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Real collaboration: Mark Brumfield CEO of HEAPY Engineering (Dayton, OH), a leader in sustainability, engineering, and commissioning solutions with a vision to build a more resilient and sustainable society.


M ark Brumfield has been with HEAPY for more than 30 years. In 2020, he took the reins as CEO and now provides guidance to the firm’s engineering staff on matters regarding the latest innovations in design and the development of design tools, codes, and overall industry insight. “Long after the construction equipment rolls off the site and the ribbon is cut, the building must continue to perform to our clients’ expectations,” Brumfield says. “We offer real collaboration, provide real performance and real inspiration. Trust means being vulnerable, transparent, and consistent. Do what you say you are going to do.” A CONVERSATION WITH MARK BRUMFIELD. The Zweig Letter: Your bio says you are particularly experienced in “mission critical” projects. What’s one of the most memorable and why? Mark Brumfield: Working on a more than 1 million- square-foot mission critical facility in Chicago was, in

many ways, both challenging and rewarding. The project consisted of replacing the entire mechanical and electrical systems in a more than 60-story equivalent building (due to the more than 20-foot floor-to-floor heights mandated by the equipment). All of this was completed while the facility stayed fully functional. We also designed the adjacent 12-megawatt back-up power plant (18 stories). This plant provided the equipment facility 2N redundancy. Working with the client and the contractors to orchestrate the construction of this very complex and critical facility over a three-year timespan, while the client never lost any service to its customers, is one I am most proud of. One of the top indirect benefits resulting from this project was the personal development of many who are now in HEAPY leadership positions. Their project participation created a keen sense of camaraderie. Having to function under enormous pressure (due to the critical nature of the facility), dramatically and positively influenced our culture of “real collaboration.”


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