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Back in 2010, I was about three years into a nonprofit corporation I started called the Team Easton Youth Baseball Organization. Essentially, we managed the Easton baseball team, raised money for its operation, and facilitated games and trips. My wife and I had been taking a lot of out-of-state trips with our daughter and her successful softball team (you might recall my story of their big win a few newsletters ago). We decided that it was time to take the boys’ team somewhere. We determined that the following summer would be a perfect opportunity to go to Cooperstown, New York, to play in one of two major regional tournaments in the area. So, we started saving money, reaching approximately $15,000 over the course of the year. Nearly every penny went into the fees to enter the tournament. “What?” I can hear you asking. “Fifteen grand for a baseball tournament?” And sure, it may seem crazy until you consider that each team playing in the tournament was provided with their own private condo full of bunk beds, including lodging for the coaches. It was essentially a vacation, but instead of the beaches of Hawaii, it was the opportunity to participate in this huge New York tournament.

structure containing eight perfectly groomed ball fields. Between every game, they’d repaint the bases stark white. The dugouts were fully equipped with pitching cages and all the amenities you could imagine for a kids’ baseball team. Best of all for us adults, though, was the food; the owners of the complex also owned several top-of-the-line local restaurants. We got there a few days early to check out Manhattan, which was about three hours from the tournament. We went to Times Square, Central Park, took a few tours, did a thorough investigation of downtown, and just generally walked our feet off for three days. When we weren’t playing games, we were exploring the state with the boys. We went on one particularly interesting tour of the town, paying a well-spoken local to give us the “ghost tour,” walking us around and pointing out various haunted hotspots, all at night. Beforehand, we’d been creeping out the boys, talking about a specific poltergeist, “Angie,” who roamed the Cooperstown area. We paid off the guide to keep the jig going, and suddenly, these 11-year old boys were looking at us with wide eyes, going “Oh my god, they were telling the truth!” I’m not sure whether the kids had a better time checking out Cooperstown and New York City or playing baseball. We ended up placing fifth out of 30 teams, but every game was exciting. The beauty of it was the diamonds were shorter than regulation — 185 feet versus the usual 210 — turning the game into a home run derby. I don’t think there was a single kid that didn’t end up with at least one round-tripper by the end of the tournament. We lost our final game with all 30 teams watching, but we gave them a game for the ages. I had grown men coming up and telling me, “That was the best game I’ve ever seen in youth baseball!” I was proud of the kids and glad I could be a part of this special experience in their lives.

-Patrick Silva

The complex in which the tournament took place was a massive, immaculate



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Make time. It’s likely time already feels like a scarce resource, and with an added side hustle, you’ll find it’s a true luxury. Make a list of your usual daily activities and cut down on those that don’t mesh with your goals. TV, social media, and extra day-job responsibilities probably need to fall by the wayside if you’re going to fit everything you want to accomplish into each day. Check out the book “Stop Wasting Your Life And Start Doing What Matters Most” by Jeffrey L. Krug for some tips on doing just that.

A side hustle — whether it’s maintaining a blog, freelancing for local publications, or driving for Uber or Lyft — can be a substantial boon to your family’s finances. But it can also cause tension and change family dynamics. Luckily, it is possible to balance a side hustle, keep your sanity, and maintain healthy relationships with your spouse and kids. Here are some tips on how to make a little extra cash without overly disrupting your family life. Organize your life. Regardless of how meticulously you’ve organized your life, after a few weeks of extra work, your world is sure to seem a little more complex. One excellent way to synchronize with your family — and ensure you don’t miss anything important — is to have every family member streamline their busy schedules into one of many family calendar-sharing applications, whether it’s Google Calendar, Hub Family Organizer, or Cozi.

This way, you’ll be able to quickly and visually determine the best times to take breaks, and easily make sure your work schedule doesn’t overlap with picking up your kids from school or seeing the school orchestra perform. Take breaks. There is no person on earth who can work 18-plus-hour days every day of the week. Everybody needs a little R & R. Regular breaks will allow you to spend quality time with your spouse and children, reduce the risk of burning out, and enable you to enjoy your life outside of the daily grind. Honestly, though, breaks aren’t enough. If you’re really making time for everything, you’re going to be working some long days, and you’ll need the energy to match. Make sure you are eating healthy and making time for regular exercise. This way you won’t pass out the next time you try to watch “Trolls” with the kiddos.


Luz R. was charged with an alcohol-related DUI after the CHP found her sleeping on the side of the freeway and several callers had phoned the police to report a driver weaving all over the road. RESULT: DUI dismissed.

Eric V. was charged with a 0.33 percent blood-alcohol concentration on a third-time DUI. RESULT: We won the DMV hearing on a Title 17 violation and saved his license from a minimum suspension of six months.

Joe B. was charged with a 0.29 percent blood-alcohol concentration on a first-time DUI. We filed and heard a motion to suppress under penal code 1538.5. RESULT: The judge ruled in our favor and dismissed the case. This only could have happened as a result of the hard work from his San Bernardino DUI lawyer.

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With names like Mt. Baal, The Ogre, and Goblin, you might guess that the Idaho mountains known as the Seven Devils are rough going — and you’d be right. Most of the peaks in the range sport intimidating names that bring Dante’s “Inferno” to mind and make you wonder exactly what haunts the region. It doesn’t help that the mountain range — set in the central part of the state, close to the Oregon border — is some of the toughest territory in the Pacific Northwest. They also comprise some of the prettiest territory, because that’s usually how these things work. Spectacular views of Hells Canyon, the Snake River, and western Idaho will blow adventurers’ minds. So will the bighorn sheep, deer, black bears, and mountain lions native to the area. Thick with dense pine forests and dotted with lakes, the Seven Devils range is unmatched in its splendor and diversity. Many fishermen hike into the mountains to experience the excellent trout fishing in the area’s alpine lakes.

A-camping we will go! A-camping we will go! This summer, go beyond hot dogs and try out this scout special. You’ll be more than prepared for your woodland adventures after this hot and simple meal. CAMPFIRE DINNER For this reason, it’s a badge of honor among those who love the outdoors. Desolate and lonely, you’d be lucky to run into more than a handful of people on the whole trek, and many folks don’t meet another soul for days. If you do, it will likely be at landmarks like the Dry Diggins fire lookout or on one of the many summits. If you’re trying to escape the crowds at more popular hiking locations, this is the place to go. Come to think of it, if you’re trying to escape anything — from angry creditors to mafia loan sharks — you should load up your pack and head for these hills. This is a trip best suited to experienced backpackers. Backpackers on the Seven Devils Loop, the most popular trail in the region, face a 27-mile hike best spread out over three to five days due to the massive elevation changes, the result of many ridges summited and descended. With water sources few and far between, and help much farther away than that, the Seven Devils range is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced.

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• 1 teaspoon

• ⅓–½ pound hamburger • 2–3 onion slices, to taste • 1 cup potato slices • 1 whole carrot, sliced

Worcestershire sauce • 1 teaspoon butter or margarine • Salt and pepper

for the case


Describes those designated to represent parties deemed incapable of representing themselves, such as a child or incapacitated adult.


1. Lay down a sheet of heavy-duty tin foil. 2. Put the onion down first. Cover with hamburger, then layer on the sliced potatoes and carrots. 3. Pour the Worcestershire sauce on top, then sprinkle on the salt and pepper. Add butter last. 4. Fold the tin foil to make a closed packet, and carefully place the packet in the campfire coals. 5. Cook for approximately 30 minutes, rotating the packet 180 degrees halfway through. 6. When finished, let sit for 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy.

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Nothings says summer like cold ice cream, that inevitable sunburn, and the terrifying spike in your electric bill. As the temperature goes up outside, the thermostat goes down inside. Staying comfortable in your own home shouldn’t mean throwing your money on the fire. Here are a few things you can do around the house to enjoy the air conditioning and spare your wallet at the same time. Watch Those Windows Ensure your windows are completely sealed. Use caulk or weatherstripping to eliminate any air leaks to keep cool air in and hot air out. This will also help keep your house warm come winter.

Remember the fans in your bathroom, too. Switching those on after a hot shower removes the heat and humidity before it can escape into the rest of your house. Attend to Your Appliances Keep unnecessary lights turned off. estimates only 10 to 15 percent of electricity consumed by incandescent lightbulbs becomes light. The rest is converted into heat. Avoid using the oven on hot days. Stick with the stovetop, microwave, or outdoor grill to keep from adding more heat to your house. Use the cold water setting on your washing machine when cleaning your clothes and line dry them if possible. The Consumer Energy Center calculates doing so can cut your energy bill by 4 percent. Someone is bound to get sunburned this summer. Using sunscreen can help prevent that — just like following these tips can help you avoid getting burned by your electric bill.

Use blinds, drapes, or other coverings to block your windows and keep out hot sunlight.

If the weather permits, give your thermostat a break in the evenings by opening a few windows and letting the night air keep your house cooler while you sleep. Factor in the Fans According to, when the ceiling fan is on, you can raise the thermostat by 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort.

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