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September 2019

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Lifelong learning has always been important to me. I’ve gone to the gym and played golf. But, in the last

few years, I’ve also taken guitar and Italian lessons and even participated in a local “Dancing with the Stars” charity event. You’d expect that learning these new things would add more fun to my life, but what surprised me most was how they’ve also improved my creativity and given me more energy. While keeping up with legal and financial changes may not be as seem as fun as learning the tango or spending a day on the golf course, learning as much as you can about what benefits are available to you should you need nursing home care is more important than you may realize. So, what’s going to be your “back-to-school” class? In addition to yoga or dance, I’d recommend you come to one of our FREE workshops and let me share some little-known ways to protect your assets and pay for nursing home care without going broke.

Humans have built some pretty spectacular things on this planet, but there’s nothing quite as stunning as the simple perfection of a tree. They’re beautiful year-round, but fall is the time when trees don their best dresses, lining the nation’s highways and hills in eye-catching shades of red, orange, yellow, and gold. If strolling through a grove of colorful trees is one of your favorite fall activities, then it might be time for a pilgrimage in search of the most colorful foliage America has to offer. Autumn is an underrated travel season, so airfare to the top leaf-lined places in the country is more affordable than you think. There are also plenty of prime destinations, so whether you’d like to trek far away or search out stunning fall colors close to home, there’s sure to be something out there for you. Here are a few of the best spots to visit for postcard-quali- ty views in each region.

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New England is famous for its autumn leaves, but among its dozens of vacation-worthy destinations, a drive down Kancamagus Highway (which locals call “The Kanc”) should be at the top of your to-do list in the first few weeks of October. Dubbed “The Ultimate New Hamp- shire Fall Foliage Drive” by New England Foliage, the 30-mile journey offers gorgeous views of tree-lined rivers and ponds, a route through a mountain pass, and plenty of stop-offs for photography, hiking, and camping.

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