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DEADLINE: JUNE 1, 2020 The Best Firms To Work For award recognizes the top AEC firms in the U.S. and Canada based on their workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and much more. Firms will be ranked according to their category based on a combination score comprised of 25 percent corporate survey and 75 percent employee surveys.

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Best Firms To Work For benefits: ❚ ❚ The largest employee survey in the AEC industry – more than 2 million data points gathered in 2018! ❚ ❚ Access to employee insight through their own words ❚ ❚ The most affordable employee survey in the industry ❚ ❚ Completely customizable options ❚ ❚ Great tool for recruitment, retention, and marketing! ❚ ❚ Benchmarking your firms against firms of similar size, disciplines, and region ❚ ❚ Recognition at Zweig Group’s ElevateAEC conference ❚ ❚ Incredible public relations exposure in press releases, in The Zweig Letter , and our Civil + Structual Engineer magazine ❚ ❚ Signs, stickers, trophies, plaques, and other collateral for your office(s) ❚ ❚ The Best Firms To Work For logo to use on all of your promotional material

New for 2020: ❚ ❚ Zweig Group will begin offering expert analysis of your employee survey results. This analysis will include a SWOT analysis as well as recommendations and a phone call to discuss the report with you. Let us help you analyze all of the data you get from this survey and use our experience to help you formulate a plan to make your firm a better place to work! This option starts at $1,500. Calls us to find out more! ❚ ❚ Participating in the award process is an effective and efficient way to gain employee insight. All participating firms receive a summary report of their employees’ survey responses. ❚ ❚ We will have an overall ranking of firms followed by sub-rankings (firm size, discipline, region). You only have to register once. There will be additional sub-category benchmarking reports available for purchase both individually or in bundles. To enter or learn more, visit or call 800.466.6275.


Solid financial management is crucial to the success of any company, and firms in the AEC industry are no exception. This short course provides an overview of business financial management – specifically tailored to our industry – to help firm leaders make informed decisions that drive results.


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very important, companies still have to use discretion on which policies or benefits to implement. While many employees will suggest strong new benefits such as a new 401(k) program or ownership opportunities, other suggestions may not be as useful. We have seen ideas such as game rooms, nap rooms, and extra monitors so employees can enjoy Netflix in the background at work. While these might sound like fun ideas, firms need to decide whether or not these things will really make the overall culture better or if they’re just fringe benefits that don’t belong in the workplace. That is the line successful companies walk. Know what will truly make your company better and what belongs in the “Dreams” suggestion box. The next important part of engaging your employees is repeating the process. Whether it is bi-annually, annually, or however you choose, you need to make sure your employee engagement isn’t a one-off exercise. You need to be able to measure how your actions, from your first engagement, have affected your employees. There is no way to know if new programs have been positive or negative unless you reengage and re-analyze the new information. Don’t call it good after engaging with your employees one time. As data becomes a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives, businesses, and business strategies, we have to think about how and what we are doing to utilize it. It starts with having an apparatus to collect it: Employee surveys. You then need to know how to utilize that data – people analytics – followed by implementation of new ideas, and then reengagement. Engage the people at your firm and they will tell you all you need to know to recruit, retain, and utilize each and every employee. KYLE AHERN is awards manager at Zweig Group. Contact him at

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