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TZL: How has COVID-19 impacted your firm’s policy on telecommuting/working remotely? MB: HEAPY had already been utilizing work-from-home strategies for colleagues prior to the pandemic. We were immersed in developing companywide use of MS Teams and VPN capacity. So, when March came, it was a seamless transition. In the future, as we grow and expand, we’ll continue to leverage this work-from-home capability. TZL: Trust is crucial. How do you earn the trust of your clients? MB: First, read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team . In the pyramid of the five dysfunctions, trust is the foundational layer. For our clients, we understand and recognize that from day one to year 50 and beyond is our responsibility. At HEAPY, this is our purpose. Long after the construction equipment rolls off the site and the ribbon is cut, the building must continue to perform to our clients’ expectations. We offer real collaboration, provide real performance and real inspiration. Trust means being vulnerable, transparent, and consistent. Do what you say you are going to do. TZL: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are potential disruptors across all industries. Is your firm exploring how to incorporate these technologies into providing improved services for clients? MB: Client budgets are being reduced, and in the process essential internal project management and technical facilities personnel are being cut. We are working with clients to enhance the (remaining) staff’s ability to maintain systems through AI/building analytics. Using the right data and interpreting it correctly can optimize beleaguered staff so they can focus on more

doing to ensure that your line leadership are great people managers? MB: HEAPY has a remarkable historical longevity (40- and 50-year plaques) because our managers can customize experiences for their colleagues in several ways: empowering them to do work they enjoy, accentuating their strengths, and co- creating (versus stipulating) their path for career development. Delegating decision making to all levels throughout our firm allows our colleagues to have the ability to adapt to situations as they arise. They then have the responsibility to make the decisions, thus breaking the typical bureaucratic top down hierarchy that tends to stymie growth and innovation at many other firms. We purposely continue to invest heavily in improving our culture and in our current and future leaders. HEAPY senior leadership and our up-and-coming colleagues participate in a leadership training program that teaches self- awareness, how to respond with intention – digging deeper into “the why.” It teaches how to empower others, how to understand their actions, how to be purposeful, and how to influence others. These are all life lessons they will carry with them throughout their careers and their life outside of HEAPY. We have found real value in this program. TZL: What’s next? I read the blog on your site about “Planning for the New Normal.” Have you gotten many inquiries regarding this subject? If yes, what are clients most concerned about? MB: Many clients, and others, have contacted us for the guidance contained in the “New Normal” document. As more is discovered about COVID-19, we continue to research and update the document. As our economy tries to “open up” and our clients deal with back-to-work challenges, we want to provide guidance and clarity so they can do it safely. These strategies address improving building MEP systems, for example with air handing systems (bi-polar ionization and UVGI help with virus mitigation). We’ve worked with our healthcare clients regarding long-term pandemic planning where their concern is how to maintain “normal” business operations while still serving the community through this and future pandemics. For example, we’re See REAL COLLABORATION, page 8


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pertinent and/or demanding issues. The “designer” concept will soon be

completely changed. This evolution can be envisioned as more of an Alexa aided by the guidance provided by a brilliant (former) design engineer. The engineer will be more of a trusted advisor to the client, “feeding” (programming) the client’s needs/desires into the continuously learning platform. This allows for identifying multiple solutions quickly, and gives us the ability and time to consult with clients instead of being bogged down with trying to produce results. TZL: It is often said that people leave managers, not companies. What are you

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