Beekeeper Lothar Pettkus says he is on

beekeeping for the past 52 years at his

is not bragging; this is what I can do. I can

a “mission.”

operation on Pleasant Corners Road.

help beekeepers here. If this could be

A “magical”

He is convinced that his tried and true

“I want to share my knowledge,” says


methods, which include a hive “cloning”

Pettkus who is trying to draw the attention

it would improve their agriculture.”

technique, can counter the effects of colony

of the press, beekeepers and government


collapse disorder and help resolve food

solution for

towards his hive reproduction system.

Beekeepers’ Association, he presented his

shortages in the Third World.

While some have called his approach

“easy way of making nucs.” A nuc is a

Pettkus uses a lot of numbers and

“novel,” other beekeepers note that his

nucleus colony.

statistics to state his case for “the magical

“cloning” is similar to hive splitting, a

Scientists are trying to understand the

bee troubles

thing” he has to offer.

critical element of honey production that

cause of the sudden death of bee colonies

But he stresses the most important

dates back to 6000 B.C.

since late 2006 across North America. A

number to retain is 613-678-2496.

“I created bees where there was nothing

University of Guelph researcher has cited

That is the phone number of the 80-year-




Varroa mites as the culprits.The demise of

old who has been making a living from

I can replace as many bees as I want. This

hives has widespread implications for

agriculture in general. If there are no bees,

there is no crop pollination.“Even if the

bees die off, I can raise more bees than are

dying. Anybody can do this without any

money, just some work and knowledge,”


says Pettkus. “I can raise over 2,000 hives

in a season.”By keeping bees indoors

during the winter, his hives consume 15

pounds of food to get through the season;

an outdoor hive would consume 60

pounds per winter. “During the winter, I

feed them like cows in a barn, creating an

artificial honey flow from barn to the

hives.” He adds: “I want to share my


knowledge. It makes me happy to do this.

This is what I would like to do for

civilization before I croak. I believe in God

and the after-life. I will have such a life...

a life that is out of this world. Look what

I can do with only three per cent of my


brain. This is a blessing. Imagine what I

can do with 100 per cent of my brain. I will

be better than Einstein.”


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Photo Richard Mahoney

Vankleek Hill beekeeper Lothar

Pettkus keeps preaching about his




Since it was created


3.43% 21.45% 7.13% 6.24% This fund has stood out in its category by winning the following awards:


The federal government plans to

transfer thousands of its civilian staff in



the defence department and RCMP to





centralization project.

The United Counties of Prescott-

Russell council (UCPR) wants to know

how Ottawa’s budgeting plans will

affect the economies of its own member

municipalities which are the “bedroom


community” homes for many of those

workers right now.

Survey questions will deal with

matters like commuting patterns for

workers, including travel methods and

times, and factors that influenced their

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past decision to make their homes in

Prescott-Russell rather than elsewhere.


than 400 households targeted for the

telephone portion of the project. The

online survey is at http://

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