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Remembering Loved Ones The word memorial is closely related to the word memory . After a loss, many of us feel motivated to create a memorial as a special way of remembering someone we love. Through this acknowledgment, we reaffirm that our loved ones remain in our hearts, and we honor our lasting bond. Hope’s Tribute Gardens offer a sacred space for remembrance, quiet reflection and relaxation. Surrounded by natural beauty, our guests and visitors will find a place of peace and refuge within this healing sanctuary. In this booklet, you will find many ways to honor or remember your loved ones. A lasting tribute – such as an engraved stone or bench – can be placed in one of our gardens as a sign of your ongoing devotion. Your dedication item will become a permanent part of the Hope Tribute Gardens. Through these memorial gifts, we are able to fulfill our charitable mission. Please contact us directly to learn more about your options for personalization.

Dedication Stones and Markers Dedication Stones, etched with joyful tributes and fond farewells, line the gently winding pathways of our gardens. Square Dedication Markers offer additional space for enduring inscriptions, and Polished Granite Symbols come in three different designs – butterflies, hearts or squares. Messages can be customized to your preference. Stone and

granite colors will vary by location. Small Dedication Stone (4x8): $250 Large Dedication Stone (4x16): $500 Square Dedication Marker (12x12): $750 Polished Granite Butterfly, Heart or Square: $1,000

Tree Markers The trees lining the shaded walkways of the Tribute Gardens are living symbols of growth and renewal. Families can use their designated tree as a gathering place or simply to enjoy the calming effects of nature while visiting. Please ask for details on availability at each location. Tree Markers: $750 - $2,000

Granite Benches Sometimes, in the middle of a quiet stroll, we need to stop and relax. Stately granite benches are ideal places for both

rest and remembrance. Granite Bench: $3,000

Tribute Garden Items Order Form

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Tribute Items: All Areas q Small Dedication Stone (4x8): $250 q Large Dedication Stone (4x16): $500 q Square Dedication Marker (12x12): $750 q Polished Granite Butterfly: $1,000 q Polished Granite Heart: $1,000 q Polished Granite Square: $1,000 q Tree Marker: $750 - $2,000 q Granite Bench: $3,000 Labyrinth: Cape Coral Only See following page for details q Premium Wall Space $5,000 q Side Wall Space $3,000 q Keep Space $2,500 q Base Keep Space $1,500 q Angled Plaque $1,000

q Center Bench $10,000 q Central Tree $10,000 q Arbor $5,000 q Fountain Bowl $5,000 q Bench $3,000 q Perimeter Tree $2,500

For More Details

Please mail this form to: Tribute Gardens Officer 9470 HealthPark Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 489-9188 • Email@HopeHCS.org When you begin your order, we’ll help you personalize a message that will fit the space available on your item(s).

The Labyrinth in Cape Coral On the simple path of our labyrinth, there are no decisions to be made – a winding trail leads you to the center and back out again. You may use the time within to meditate, reflect or connect with your emotions.

The central courtyard highlights our unique Keep Spaces – where you may place sentimental items, mementos or other tangible reminders of your loved one. Landscaping features throughout the area (pictured at right) may also be inscribed with personal messages.

Central Courtyard 1. Premium Keep Space $5,000 2. Side Keep Space $3,000 3. Keep Space $2,500 4. Base Keep Space $1,500 5. Angled Plaque $1,000

5. Arbor $5,000 6. Fountain Bowl $5,000 7. Center Bench $10,000 8. Bench $3,000 9. Central Tree $10,000 10. Perimeter Tree $2,500

239.482.4673 800.835.1673 HopeHCS.org

Hope Healthcare is not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Hope Hospice and Community Services, Inc. is registered with the Florida Department of Consumer Services, registration number SC-01911. Please be advised that 100% of the donations we receive benefit Hope Hospice and are not directed to other organizations or entities. You may obtain a copy of our official registration and financial information by calling the Division of Consumer Services, toll-free within the State of Florida, at 1-800-435-7352. This registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.

Hope Hospice has been licensed by the State of Florida since 1984. Hospice License #5010096 Hope Visiting Nurses License #HHA 21277096 ©Hope Healthcare 2013-18 TRIBUTE GARDENS #17200 rev 6/2017

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