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D ear Principal, We know you’re busy, so let’s make this quick. As much as it pains us to admit, we know marketing may not always be top of mind. Through a few decades of combined AEC marketing experience, we’ve identified internal strategies to assist our organization in effectively and efficiently retaining the best talent, providing unparalleled client experience and inevitably reaching the firm’s strategic growth goals. For firm leadership, marketing may not always be top of mind. For your marketing staff, it is. Make sure they have a seat at the table. An open letter from your marketing staff

Riley McLeod

❚ ❚ A rigorous go/no-go process. The firm continues to be selective in client pursuits. Our employees are building relationships for the long haul through a differentiated client experience. These pursuits will lead to growing backlog while economic conditions remain stable. ❚ ❚ Employees are very busy – of course, the best time to market. Let’s continue to focus on business development activities to create future value. The seeds planted today will sow opportunities later this year into 2021. This investment will be critical as markets ebb and flow with economic forces beyond our control. ❚ ❚ Appropriately leverage marketing staff. It may be time to add another marketing staff member to

complement current staff skill sets. As we recruit, it’s important to educate candidates on how the AEC industry gives them the opportunity to influence direction and strategy. You get a comprehensive marketing role in the architectural and engineering business and can affect meaningful change through proposals, advertising, strategy, and pursuits at a fast pace. ❚ ❚ Marketing and leadership alignment. This begins with continuing to have marketing report directly to leadership with “a voice at the table.” As the Society of Marketing Professional Services says, “Marketing is the umbrella to house all things involved in the process of creating firm awareness; building and

Greg Kanz


THE ZWEIG LETTER April 6, 2020, ISSUE 1339

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