The truth is that most of the $500 K club


members are not entrepreneurs – they are

sports stars, financial industry employees

and senior executives.

Plus, the fear of paying higher taxes has


never prevented anyone from trying to be



Anyway, considering that the average

After a false start, Spring is here, to stay

salary in the Far East of Ontario is well

following the election-averting deal was a

squeeze more concessions from McGuinty

for awhile. It seems that the risk of anymore

below the provincial average, a surtax on

huge sigh of relief uttered by just about

in exchange for her promise to prop up the


the affluent is a fine way to start Spring,

everyone who is campaign weary.


few days. The Stanley Cup playoffs have



Horwath had been pushing for a break



minority because they were determined to

on home heating bills. McGuinty ought to

earth is warming, and there is no election

defeat the minority government and hit the


on the horizon.

campaign trail again.

per cent Hated Sales Tax on home fuel. And

Better still, there is no provincial election

However, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

he should also accept the NDP’s call to put

campaign because the government is

Alexandria Flea Market

Conservative hopeful Marilissa Gosselin

a ceiling on public service employees’

sticking it to the rich, sort of.

The fourth annual Alexandria Flea

was not prepared to wage a second

salaries. Horwath suggests a cap of


Market, Craft and Yard Sale will be held

campaign in less than a year. She has made

$418,000, or twice the Premier’s salary.

Russell Liberal M.P.P. Grant Crack, who

rain or shine Saturday, June 16 beginning

it clear that she will not run again, electing

The NDP has not won convinced the

was happy to relate that, “The Ontario

at 9 a.m. For information call Tish 613-551-

to concentrate on her family.

Liberals to accept those demands – yet.

government has reached an agreement that

3477 or e-mail

A contender for the nomination is

“The failure to provide any relief from

would make the budget even better,


the unfair HST will make life less

accelerate the plan to reduce the deficit and

Garage Sale

sounds familiar it is because the Maxville

affordable,” notes Horwath. And the tone

contains no net new spending.”

The 100% Actifs Activités Parascolaires


of public service talks is discouraging.


program is organizing a garage sale June 9

who was a cabinet minister in the


with the New Democratic Party, the richest

in the Knights of Columbus and the library

governments led by Mike Harris and Frank

sector the government has decided to

Ontarians, those who make more than

parking lot in Hawkesbury. All those who


embrace Mike Harris tactics of

$500,000 a year, will pay more income tax

wish to donate new or slightly used items

Anyway, the heavier tax on the

confrontation that just don’t work,” said

than they do now. About 23,000 people, or

to be sold are asked to bring them to the

comfortable is rich because money talks

Horwath. “This is not the budget I would

0.2 per cent of all taxpayers, would pay an

100% Actifs office, 421-B Cartier Boul., call

and money gets people talking.

have introduced as Premier, but I feel we

average of about $19,000 more in provincial




For instance, one of the most anticipated

serve people better by getting to work here

income tax., or

times of the year is earlyMarchwhenwe get

in the Legislature than by chasing votes in

Those slick Liberals are putting spin on

to see who is on the Sunshine List, that

an election.”

this pact, of course. “The NDP’s surtax on


massive group of people who are on the

All of the new revenue generated —

the rich will help accelerate our plan to

public payroll and who are paid more than

some $470 million next year — would go

Le Centre Communautaire Campbell,

balance the budget. If you make over half a

$100,000. The list just keeps growing.

directly into deficit reduction, the

the former Pointe-au-Chêne church, hosts

million dollars, we are asking you to do a bit

Now while many of these $100 K earners

government insists. “The NDP surtax

a community brunch the fourth Sunday of


walk among us, mortals rarely encounter

would be eliminated when the budget is

every month. Breakfast is served by

it will grow the economy and support what

the plus-$500 K crowd. And this is

balanced in five years.”


matters most to all of us — health care and

unfortunate, because undoubtedly the

Is there a downside to the rich paying

education,” states Premier Dalton

Faith Lifts Offered

people on Bay Street and Easy Street are

more taxes? If you listen to some experts


Do you need a Faith Lift? Join the

pretty much like the folks on Main Street


See that? The Liberals are calling it the

Riceville-Pendleton United Church for an

and The Second Concession of East

any tax is a Job Killer! The myth is that if it

“NDP surtax.” Geez, those politicians can

inspirational worship service this Sunday.


doesn’t pay to be rich, the “job creators”

be so sneaky sometimes.

For more information: www.riceville-

Granted, most of us would be much

will just curl up into a ball, on their yacht,

And nowamessage from the proletariat: or call Margaret

happier today if New Democratic Party

anchored beside their island, and stop

“Who cares?”

613 524-5285 or Ray 613 673-2125.

leader Andrea Horwath had managed to

hiring people.

That rush of air you may have sensed



Hawkesbury (Ontario)

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