CWU Apartment Guide 2020

PERSONALIZING SPACE Residents may decorate their apartment with posters and other personalized items as long as it does not damage the apartment. Keep in mind that when the apartment is vacated, it must be returned to its original condition. Residents in violation of the outlined policies may be subject to disciplinary action, damage charges, and/or fines. DO NOT fill-in nail holes as this causes more damage to the walls and may result in additional damage charges to the resident. PEST PREVENTION Pest concerns will be taken care of by Housing and Residence Life Pest Control. If it is determined that the resident is at fault because of poor housekeeping practices, the resident may be responsible for the cost of service. Since insects and rodents in an apartment can be unpleasant, the following suggestions are made. • Purchase a trash can with a tight-fitting cover, and use plastic liners in trash cans. • Do not leave dirty dishes or food on the countertops or sinks overnight. • Store open-food containers (cereal boxes, etc.) in plastic containers with tightly fitting lids. • Do not use contact paper in cabinets. Roaches feed on the sticky backing. • Do not leave paper bags or newspapers sitting in your apartment. Pests nest in these areas. • Keep floors clean and free of food crumbs. • Buy a good bug spray and spray the area behind the stove and refrigerator. Spray the top and bottom edge of all hollow doors in the apartment. These doors have ventilation openings at the top and bottom and make cozy homes for pests. Spray under sinks, especially around pipes protruding from bathroom walls where hot water provides the moisture that insects enjoy. Also spray in closets that contain heating or plumbing pipes. Sprays are effective when used safely. (Note: Carefully read and follow label directions and use caution when applying sprays to avoid contact with skin or food. Avoid inhaling vapors in enclosed areas and closely follow directions for use around children.) • Do not store damp rags or sponges in dark closets. Store all brooms and mops with the handle down. • Do not allow grease to build up on the stove tops, fans and burners, or in the oven. • Once every three months, move all major appliances, i.e. refrigerator and stove, and thoroughly wash the floor and wall behind them. Please be careful not to tear or damage the flooring. Use insect spray before replacing appliances. • During the fall and winter months, mice may migrate inside. Setting mouse traps is a very effective way to solve this problem. Residents are responsible for buying and setting their own traps. PLAYAREAS A play area and equipment are provided in Brooklane Village. This equipment is unsupervised and the university assumes no responsibility for use of the facilities. Parents are required to supervise their children while in the play area. Climbing on or over fences is never allowed. Residents are responsible for reporting all safety hazards, damages, and needed repairs to Facilities Management at 509-963-3000. The playground located just north of the daycare playground is open and available to all Brooklane Village residents and their children. RECYCLING Recycling bins for cardboard, paper, aluminum, and glass are located in each complex. Most recycle bins are located next to

• Frozen water pipes • Plugged sewer lines and/or toilets

Examples of NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS that do not require maintenance personnel to be called after normal business hours are: • No hot water • No heat when temperature is above 50 degrees • Removing objects from drains such as contact lenses, rings, etc. • Plugged sinks or bathtubs • Refrigerator not operating (residents should store items with neighbors) Report all necessary repairs immediately to save yourself unnecessary repair charges. Minor problems can quickly become major ones with major repair costs to match. Please try to remedy minor problems such as clogged sinks and toilets yourself, but if the problem persists, call Facilities Management. All maintenance costs to university-owned apartments are eventually reflected in the rent. If resident neglect or abuse causes damage, the resident is liable for repair/maintenance costs. If a window or screen in the apartment is broken, replacement costs will be billed to the resident. Maintenance personnel usually are on a tight schedule and are unable to perform maintenance tasks that are not listed on the work order. If additional maintenance repairs are needed, call 509-963-3000 and request another work order. If there are concerns about the timeliness or quality of the repairs, please call the apartment manager, the apartment complex coordinator, or Housing and Residence Life at 509-963-1831. MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL RESPONSE PROCEDURE The university reserves the right to enter an apartment without notice during reasonable hours when necessary to provide maintenance, service, repairs, improvements, etc., or to make inspections when no one is home. A card will be left by the facilities maintenance or Housing and Residence Life staff stating when they were in the apartment and what was done. The times between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. have been designated as reasonable maintenance times. When responding to a maintenance request or need, staff are to: • Knock on the front door of the apartment, wait 15 to 20 seconds, and knock again. If there is no answer at the door or no indication that someone is home, they are to use their master keys, open the door six or seven inches, and call out to see if anybody is home. If there is no answer, they are to proceed into the apartment and do the necessary work. No one will enter if a child is home alone. • Clean up behind them after a job is completed. • Report any breakage or damage beyond normal wear and tear for billing to the resident. MODIFICATIONS Residents are not permitted to modify either the inside or outside structure of their apartment or the apartment area without written permission from Housing and Residence Life. This includes but is not limited to: adding additional shelving, painting, wallpapering, installing screen doors, placing semi-permanent signs outside of the apartment, hanging laundry wire or string, installing antennas, satellite dishes, and modifying landscaping. Modifications made without permission could result in charges for repairs to restore the structure to its original form and/or eviction.


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