CWU Apartment Guide 2020

LAUNDRY FACILITIES Central Washington University provides centrally located laundry facilities for resident use only. The university is not responsible for unattended clothing or damages to clothing because of user error. Brooklane Village’s laundry room has card reader access. Money can be placed on a resident’s Connection Card via the Connection Card office. Non-residents using laundry facilities (and residents allowing them to do so) are subject to a $25 fine. If a machine is not operating correctly, please put a sign on the machine stating it is out of order and notify the apartment manager. Children must be accompanied by their parents while in the laundry rooms. Money lost in the machines will be refunded by contacting the fiscal specialist in Housing and Residence Life. Call weekdays at 509- 963-1323. Residents should ensure these areas are cleaned after each use. While cleanliness of the laundry areas is the responsibility of those residents who use the facilities, a laundry attendant assists by keeping the rooms clean and functioning. Information regarding contact of this individual will be posted in each apartment laundry area. LAWN CARE All toys, hoses, sprinklers, lawn furniture, and other items that may obstruct the lawn mower must be removed according to the mowing schedule. Failure to remove articles from the lawn area will result in a warehouse crew picking up the articles and a $25 fine. The university is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items damaged by mowers and/or weed-eaters. Mowing schedules are sent out every spring. In addition, these items need to be organized so as not to create difficulty in accessing apartments. MAINTENANCE If there is a maintenance problem, call Facilities Management at 509-963-3000. It is the resident’s responsibility to immediately report apartment damages or deficiencies to either the apartment manager or facilities maintenance so that repairs can be made. All maintenance costs will be paid by the university unless the cause is found to be willful misuse or negligence. The response time will depend on the nature and severity of the problem, however, Facilities Management will respond to all problems in a timely manner. It is important to be very specific about the problem and the exact location when calling with a concern. Please help the university maintain and keep up the common areas of the apartment complexes by reporting breakage and damage to lighting, playground equipment, mail areas, and laundry facilities. The 509-963-3000 phone number is in operation 24 hours a day. Please call during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday) for routine problems. Please call anytime for emergencies. If a resident calls Public Safety and Police Services to report an emergency and facilities maintenance personnel are called, the resident will be charged for their time if it is not an emergency. The following definitions and situations will help as a guide. The definition of EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE is: • Something that could or will cause physical harm to resident(s). • Something that could or will cause physical damage to property or structures. Examples of EMERGENCY SITUATIONS that require maintenance personnel to be called are: • Gas leaks • No heat (outside temperature is below 50 degrees) • No electricity • Water leaks or broken water lines

they cause damage to the lawn mowers and may present a physical hazard if thrown by a mower. The watering, weeding, and maintenance of flower beds are the responsibility of the resident. Please keep in mind that the university cannot be held responsible for these plants during routine grounds maintenance. Community garden plots are available at Brooklane Village each year. Land behind J Court is plowed in early spring. Those wanting space may stake out an area in the field. GENERAL CLEANLINESS AND SANITATION The lease requires that residents: • Maintain the premises, apartments, and its contents in a clean and orderly condition. For the health and safety of all residents, it is the responsibility of all residents to share in the proper care, cleaning, and use of community areas and facilities, including stairs, stairwells, and laundry rooms. • Dispose of all garbage in the dumpsters provided near each building. • Keep stairwells, landings, porches, and patios clean and free of clutter (toys, bikes, boxes, plants, garbage bags, etc.). SANITATION AND CLEANLINESS Any action or inaction that compromises the cleanliness of the hall environment or that is considered unsafe or unhealthy is prohibited. Upon notification, students shall comply with all Housing and Residence Life requests pertaining to correction of health and safety violations in and around their assigned room or in community spaces within the hall. • Health Code: All residents shall comply with city, county, and state codes regarding health and safety. • Improperly disposing of garbage: Students are responsible for the disposal of personal garbage. Garbage and recycling must be properly sorted and taken to the designated receptacles in or near the hall. Personal trash from resident rooms may not be put in community trash cans in the halls. • Cleaning game: Skinning, cleaning, or butchering animals is strictly prohibited in the halls or the immediate vicinity. • This policy may also include, but is not limited to, pest control; misuse of drinking fountains, sinks, showers, and toilets; failing to clean up after personal grooming; or not cleaning up after using community spaces within the hall. KEYS Do not loan apartment or laundry room keys to a non-resident! Report lost keys immediately to the apartment complex coordinator or apartment manager Entrance keys will not be issued to family members under 10 years of age. Only one entry key will be issued to each legal resident. Duplication of university keys by an outside vendor is strictly prohibited and could result in cancellation of the lease agreement and a re-key expense to the lessee. Residents are responsible for their own keys. Only one laundry room key and one post office box key will be issued per apartment . For the safety of the resident and the resident’s belongings, lost keys should be reported to staff immediately! Stolen keys should be reported to Police Services. KEY CHARGES Room key replacement $35 Laundry room key replacement $35 Broken keys $10 (must have a piece to avoid entire lock change charge) Mailbox key replacement $10 Water keys (Brooklane Village) $50


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