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February 2020

Take the Leap

Celebrating an Extra Day in February

We have a unique opportunity this February. This year is leap year, which means for the first time in four years, there will be a Feb. 29 on the calendar. It’s such a fascinating day to me because it’s so rare. I’ve only ever known one person with a leap day birthday — a “leapling,” as they’re called — but our office manager, Heather Howell, actually knows two leaplings. I find that to be pretty rare! This year’s leap day lands on a Saturday, which means we’ve not only been gifted an extra day of the year, but also an extra Saturday in February. I can’t imagine my family will do anything too special for leap day, but I’m sure we’ll make it our version of a perfect day. Since it’s a weekend in February, there’s a good chance you can catch me cruising down the slopes at Bogus Basin. As you may remember, I love skiing, and while Boise’s winter got off to a slow start this year, I’ve still enjoyed some weekend afternoons on the mountain. There’s only a short window of time each year when the weather is perfect, the snow is light, and courses are slick and smooth. It’s hard to make your final run the final run at a ski resort like that.

tradition to enjoy a few slices of pizza. Maybe it’s because no one is in the mood to cook or because we crave some great and greasy food. Regardless, pizza Saturday is a tradition that the Amorebieta family wouldn’t stop just because it’s leap day. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what else we would do beyond this typical Saturday winter routine we have. Perhaps Keri and I will go out without the kids or do something special, but I guess that’s the beauty of an extra day. You don’t have to make it special to make it great. You just have to do what you want to do, and it will already be your version of a “perfect day.” So, this leap day, don’t put any pressure on yourself to make it spectacular. Just be grateful you are given an extra day, and do whatever it is that makes you happiest. You don’t need to accomplish everything on your task list or make the day one you will never forget for it to be a memorable leap day. That is, unless you’re a leapling. In that case, party like you haven’t celebrated a birthday in four years!

–Randy Amorebieta

Back at home, we will probably order some pizza for dinner. We’re not sure how this got started, but it’s become a Saturday family

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