Strategic Plan Progress Report

Staffing Priorities

Staffing Priorities - DRAFT

The Fort Worth Police Department is committed to maintaining appropriate staffing levels while striving to provide high levels of service to the citizens of Fort Worth. The Department conducts internal staffing analy- sis using proven staffing models and methodologies on an annual basis as part of the annual budget process to request positions as outlined to meet current and critical operational needs. Additionally, the Police De- partment or the City of Fort Worth contracts with consulting groups to provide objective and systematic staffing analysis. In 2014, the City of Fort Worth contracted with the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to conduct a de- partment wide staffing study. The study included recommendations regarding optimal patrol, investigative, and support staffing levels in an October 2014 report. In February 2018, a contract was awarded to Matrix Consulting Group to conduct a staffing analysis and de- ployment study of the Police Department and Code Compliance Department. The study includes all divisions of the department. The Matrix team spent significant time on-site interviewing various staff in order to devel- op an understanding of both departments, their unique characteristics, service levels and issues. Data were collected across every service area for extensive and objective analysis. The process has been iterative and interactive, and the consultants have reviewed findings with the pertinent personnel. The scope of the study focuses on three areas of analysis in order to provide the department with strategies to plan for and adapt to the city’s growth.  Current operations and services for all police department functions, including analysis of work- loads, staffing needs, scheduling and deployment  Operations management, which examined current management techniques, and identified oppor- tunities for improvement based on best practices  Projected service demands and personnel needs based on estimated growth and development in Fort Worth over the next ten years, including recommended staffing levels as well as forecast for key workload drivers, such as crime, population, and calls for service levels. Phases of the study are being reviewed and the study is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2018. A final report will be issued and will be used to inform future budget cycles. The workload planning model used by Matrix to project service demands and staffing needs will be provided upon completion of the study, ena- bling for adjustments to be made in the future as growth trajectories shift.


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