Strategic Plan Progress Report

Patrol Bureau Accomplishments South Division - Commander Weathers

The South Division is an area bustling with life, growth, and change. The officers, super- visors, and commanders pride themselves on developing and respecting partnerships with the community. Strategically located, easily accessible facilities reinforce the neighborhood involvement and provide meeting places for a variety of civic groups. As development continues, our commitment is to providing crime prevention and sup- pression, police response and protection, and transparent operations to best serve the community.

Implementation Highlights  The new South Patrol facility was approved as part of the 2018 bond program.  Utilized the mobile storefront as additional pres- ence in front of big box retailers in the evening hours to help reduce theft/ shoplifting.  Neighborhood Police Officers actively monitor the NextDoor application to receive feedback on community needs and concerns.  Community forums have been established to dis- cuss and address crime issues.  Neighborhood Police Office continue to work on addressing quality of life issues.  Held multiple Citizen on Patrol group meetings and promoted recruitment.  Neighborhood Patrol Officers are actively in- volved in youth activities.  Attended multiple neighborhood association meetings.  Worked with the Homeless Liaison to assist the homeless population.  Conducted special operation details with Citizens On Patrol (COP) members.  Began hosting Coffee with Cops program.

 Continued to make contacts with business and citizens to discuss crime trends and quali- ty of life issues.

South Division Implementation Progress as of September 2018

On Target - 24

Lagging - 4

Insufficient Progress - 3

Monitoring - 0

Numbers indicate the amount of goals in each category.


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