Clean garage, help a cat

MP blends faith, politics

religious freedom around the world will be

The Editor,

Religion and politics can at times be an

of great benefit to our MPs and Senators.”

Spring cleaning – what a better time to unclutter your house, garage and workshop!

unholy mix, however, Pierre Lemieux has


Don’t throw your good items out!

no problem blending faith with his work

is opposed to abortion and gay marriage,

Donate them to a good cause that will benefit the entire community!

as Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP.

observes: “Each MP has his or her values.

The Friends of Feral Cats of Hawkesbury are continuing with their efforts to control

Lemieux, who was recently elected chair

I am not going to abandon mine because I

the number of feral cats from being born in our neighborhood while finding homes for

of the first Canada-Holy See

am MP. That would not be honest and

those who have been abandoned by their owners.

Parliamentary Friendship Group, looks

would be contrary to my principles of

If you are among the many people who are tired of having kittens born in your shed,

forward to providing a forum for the


garage or under your porch and you hate the smell of cat urine on your windows, doors

exchange of ideas among politicians and

He notes that the group is concerned

and shrubs, or the cat fights in the middle of the night, then don’t get angry, get proactive!

promoting the expansion of relations

with a wide range of issues. The group has

We are just a small group of volunteers trying to win this war on our own and we need

between this country and the Vatican.

met Anne Leahy, Ambassador of Canada to

your help in order to continue with our TSNR program!

The group, comprised of 75 members

the Vatican, to celebrate 42 years of

No large items please as space may become an issue.

from all parties, will play an educational

diplomatic relations between Canada and

Together we can make a huge difference in managing and controlling the number of

role for MPs and Senators, says Lemieux.

the Holy See. She explained the Vatican

homeless cats in our community!

“It is important to know that the Holy See

engages countries on various matters,

Pat Bracelin, Friends of Feral Cats

has diplomatic relations with more than

including human rights, religious freedom,


180 countries around theworld. Our shared

right to life, peace and security, and

interest in promoting human rights and

multicultural and interreligious dialogue.

Vous êtes à la recherche d‛un endroit cet été… Maison de répit et d‛amusement

“These issues are all important to

Canadians,” says Lemieux. “The scope of

experience which the Holy See possesses in


these areas is vast and this new relationship

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will hopefully give politicians a greater

awareness of useful resources — regardless

of culture, religion or language.”


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