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Recently, I went to Orlando, FL to link up with some other like-minded physical therapists for an annual conference. The weather was great and I was even able to play a round of golf with a couple of friends. The experience was tremendous... My golf game.... not so much, but that’s okay! After golf, we decided to get some pizza and wings. I know, I know... pizza and wings are not the healthiest things in the world. That’s okay because, Hope, my wife is not a huge fan of pizza so I always try to get my pizza fix in whenever I can! As we approached the car, I reached into my pocket....nothing. That is when I discovered that I locked the keys in the car. Woof! I Hate It When I Lock The Keys In the Car!! As panic sank in, I gathered up some material in the parking lot to act as a wedge and grabbed a small branch from a tree to use as a poker. Obviously, that didn’t work, so we did the next best thing and called in a professional locksmith. Avi soon arrived and in a matter of seconds, he was able to use what looked like a blood pressure cuff to ajar the door... He was speaking my language! After 90 seconds the door was unlocked. Not too shabby... $75 for 90 seconds of work. I’m in the wrong business I thought. I proceeded to shake Avi’s hand and thank him for his help! What he did next was genius. He replied, “If you want to thank me, please leave a 5-Star Review on our business page “IBS LockSmith”.”

Well alrighty then! I took out my phone... Looked up his business and saw 234 5-star reviews for IBS Locksmith!

Incredible! I proceeded to leave Avi a 5-star review to reflect my appreciation, and then we were off to grab some food. On the way to the restaurant, I realized my business is not much different then Avi’s. A service-based business who relies heavily on customers’ “word of mouth” referrals. So here goes... If you’ve had a good experience recently at our clinic, please break the silence, take a couple of minutes, and leave us a review! I would truly appreciate your input! I’ve provided the link to google below. Thank you so much for your help! To leave a google review. Google search us or go here: http://bit.ly/Pittman5Star With warm regards, Jeremy P.S. By the way... pizza was delicious! P.P.S. If you don’t have a Google or G-mail account and would like to leave a review on our facebook page, let me know and I’ll send you a link to that page. Just email me or call the office!!


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