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T his last month, the Livewell Clinic team and I asked our patients to submit causes that they were truly passionate about in order to suggest an organization that our company could offer support to. We’ve always been passionate about giving back to the community of which we are a part, working to better the world we live in not only through the work we do in our clinic, but through everything we do personally and professionally. Though we received a lot of powerful submissions for nonprofits close to our patients’ hearts, one definitely stood out from the rest. In Charissa Flege’s letter, she extolled the virtues and importance of adoption in our modern world, advocating for an organization called Chelsey’s DreamFoundation with a passionate candor that really struck our team. You can read much of her letter on page 3 of this month’s newsletter, but for me, it aligned withmy own values from the very first sentence. “I have been at Livewell for a year now,” Charissa began, “and inmy opinion, its bottom-line philosophy is making people healthier and happier.” To her, that journey to health and happiness begins not in adulthood, whenmany of us suddenly start to think about our well-being and how it can be improved, but in the instant a child comes into this world. It may not be obvious why a functional medicine clinic chooses to support an organization that provides funds to people trying to adopt, but when you break it down, you realize that by supporting even a single orphan’s need to find a permanent, loving home, you’re making a tremendous impact on the health of that child from the outset. And really, I’ve long been passionate about helping children receive the care and treatment they need to develop into healthy, happy individuals. During my undergraduate studies, I joined a medical mission to the Central African Republic, spending a couple of months doing all kinds of medical work. One of our primary focuses was young mothers. We helped deliver babies, ensuring

they got the treatment they needed, and educated local communities about nutrition and child care. We gave them all the tools they’d need to help them and their children form a firm foundation in health. We evenmade a few trips out to a local agency packed full of children whose parents were, for one reason or another, unable to care for them. We spent hours helping them clean up the space, holding these orphaned babies and offering aid wherever we could. There, I saw firsthand the impact that the situation had on these kids: a long period of uncertainty and struggle before they could be placed— if they ever even had the opportunity— in a permanent home. At the Livewell Clinic, I often work with prospective parents struggling with infertility, searching for ways to bring a child into their lives. For some of these patients, adoptionmay be the only option to realize their dream of a full, happy family. So, it really means a lot to be able to give back to an organization that’s keenly dedicated to putting as many children as they can in loving homes. We want to give these families the opportunity to provide a loving, happy, and most of all healthy home as early as possible in children’s lives.

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