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How My Husband and His Friends Made Weddings a Riot

I hope your April Fools’ Day included a few good-natured laughs. I’ve never considered myself an expert at coming up with clever tricks, but whenever I think about our funniest holiday, I’m reminded of the legendary pranks my husband, James, and his friends would pull whenever a member of their friend group got married. You might think that a wedding is no place for a practical joke, but they were always tactful about their choices and never crossed the line. There were never any Whoopee Cushions at the ceremony is what I’m trying to say. Instead, they focused on providing a laugh to the new couple. In one instance, they got into the cupboards of a soon-to-be-wed pair and switched all the labels on their canned goods. When the couple was hankering for soup, they ended up with an open can of baked beans. I still wonder if they just resorted to restocking everything rather than playing a guessing game every time they reached for a can opener. When another of our friends got married, the gang of pranksters took advantage of a marquee near the venue. Instead of saying “Congratulations, Dan and Pat,” it read, “Copulations, Dan and Pat.” And they made sure that nobody drove by that marquee without taking stock of their editing skills. These are just a couple of the pranks that stick out most in my mind, but I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. Needless to say, when it came time for James and me to be married, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What do they have in store for us?” We made it through the ceremony and reception without any sign of a joke, but when we checked into our room that night, it didn’t take long for them to reveal themselves. Somehow — maybe they bribed the concierge — the boys had gotten access to our room and filled it with cheap Timex watches. They had set alarms to go off throughout the night at different times.

like to think that that watch has been going off at 2:30 a.m. and waking up everyone that stays in that room. Or at least it did until the battery died!

One final tradition was a custom bowling ball with an ankle bracelet attached — a ball and chain, if you will. During the reception, they would always shackle the groom’s ankle and provide his wife the key to open it. The couples’ names would be engraved on the bowling ball, and it would be passed on to a loved one. It’s been a while since James and I had it, and I don’t know where it is today. I’d like to think it’s still gathering names and providing laughs. As a physical therapist, I can’t quite agree with the maxim that laughter is always the best medicine. That said, I think it’s a crucial part of life and definitely doesn’t hurt. When I think back to my wedding, I remember the beauty and magic of that day ... but I also remember those Timex watches!

–Beth Scalone

As you can imagine, James and I scrambled to find all the watches we could. We managed to uncover all but one of the hiding spots. To this day, we

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