October Kitchen - April 2019

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Meet the Team Behind Your Meals APRIL 2019

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Where Did October Kitchen Come From? CREATING A NEW MENU

It’s not an exaggeration to say October Kitchen was born out of my love for my daughter. I got into the culinary industry as a whole because I love to eat and I love to cook. When I discovered there was a way to be creative and artistic through food, that’s all I wanted to do. Once I got into the restaurant scene, I quickly learned there’s a warrior culture in the kitchen. You’re in a foxhole, with men and women who are so tough and hard-working. You have to be determined if you want to survive. I lived that lifestyle for years. There’s something hugely rewarding in executing hundreds of dishes and serving countless people over and over again. It’s like climbing a mountain every single week and reaching the summit on Saturday night. There’s a real high there and for a long time, I was a junkie for that thrill. Everything changed when my daughter came along. Audriana made me realize I had a life outside of the restaurant. When you’re in a restaurant kitchen, it’s easy to work 80 hours a week without batting an eye. But I couldn’t do that forever. My daughter and my marriage were more important than the thrill of climbing that mountain. If I wanted to be a part of their lives, I needed to change some things. Becoming a personal chef, independent of the restaurant scene, is where I took my relationship with food to a different level. I was cooking for people I knew and creating meals that would nourish them. I started using my skills for someone else’s benefit, creating meals that were either low in salt or gluten-free — whatever this person needed

to feel healthier. When I began taking care of people as a personal chef, that’s really where October Kitchen started. As my understanding of the importance of good food and nutrition grew, I knew I wanted to cook for more people. Food is a universal language, but not everyone speaks it well. A lot of people have a poor food vocabulary, leading to bad habits of eating junk that will hurt them in the long run. The reality is that the food choices you make today determine not just how long you live, but the quality of life you enjoy. Will your last 15 years be spent on your feet playing with your great-grandkids or in sponge baths? October Kitchen exists to feed people good food that will add vitality to their life. We are here to help people stay as healthy as we possibly can. Everyone is getting older and soon the majority of the population will be over the age of 60. I want these people to be able to embrace their best life going forward. Investing in good food today helps empower them to keep being able to make the best choices for their life, like when my daughter inspired me to make the best choice for my life.

“Audriana made me realize I had a life outside of the restaurant.”



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