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HOW THE WEALTHIEST BUSINESS OWNERS SUCCEED THROUGH STRUCTURE Why Structure and Scale Are the Keys to Reaching 6 and 7 Figures

It’s become fashionable for young entrepreneurs to run around with T-shirts and hats that all say “hustle” and “grind,” like it’s some kind of badge of honor. And it’s true. You do need some hustle and grind when you first open your business. You need to get your doors open and start turning a profit as soon as possible, because otherwise, you’re just losing money.

After that point, you can keep hustling and grinding … but only up to $100,000 a year.

They’ll start tweaking the structure to make it even more effective, or they’ll invent entirely new projects that help you bring in even more money.

That sounds pretty good, right? Except here’s the thing: If you want to STAY at that level, or even grow your income beyond that, hustle and grind starts to get pretty dangerous. I know, because for me, hustle and grind turned into a heart attack scare. It turned out to actually be a panic attack and essential tremors, but it still sucked, and I don’t want you to have to go through anything like that.

Your A players are the ones you want to cherish and promote to location manager positions as you expand. Scale Creates Wealth Once you have a well-structured Fit Body, the fastest and most reliable way to grow your income is to expand into multiple locations. Think of it this way: If you completely dominate your area, and every possible prospect in your community is already working out with you, that doesn’t leave a lot of room to sell new memberships, does it? That’s a pretty sweet problem to have … but if you’re anything like me, when you get to that point, you’ll still want to help more people and keep growing your income.

So, instead, you need to focus on structure and scale, which is what I’m talking about here.

Structure Creates Leaders The beauty of the FBBC business model is that we’ve created most of the structure for you already. You just have to follow the instructions on FBBC University and ask your coach if you have any questions.

So, the solution is to open new markets for yourself in adjacent or nearby territories.

Once you have structure installed, it’s going to become immediately obvious who your C player, B player, and A player employees are.

And since FBBC is already a franchise model, it’s literally been designed for you to easily copy your success from one location to the next.

Your C players are the ones who still struggle and under deliver, even after you’ve given them an easy-to-follow system. In these cases, you just need to bite the bullet and fire them, because they’re losing you money. Your B players are the ones who can reliably follow the system and keep delivering the same results as expected. They may not wow you, but they are at least going to keep your revenue stable.

Plus, we have a process specifically for coaching current owners through the process of opening multiple locations.

So, when you’re ready to scale up, build your wealth, and open multiple locations, just reach out to Oleg at


Your A players are the ones who will absorb the structure, learn it quickly, and then turn around and surprise you.

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