Rotary Hoes

Silvan’s Brevi range offers features that will individualise a rotary hoe to your specific needs. These include options such as different rotor combinations, side discs, front depth wheels and wheel track eradicators. Backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty, you can be confident your Brevi rotary hoe will out last the toughest conditions.

“L” Blade (Standard on 100-400HP models) Multi-purpose rotor that is efficient at mixing and burying while producing a uniform finish, particularly after ploughing.

Rotor with “C” helicoidal blades (Standard on 40-80HP models) Similar to the L blade in terms of application but better suited to hard ground and leaves less of a hard pan in comparison.

Rotor with straight blades “FLASH” (Option on B103V, B123V & B170V models)

Rotor with straight curled blades “BK” (Option on B170V, Doble and Maxi Doble models) Similar to Flash rotor but with thicker and longer blades so better suited to primary tillage.

Rotor with spike blades “SPIKES” (Option on all models 100HP and above)

Typically a secondary tillage rotor in dry clay soils for seedbed preparation. Less chance of rotor clogging compared to standard rotors.

Suited to stony soil because the design of the blade and the distance between them allows a uniform soil preparation along with the easy passage of stones through the machine.

Power Harrows


The optional SUPERFAST® blade system allows quick and easy blade replacement with the assembly locked by a single clip on each rotor. The clips are shock-protected by being recessed in a cavity on the blade holder. This option is ideal for large farms and contractors who are regularly changing blades.

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