Choice P: Hip & Knee Arthritis // 3 Year Celebration

Move to Live Your Resource to Moving Well and Living Life

CHEERS FOR 3 YEARS!!! “Ouch!” We’re not sure there will ever be a day where we won’t need to be pinched to make sure this is all real life. It doesn’t seem too far away when opening an outpatient practice was something that we wrote on a goal sheet or spoke about over dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Soon after we realize the pinch is just starting to sting, our thoughts immediately shift towards how grateful we are to be doing exactly what it is we are doing, surrounded by the most incredible community there is.

We know this is not an acceptance speech, but sometimes it feels like the teleprompter is telling us to “Hurry up.. only ten seconds left..” when we could both go on and on about how fortunate we are to not only be in the position we are, but also for the experiences we’ve had in the three short years sincewe opened our doors June 15th, 2015. The idea of renovating an old car wash into an open concept physical therapy practice was just that, an idea. We went on walk through after walk through of other medical clinic settings, vanilla boxes if you will, and nothing quite hit the spot like what we felt walking through “the old car wash on Campbell Ave”. Still to this day we refer to our building as such when people ask where we are located. What we didn’t know then though was how friendly, loyal, and supportive the Eastside and neighboring communities were, and how lucky we were to be joining the other reputable businesses in the area.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for the immediate and ongoing support of Choice PhysicalTherapy. Each day we get the opportunity to meet a new family, a relative, a colleague, or a friend of a patient we’ve already cared for, is a good day. We truly feel our team is second to none. Their personal and clinical growth , responsibility to their careers as physical therapists, compassion for the well being of our community, and contribution to our team, is truly enlightening to observe. We are fulfilled to be able to give back to our community through our #Choose2giveback campaigns and look forward tomany more in the future. Personally, the ability to be able to support the community that is supporting us, provides the utmost satisfaction.

Thanks again, Erin & Joe

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