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19 APR

COMING TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU! At the time of writing, I just got back from taking this proverbial show on the road! I had the honor of addressing a Broadway theater full of entrepreneurs as a featured speaker on the “Success Live Tour.” Getting to take my message to the big stage was an incredible experience. The energy of the crowd was infectious, and it got me thinking about exploring other mediums through which to share my holistic approach to finance. Of course, this was far from my first speaking event. I’ve done plenty of seminars over the years and have no intention of stopping. But a thought occurred to me recently: Would I have the time to attend an educational or dinner seminar as an audience member? If I can’t find the time in my busy work and family life to attend a lecture on something I’m interested in, why should I expect any different from my own audience? This got me thinking. How would I most enjoy learning something new? What time or setting would be the most convenient and comfortable for me to listen to an expert’s advice? The answer (as it is with most things) was to be at home with a martini in hand. Now, I may not be able to invite the entire DuPont Wealth Solutions community over for cocktails, but I can certainly give you the power to attend my seminars from wherever you feel most at home! DUPONT LIVE

lunchtime, in the evening — whenever you like — and have a front-row seat for these cutting-edge webinars! These won’t be stuffy, finger- wagging lectures on fiscal theory, either; they’ll be a holistic look at how you can improve your life and your finances. My profession has given me the opportunity to explore a wide range of avenues for personal growth. I’ve spoken with experts and mentors in fields ranging from lifestyle to finance and brought their teachings back into my own wheelhouse to create a more holistic view. After all, what’s the point of building wealth if you never actually get to enjoy it? Of course, I won’t just be sharing what I’ve learned from these experts; I’ll be connecting you directly! One of the best aspects of offering these webinars is that it gives us the flexibility to bring in guest speakers from my nationwide network. This allows me to stick to the subjects I know best while providing you with a broad array of useful information. My team and I have some amazing programming lined up, and we can’t wait to share it with you. For a peek at what’s ahead, check out the next page! You’ll find our upcoming seminar topics and when to tune in. From the beginning, education has been a founding principle in our firm. We can’t think of a more perfect benefit to bring to our community!


So, without further ado, I’m excited to

announce the launch of my new webinar series! Once a month, I’ll be coming to you live with tips, tricks, and advice on

See you on the air,

your most pressing finance and lifestyle questions. You’ll be able to tune in from Facebook live, at

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