Land Development Ordinance - Amended 11-6-2023

(1) Residential Use Parking . Parking, loading and service areas for single-family detached, duplexes and triplexes may use asphalt or concrete as a surface for parking.

(2) All Other Use Parking . The following surface materials shall apply to nonresidential parking areas:

A. Surface Material . Off-street parking and service areas for nonresidential development shall use asphalt or concrete or pervious asphalt.

B. Controlled Access . In industrial zoning for non-public parking use areas identified as an area not used for daily public parking or employee parking needs may be gravel if gated and fenced to prevent access other than a controlled access. Such areas shall only be located in the side or rear yards and shall not be located closer than 50 feet to any public right-of-way or the front building wall of the principal building, whichever is the greater distance. C. Overflow Parking Area . Overflow parking areas for nonresidential uses may use grass pavement devices or pervious asphalt. The use of gravel in these areas is prohibited. Overflow parking areas for the purposes of this standard are areas that exceed the minimum parking standard for the specific use proposed.

(3) Fire Lanes . Service drives and/or areas required for fire lanes and access for emergency vehicles shall be an approved all-weather surface.

(4) Turn-Around Area . A proposed access or service driveway shall meet the standards prescribed by the Fire Department for such turn-around.



All off-street parking areas, travel lanes, parking bays, and loading and unloading service areas shall be graded and drainage designed so as to prevent damage to abutting properties and/or public thoroughfares in accordance with the Town’s Standard Specifications & Construction Details.


Parking is an integral element for economic growth and frequently is the predominant and visual entrance to a development or site. The plan and design standards for a parking lot are intended to address appearance and mobility without compromising vehicle and pedestrian safety. The Town of Fuquay- Varina’s parking and design standards are the minimum required to address safety and

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