on now, it’s not hard to understand why.

“I am so proud of the progress that women have made thus far, especially in the last few years. Women must continue to be proactive and do something about the inequity.” Fortunately, I’m blessed to co-own a practice that tackles these issues. As a business owner, I feel it’s my responsibilty to foster equality, and as a mother, I want a world of equal opportunities for my daughter. I’m doing my part to try and make that a reality with what I can control. Even women who have confidence in their roles or feel that the gender gap doesn’t apply to them still play a vital part in this movement. We can function as mentors for those who need a strong voice, and together we can bring lasting change that matters. It’s not an overnight fix, but with action and a change of mindset, I believe there is an even brighter future for women in the workplace. realize that you can offer just as much, if not more, than your male counterparts. Don’t be afraid to communicate, to make demands, and to negotiate for your own betterment. As Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for president, once said, “If they won’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” Making work a welcoming place for yourself can start a ripple effect of changes in the gender gap that is so entrenched in our society.

view of women in the workplace that just cannot be ignored. Bias and discrimination continue to occur at every level, and they hold many women back from accomplishing the amazing feats they are capable of. This bias is not always overt, but that doesn’t make it any less damaging. There are instances when I’ve been asked while working, “Who’s the boss around here?” I’ve simply answered, “Well, you’re talking to her.” There’s often a look of surprise and sometimes bewilderment. Situations like these aren’t as cruel as the prejudice other women have had to endure, but they do continue a generational cycle of assumption — there’s a preconception in the minds of many people that prevents them from seeing women as anything less than supporters. I am so proud of the progress women have made thus far, especially in the last few years. Women must continue to be proactive and do something about the inequity. We must be doers rather than talkers. Creating dialogue is a wonderful way to generate a vision, but vision without action means nothing. Action starts with your daily thoughts. Societal change starts with individual intention. Constantly remind yourself of your talents, your skill sets, and your worth, and you will

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A utumn S teps for a B etter S pring G arden PREPARE YOUR GARDEN


With fall just ahead, it’s a good time to think about your spring garden. For a beautiful garden next year, begin preparing this fall. Here are a few ways to get a head start!

Once you’ve harvested your best fruits and vegetables, go back through and harvest the rest, even if you don’t plan to eat them. Make sure your garden is clear of old vegetables, fallen leaves, and weeds. Leaving decaying plants in or on top of the ground can spread diseases into the soil and attract unwanted pests to your garden.


If you want beautiful flowers in April, you should start planting bulbs now. Many flower bulbs need to be in the ground before winter settles in; this helps activate the bulbs’ biochemical process that allows them to bloom. Getting the bulbs into the ground before it freezes allows their roots to grow deep enough to protect them from the biting winter weather. Among the flower bulbs you should plant soon are tulips, daffodils, irises, and hyacinths.


Pulling up weeds and all of your vegetables can help keep the earth free from rotting plants, but there are other steps you can take to ensure that your soil stays full of nutrients. Pick up a kit to test the pH levels of your soil. Most gardens thrive in soil with a pH of 6.5. Add compost to your soil supply now to give it time to break down during the winter months.


After you’ve planted your bulbs, there’s a risk that uninvited guests will dig them up. There are a few ways you can ensure that your bulbs remain undisturbed throughout the fall. One way is to place chicken wire over your bulbs after they’ve been planted. This keeps rodents from digging them up and allows the plants to grow through the gaps in the wire.

S udoku

to Tim Saul and his family on the birth of their daughter, Amelia Saul. Born June 23, 2018, at 11:16 p.m. 6 pounds, 2 ounces, 20 inches long

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THAT’S A REAL PAIN IN MY BACKSIDE! W hat I s the S ciatic N erve and H ow D oes I t A ffect Y our L ife Between your neighbor asking to borrow your lawn mower, your sister asking you to feed her goldfish, and your friend asking for help to move an old, heavy couch, you might find yourself bending over backward to be of service to those around you. Unfortunately, all of this bending can become a real pain in the backside — literally! Millions of Americans suffer from constant pain in their glutes, and in several cases, this pain stems from issues related to the sciatic nerve — the largest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve runs from each side of the lower spine all the way down the backs of your thighs to your feet. Because it is your largest nerve, it serves a vital role in connecting your spinal cord to the muscles in the lower half of your body, and just as you may expect, any issues that occur in this giant nerve cause a great deal of pain. These issues usually originate from some kind of compression on the sciatic nerve, but the specific symptoms vary depending on the location and type of compression that occurs. For example, if you have a herniated disk that presses against the nerve root in your lower spine, you may experience numbness or a burning sensation in your thighs, calves, feet, and toes. Some of the other symptoms include dull or shooting pains in the gluteal area, hips, or lower back. Because we know that sciatic nerve pain can be frustrating and sometimes even debilitating, our physical therapists here at Vital Care take ample time to review each case, identify the true causes of our clients’ pain, and create uniquely tailored treatment plans in order to restore normal motion, flexibility, and mobility. We work to ensure that, first and foremost, you no longer experience the awful pain of sciatica, but we also want to get you back to being the helpful, charitable human being who teaches your grandkid how to do a perfect summersault or helps your friend move their furniture. But only if you want to, of course!

L ate -S ummer P anzanella


• 1 small loaf French bread, cut into 1-inch cubes (6 cups) • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil • 2 large tomatoes, cubed • 2 red bell peppers, seeded and cubed

• 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced • 1 cucumber, sliced into rounds • 20 basil leaves, chopped • Salt, to taste • Vinaigrette


1. In a large sauté pan, set to medium-low heat and add olive oil. Add bread and 1 teaspoon salt and toss often for 10 minutes or until toasted. 2. In a large bowl, mix vegetables and herbs. Toss in bread and your favorite vinaigrette and mix again. 3. Serve immediately or let sit 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld together.

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Have You Heard About Mauritius? PAGE 4


Just over 1,000 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean lies the small island of Mauritius. The island is often overlooked by the rest of the world. Most people are more likely to have heard of the island’s most famous extinct occupant, the dodo bird, than the island itself. This is shocking when you discover how much fun there is to be had in this tropical wonderland. ADVENTURE AWAITS Looking for fun in the sun? Start your trip to Mauritius with a hike up the lush Lion Mountain, or take time to snap a photo of the Seven Coloured Earths, where volcanic soil has created sand dunes of seven distinct colors. And what’s a trip to an island without the beach? Beautiful coral reefs surround Mauritius, keeping sharks away from the pristine beaches. Island guests and locals can fearlessly scuba dive around the brilliant reefs, swim with dolphins, kite surf, and find lots of other ways to enjoy the warm ocean waters. WALK THROUGH HISTORY More than a tropical escape, Mauritius is an island full of history and culture, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the island’s layered past. You can visit one of the historical rummeries or explore Mauritius’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can also check out Aapravasi Ghat, the Immigration Depot, and Le Mourne Brabant.

TASTE THE MEMORIES A day spent playing on an island is always better with great food. Influenced by its French, Creole, Indian, and Chinese heritage, Mauritius offers a vast menu of delicious dishes to try, from curry to dim sum. And the rich soil and bountiful ocean provide more than enough fresh fruit and seafood to go around. Despite its amazing vacation potential, Mauritius is all but unheard of to people in the United States. This means travelers can find amazing five- star resorts at unbeatable prices! With this in mind, isn’t it time you got to know the island of Mauritius?

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