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Students brainstorm to save the environment


They call themselves The Avengers and these Russell students could prove to be a next-gen group of heroes for both the environment and the farming community with their innovative idea for solving the farm plastic wrap disposal problem. It’s called Yay Bale Wrap, a bio-friendly biodegradable plastic-like wrapping mate- rial that could be the answer to removing countless tonnes of farmand industrial plas- tic wrap from the garbage cycle for both rural landfills and waste disposal opera- tions throughout Ontario and the rest of the country. Maybe even the world. Yay Bale is the brain child of the St.Thom- as Aquinas Avengers Lego League group. It has already earned them full marks, lots of compliments, and first place at the First Lego League Ontario Innovation Celebration competition. “We came out tops in the province of 18 schools,” said Ann Jackson, one of the teacher/coaches for the group. “One of the judges was really able to con- nect with it (Yay Bale),” said Rachel Wood, one of the STA Avengers, “and understood what we were trying to solve.” The theme for the challenge was “trash talk” with competing teams required to se- lect an environmental problemand propose an innovative solution. The STA Avengers identified plastic hay bale wrap and bunker plastic as “a huge environmental problem” after they toured the Laflèche Environmental recycling yard in Moose Creek and talked with staff there, and also met with local farmers about their problems with getting

The STA Avengers Lego Challenge squad : Jack Miner (front left) and Rachel Wood (front right), Sam Barrett (second row left), Noah Hill, Rachel Fiset, Logan De Verteuil, Ethan Warnock, teacher/coach Brad Reid (back left), Alec Campbell, Kelly Forrester, and teacher/coach Ann Jackson. Absent are squad member Morgan Foster and teacher/coach Blair Fitzsimons. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

rid of used hay bale wrap. The competition guidelines stress “innovative solutions” to environmental problems and the Avengers

all grin as they recalled at least one extreme out-of-the-box idea they tossed around for a fewminutes during their initial brainstorm-

ing. “It started with us thinking about throw- ing (used) plastic into a volcano,” said a smil- ing Alec Campbell. “That was our original idea,” addedWood, also smiling. “Then common sense kicked in.” The students researched all the types of plastics which had been developed along with all the ideas proposed for plastic sub- stitutes. Their research work filled up two regular-sized binders. In the end, their solu- tion to the problem resulted in Yay Bale, a substance with similar properties to plastic made from petroleum, but theirs is made from simple starches and sugars. “It’s made of all-natural ingredients,” said Rachel Fiset. The group presented both their Yay Bale plastic, their research, and a preliminary business plan to the panel of judges at the Ontario Innovation Celebration on Feb. 27. Now they are continuing their research, test- ing and refining their creation, and also pre- paring their application to take Yay Bale to the next level: the First Lego League Global Innovation Celebration in Washington, D.C. in June. The international event is a by-invitation-only competition and all entry requests are by “blind application” which means the STA Avengers need to compose a brief about Yay Bale Wrap that is both in- formative, exciting, and irresistible without any mention of the name of their school, themselves, or even their home town. Meanwhile all that’s left is to raise a cheer: STA Avengers Assemble! for SamBarret, Alec Campbell, Logan De Verteuil, Rachel Fiset, Kelly Forrester, Morgan Foster, Noah Hill, Jack Miner, Ethan Warnock, Rachel Wood, and their teacher/coaches Blair Fitzsimons, Ann Jackson, and Brad Reid.

Municipalité de | Municipality of Casselman 751 rue St. Jean Street, C.P./P.O. Box 710, Casselman, ON K0A 1M0

La Corporation du Village de Casselman La Corporation du Village de Casselman est à la recherche de candidats pour combler un siège vacant au conseil municipal. Selon le paragraphe 263(1) de la Loi sur les municipalités de l’Ontario “Règles applicables en cas de vacance”, en cas de vacance de la charge d’un membre d’un conseil, la municipalité sous réserve de ce paragraphe, doit : a) combler la vacance en nommant une personne qui a consenti à accepter la charge si elle est nommée; ou b) exiger qu’une élection partielle pour combler la vacance ait lieu conformément à la Loi de 1996 sur les élections municipales , 2001, chap. 25, par. 263 (1). Le conseiller municipal Denis Renaud, nous a quitté le 9 février 2016 suite à son décès prématuré. À la réunion du conseil du 8 mars 2016, ce siège de Conseiller a été déclaré vacant. Au cours de cette réunion, le conseil a discuté des options et a accepté de combler le siège en demandant des manifestations d’intérêt et des curriculum vitae aux personnes qui seraient intéressées à combler cette vacance. Les demandes doivent être présentées soit en personne, par courriel, par la poste ou par télécopieur au plus tard le 30 mars 2016. Le Conseil considérera les demandes lors de la réunion du 12 avril. Qualités requises d’un candidat : 1) doit être résident de la municipalité locale ou être propriétaire ou locataire d’un bien-fonds situé dans celle-ci ou le conjoint d’un tel propriétaire ou locataire; 2) doit être citoyen canadien; 3) doit être âgé d’au moins 18 ans; et 4) ne fait pas l’objet d’une interdiction de voter aux termes de la Section 17, paragraphe (3) de la Loi de 1996 sur les élections municipales. Pour obtenir plus de renseignements sur l'admissibilité ou si vous avez des questions au sujet de ce poste, veuillez communiquer avec le bureau municipal durant les heures de bureau.

Corporation of the Village of Casselman The Corporation of the Village of Casselman is seeking applications to fill a vacant seat of Council. As per the Ontario’s Municipal Act, Section 263 (1) “Filling Vacancies – procedure” if a vacancy occurs in the office of a member of Council, the municipality shall, subject to this section: (a) fill the vacancy by appointing a person who has consented to accept the office if appointed; or (b) require a by-election to be held to fill the vacancy in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, 2001, c. 25, s. 263 (1). On February 9, 2016, the municipality lost Councillor Denis Renaud due to his untimely passing. At the March 8, 2016 meeting, Council declared the Councillor’s seat vacant. At the same meeting, Council further discussed their options and have agreed to fill the vacancy by seeking Expressions of Interest and Resumes from interested individuals. Applications from persons interested in filling the vacancy may be submitted either in person, by email, by mail or by fax on or before March 30, 2016. Council will consider the submissions at their April 12, 2016 meeting. Qualifications of candidate: 1) must reside in the local municipality or be an owner or tenant of land, or the spouse of such owner or tenant; 2) must be a Canadian citizen; 3) must be at least 18 years old; and 4) is not prohibited from voting under Section 17, subsection (3) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

For information on eligibility or if you have any questions with regard to this position, please contact the Municipal office during regular office hours.

Please submit your Expressions of Interest and Resume to: Marielle Dupuis, Clerk Village of Casselman 751 St. Jean Street, Box 710, Casselman ON K0A 1M0 Tel: 613-764-3139, extension 515 Fax: 613-764-5709

Veuillez soumettre votre manifestation d'intérêt et curriculum vitae à: Marielle Dupuis, greffière Village de Casselman 751, rue St. Jean, C.P. 710, Casselman ON K0A 1M0 Tél: 613-764-3139, poste 515 Téléc.: 613-764-5709

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