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Time for Safe Summer Fun 3 Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

It’s time for fun in the sun! Whether you’re heading out to the beach or lake, catching a ballgame, hosting a barbecue, or taking a boat tour, it’s important to protect your skin to avoid sun damage. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans develops skin cancer by the time they are 70 years old, and every hour, two people die of skin cancer nationally. The risk of skin cancer is severe — it’s not just one sunburn. Having five or more sunburns in your lifetime can double your risk of developing skin cancer.

Seek out the shade. No matter the activity, try to limit your exposure to the sun — you’ll be cooler, too! Look for trees, pavilions, and shelters. When these options aren’t available, create your own shade by wearing a hat and toting along an umbrella. Wear protective clothing. Whenever possible, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. UV protective clothing is best for maximum protection. Don’t forget about your eyes — UV sunglasses are important for your eyes and the delicate skin around them. Just because sunglasses appear dark does not mean they protect against UV rays!

Here are some surefire ways to avoid a pesky, painful, and potentially harmful sunburn.

Always check: Did you apply (and reapply) sunscreen? Apply sunscreen, and then reapply after going in the water or a few hours later. According to the National Cancer Institute, only about 30% of women and less than 15% of men regularly apply sunscreen, which leaves them vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The National Cancer Institute recommends using an SPF of at least 15 and reminds everyone to remember their feet if they are exposed!

This summer, be sure to have fun but don’t forget to protect your skin from sunburns, possible skin cancer, and early signs of aging due to damage from sun exposure! Lather up!

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