Ramsey Rehab_Relief and Better Motion for Aching Necks

Easy At-Home Exercise To Keep You Moving!

Scalene Stretch Sit with good posture. Hold the front of your neck with your hand. Look up into the corner away from your hand. You should feel a stretch in the front part of your neck. Repeat 6 times. Helps With Neck Mobility


Patient Results I got my life back!

me a while to catch on (it seems I was a very slow learner where my recovery was concerned) but once I finally learned to communicate accurately what was actually going on with my knee, and also my whole body, my progress picked up speed. While I am still not where I think I should be (the surgeon keeps telling me to give it a year!) I have come a long way since my first days at Ramsey, and can now at least begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will forever be grateful to my therapists for giving me back my life. Thank you!” Pat B.

“I had a Total Knee Replacement in mid July and my recovery was less than stellar. There was a pinched nerve, an allergic reaction to one of the medications I was taking, and then major digestive issues, which caused me to lose 15 pounds in less than two weeks. I did not handle these issues very well. I arrived at Ramsey Rehab about six weeks after surgery a little depressed. But they would have none of it. They pushed me to my limit each time I showed up, all the while encouraging me in my progress, even when there was very little progress to be seen from session to session. It took


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