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A Note from the Publisher Thank you for subscribing to Speaker Life Magazine. We created this magazine for speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who wanted to build a sustainable speaking business. We understand the challenges that both seasoned speakers and new emerging speakers face. We hope to shorten the learning curve and create a community to help you take your speaking business to the next level. So many speakers and coaches get out of the business after three years due to financial frustration. Speaking is like any other business; you need a business plan. Speaker Life magazine will share tips, strategies, and proven practices to get you on more stages. Being a professional speaker and corporate event planner gives me an interesting perspective. I understand how to stand out and get in front of the line when competing for a stage. I also know firsthand the pressure on an event planner and how crucial it is to book the right speaker to connect with an audience. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as self-made; every successful businessperson or speaker has been coached or mentored along the way. We will be sharing information from some of the most successful people in the industry. This magazine will also provide resources and ideas, and best practice strategies that we have attained over the years. The speaking and self-help industry is one of the most exciting businesses. It has continued to have explosive growth for the last ten years.

If you have a story or a message you want to share with the world, this magazine is for you.

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Carpe Diem! Lea Woodford Lea Woodford, Publisher

Lea Woodford Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SmartFem Media Group, a full service digital marketing and advertising company. SmartFem was created as a result of her many years as a publicist, columnist and as a Radio & TV Personality. Lea has extensive experience as a media personality and developed her own segments for ABC, NBC, CBS as well as the Fox Networks. She is also a highly sought after luxury branding expert. Lea has also chaired, organized and Emcee’d for a number of organizations including non-profits such as Camp Soaring Eagle, American Heart Association, Make A Wish, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, and St. Judes Hospital. When it comes to speaking, Lea is a breath of fresh air, focusing on leadership, innovation and change to drive business. Her inspirational stories and humor will engage audiences to start thinking bigger. Lea speaks from experience as she shares her stories on making her online magazine into a full service digital marketing and advertising company. She encourages her audience to think bigger and bolder about their own business. Lea motivates her audience in the same manner she motivates her team, “find your voice.” Lea shares her ups and downs as well as her successes and failures – to give your audience a fresh perspective on marketing, leadership, innovation and customer service. An online marketing, and social media expert, Lea shares the latest trends to help companies move to the next level in the ever changing digital space. Lea is an expert and a top speaker. She walks her talk. She will impart valuable information in a fun and entertaining way and will leave your audience wanting more.

Achievements • Named “Dynamic Woman of the Year,” by Phoenix Business Journal

Amazon Prime TV Talk Show Host

Founded SmartFem Media Group

• Hosts and Emcee of “ The SmartFem Summit”

Article ONE: Leverag e t he Power of Personal Branding:


Article TWO: How Speakers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Catapult Credit Card Perks, Miles, and Rewards to Achieve Financial Success!


Article THREE: Inside the Iconic Rich Dad Empire: The Legacy of Robert Kiyosaki and why it continues to inspire


Article FOUR: The Impact of the Speaker’s Video Demo Reel: Showcasing Expertise Amidst Challenges


Article FIVE: Building Your Business: The Power of Community


Article SIX: Why most speakers and coaches never get past 6 figures, and what you can do to fix that


Article SEVEN: The Good, Bad & Ugly of AI


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"Lea's presence at our event in Australia was a game-changer! Her captivating stories and infectious energy left a lasting impression, inspiring and engaging everyone. Thank you, Lea, for an unforgettable experience!"" GARY P.

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Leverage the Power of Personal Branding : Forging Connections with Influencers and building your own influence

by Lea Woodford

and channeling your unique strengths into an authentic brand that resonates with others. It involves weaving your narrative in a manner that captivates and inspires, simplifying complexities into relatable wisdom. In a world where the potency of personal branding can elevate careers and pave the way to interactions with the figures we admire, this journey becomes a tapestry woven with growth, empowerment, and inspiration. Through my insights and experiences, I’m eager to guide you on this voyage – one that not only reshapes your trajectory but also guides you toward engaging with influencers and luminaries who share your commitment to creating a lasting impact.

of connections that spanned geographical boundaries and industries. This endeavor isn’t merely about building a following but fostering a community that values your unique perspective. As my brand flourished, so did opportunities for growth and prosperity. Earnings naturally followed suit as event organizers recognized the exceptional value I brought to their stages. Every speaking engagement became an opportunity to impart knowledge and establish genuine connections with participants. The exponential expansion of my brand also facilitated collaborations, sponsorships, and literary ventures – a testament to the influence of a resonant personal brand. However, personal branding isn’t just a springboard for personal achievement; it’s also a conduit connecting us with a world of influencers and luminaries. Through my journey, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with renowned personalities with similar values and passions. These

Welcome to a realm where personal branding can shape careers and open doors to connections with revered celebrities and influential figures. As we embark on this transformative journey, I invite you to join me on

a path that not only elevates my trajectory but also equips you with invaluable insights and an avenue to engage with the luminaries you’ve long admired. Imagine stepping into a bustling city where creativity knows no bounds and aspirations reach for the stars. Within this dynamic landscape, I, Lea Woodford, began an odyssey fueled by the magic of personal branding. However, this isn’t just a tale of my evolution; it’s a testament to the boundless potential unique branding presents for speakers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike. From crafting a distinctive brand identity that resonates at the core to weaving narratives that captivate hearts and minds, I discovered that personal branding is more than a mere buzzword – the essence distinguishes us in a competitive world. This journey was rich with experiences that transcended traditional speaking engagements, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and forging connections that endured. However, the journey’s scope extended beyond the stage. Leveraging the digital landscape, social media platforms became avenues to share concise insights and relatable anecdotes. This empowered the creation

Crafting My Unique Identity:

By diving into my strengths, experiences, and values, I unearthed a unique ability to translate complex ideas into relatable concepts. Thus, the birth of my brand identity: “The Relatable Expert” – a commitment to simplifying intricate topics for all to grasp.

connections aren’t merely networking; they’re alliances that amplify our messages and purposes meaningfully.

Weaving a Compelling Narrative:

My personal brand

story came alive through

So, as you embark on your branding journey, remember that it’s not confined to creating logos or catchy taglines. It’s about uncovering

Speaker Life Magazine


Sustaining Triumph:

Sustaining my personal brand necessitated continuous effort and evolution. I fostered connections with my audience by consistently refining my content and staying attuned to trends. Remaining aligned with my brand identity enabled me to maintain my status as a speaker capable of forging intellectual and emotional connections. Looking ahead, the excitement for what’s in store is palpable. My journey continues, and I’m genuinely eager to keep harnessing the power of personal branding, both for myself and my clients, to propel our success and connect with remarkable figures. Sharing these insights isn’t just about advice; it’s about offering real-world experiences and guidance that can make a tangible difference in our collective journey. So, as we navigate this adventure together, remember that personal branding isn’t an abstract concept – it’s something we can grasp, shape, and utilize to our advantage. Just like it has for me and those I’ve worked with. I’m here to help you tap into that potential, embrace the strength of your uniqueness, and open doors to opportunities that align with your passions and ambitions. Let’s move forward with the understanding that personal branding isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformative force that can elevate our paths and connect us with individuals who share our vision.

renowned for delivering impactful talks.

heartfelt anecdotes that resonated deeply with audiences. Seamlessly blending relatable experiences with my extensive expertise, I unraveled intricate ideas, making them accessible. This innovative approach rapidly drew attention, positioning me as a captivating communicator capable of turning complexity into simplicity.

Extending Reach Through Multiple Channels:

Embracing the power of social media, I expanded my influence across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I resonated with peers and the general public by sharing bite- sized insights and relatable stories. Event organizers recognized the potential of reaching broader audiences through my robust digital presence.

Rising Above the Crowd:

My distinct personal brand narrative caught the attention of event organizers seeking speakers who could genuinely connect with audiences. The value of my unique approach led to invitations to speak at diverse events, from intimate workshops to grand conferences.

Monetizing the Brand:

The surge in demand for my speaking engagements naturally led to increased earnings. Event organizers recognized the distinct value of my brand identity and were eager to invest in my expertise. As my reputation and knowledge grew, my speaking fee followed suit. Furthermore, my online presence facilitated partnerships, sponsorships, and literary opportunities, creating diverse revenue streams.

Creating a Ripple Effect:

With each successful engagement, my brand gained momentum. Enthused attendees shared their experiences, praising my knack for making complex concepts understandable. This word-of- mouth support broadened my brand’s reach, transforming me into a sought-after speaker


Speaker Life Magazine



Embrace the essence of sophistication through luxury personal branding. Unveil a world of refined opportunities and cultivate a distinguished clientele that resonates with your timeless elegance. Luxury Media brands now has branding retreats in Scottsdale and Colorado Springs.


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Harness the Power of Plastic: How Speakers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Catapult Credit Card Perks, Miles, and Rewards to Achieve Financial Success!

by Lea Woodford and Delaine Blazek

global exploration, and expanded horizons, reshaping your life through luxurious choices. Wait, there’s more! Have you ever heard of cashback rewards? These alluring percentages reappear in your account after every purchase, whether for travel, events, or even your daily coffee fix. Think of cashback rewards as a financial boost that keeps your funds steady while you keep impressing the world. Essentially, you’re paying yourself back for your purchases. Let’s dive into the world of miles – limitless possibilities await! As globetrotters, we’re always on the move, sharing our expertise across cities and nations. Your credit card can double as your travel companion. You’ll find the wind beneath your wings for every adventure by harnessing travel miles. Whether it’s soaring in premium classes, enjoying extra perks, or simply gaining more legroom, these accumulated miles unlock opportunities to connect, explore, and expand worldwide. The power of opting for luxury can remarkably transform your life’s course!

that could amplify your efforts and shower you with exclusive perks, unbelievable miles, and tempting rewards?. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Let us share how this can work for you. Utilizing travel miles elevates your adventures, granting premium experiences like flying in upgraded classes with extra legroom, amenities, and networking opportunities. Accrued miles unlock doors to new connections,

Hey there, fellow speakers, coaches, and trailblazing entrepreneurs! Buckle up if you’re all about taking your financial game to the next level while doing what you love because we’re delving into the incredible universe of credit card perks, miles, and rewards! Yes, you heard

it right - those little pieces of multi- colored plastic in your wallet have the power to unlock a treasure chest of opportunities that can skyrocket your financial prowess. Imagine you’re a speaker commanding the stage with your electrifying presence. You’re a coach, leading your clients to groundbreaking revelations with every word you speak. Or you’re an entrepreneur, turning your dreams into reality through sheer innovation. What do you all have in common? You are all strong business people investing in your businesses to reach bigger audiences. What if you had a secret weapon to help you get there faster? What if a - in this case, a credit card -

Speaker Life Magazine


Remember, it’s not just about the plastic; it’s about the potential it holds - the potential to convert your aspirations into a reality that’s not just fulfilling but financially gratifying too. So insert, tap, and swipe with purpose, earn, and conquer. It is your turn to achieve what you deserve and take advantage of every opportunity. The stage is set, the audience awaits, and your credit card is equipped with perks to make your journey as remarkable as your destination. Disclaimer: While credit card perks and rewards offer remarkable advantages, it’s crucial to exercise responsible financial management. Overspending or carrying high balances can lead to debt and financial strain. Before applying for credit cards or utilizing their perks, assess your financial situation, set budgets, and stay mindful of your spending habits. Use credit cards to enhance your financial journey, not as a means to indulge in unnecessary expenses.

Speaking of travel, have you ever imagined leading a retreat or workshop in a stunning location? Picture guiding enthusiastic participants through a tropical paradise, facilitating transformative experiences while you bask in your successful dream. Well, credit card rewards can turn that vision into reality! These cards are tailored for travel and allow you to gather points covering flights, accommodations, and even those coveted beachside umbrella drinks. But the world of perks and rewards isn’t confined to travel and big stages, my enterprising heroes! Credit card rewards can also cater to your everyday needs when you’re not jet-setting or wowing the crowd. Think of access to premium online courses that sharpen your skills, cashback on business expenses, or even discounts on essential equipment and technology upgrades. It ‘’s like having a financial ally that guides you through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship with style and fl air.

Now, I hear your cautious minds asking, “Hold up, Lea and Delaine, are these perks and rewards too good to be true?”” Well, her ‘s the scoop -– they’re true, but like everything worthwhile, they demand some strategy and responsibility. The key to fully tapping into credit card perks, miles, and rewards lies in understanding the terms, selecting cards that match your needs, and using your spending power wisely. This isn’t advocating for careless spending (even though we enjoy a pleasant shopping spree). However, it’s a prompt to utilize these financial tools to enhance your progress while remaining financially responsible. So, here’s the icing on the cake, my money-minded friends! Credit card perks, miles, and rewards are like hidden gems within your wallet, ready to catapult and amplify your reach and impact. From mingling with industry titans at exclusive gatherings to crossing off bucket- list destinations, these plastic powerhouses can be your partners on the journey to financial prosperity.


Speaker Life Magazine

Delaine started her career as a clinical counselor and pivoted into sales when she had three small children and no longer desired the demands of working nights and weekends. She has worked in every commercial position from entry level business development all the way to the C-Suite and everything in between. The majority of her career has been in healthcare technology and maintaining a small coaching and consulting practice. Delaine is an expert in consultative selling, SaaS, Healthcare, & B2B/B2C products/ services. She has been a multi-million dollar individual sales contributor and still holds the largest single sale record at multiple companies. Additionally, she has guided and trained numerous sales teams representing hundreds of clients and millions of dollars sold. She has a successful track record of developing long-term client relationships and designing superior customer experiences. In 2021, she was awarded as one of the Top 100 Visionaries in Healthcare. Over the past decade she has refined and documented the secrets to her success that have allowed her to double her personal income 5x. Now, she is focused on cultivating her vision of empowering female entrepreneurs worldwide to claim their voices and make more money without sacrificing their personal lives. She has detailed these sales secrets in her 5-Steps Abundance Accelerator Process that she teaches in her group coaching practice and at luxury immersion events. Delaine is also an international speaker who can be seen at the Women’s Influencers Network (WIN) the Women’s Leadership Congress, the Holistic Lifestyle Conference & Expo, and multiple global podcasts. She is also the creator and founder of the luxury magazine, Sophisticated Sales as well as the author of Power Your Pay: The All-In Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Make Millions and Still Be Yourself. Power Your Pay is an Amazon best seller in over 10 categories.

Speaker Life Magazine


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Inside the Iconic Rich Dad Empire: The Legacy of Robert Kiyosaki and why it continues to inspire

by Lea Woodford

I recently had the chance to sit down and catch up with Robert Kiyosaki, the brilliant mind behind the iconic “Rich Dad Poor Dad” brand. During our conversation, it was evident that his passion for financial education and empowering individuals has only grown stronger with time. Kiyosaki continues to inspire millions worldwide with a perpetual hunger for knowledge and an unwavering focus on both financial literacy and real estate education. “Financial education is the key to breaking free from the limitations imposed by traditional schooling

As a highly sought-after speaker, Kiyosaki travels all over the world, addressing audiences in various countries. His teachings have reached millions, thanks to his engaging speaking style and ability to effectively communicate complex financial concepts in a simple and relatable manner. As a perpetual learner himself, Kiyosaki spoke passionately about the importance of continuous education. “Learning is a lifelong journey,” he affirmed. To stay ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape, he invests time in studying, reading, and networking with experts to gain

and societal norms,” Kiyosaki emphasized, as he delved into the driving force behind his passion for the “Rich Dad” brand. Over the years, his international speaking engagements have allowed him to connect with diverse audiences, transcending cultural barriers and inspiring people from all walks of life. As a speaker and an event planner I know how important it is to connect with your audience. His authenticity and genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives resonate deeply with those who attend his speaking engagements.


Speaker Life Magazine

“Understanding the principles of real estate investment complements financial literacy and offers individuals more options for wealth building,” he stated. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world. Selling over 32 million copies in more than 51 languages across more than 109 countries, the book’s world- wide popularity is a testament to its impact. It has also spent over six years on the New York Times bestsellers list and launched a series of books and related products that further enrich the lives of its readers.

Additionally, Kiyosaki’s creation of the “Cash Flow” game has become a global phenomenon. This educational board game provides players with practical insights into financial and investment strategies, making it an engaging and effective tool for learning financial concepts in a fun and interactive way. Despite the challenges and critics he’s faced, Kiyosaki’s unwavering determination to empower individuals through financial literacy and real estate education remains unshaken. His teachings have received positive reviews from many, and he continues

valuable insights to share with his audience.

Real estate has always been one of Kiyosaki’s key areas of interest. “Real estate is a powerful vehicle for wealth creation,” he said. Over the years, his dedication to real estate education has grown, and he has shared his expertise through workshops and authored books, providing aspiring investors with practical guidance to navigate the complexities of the market.

Kiyosaki believes that integrating real estate education with financial

literacy is crucial for building a solid financial foundation.

Speaker Life Magazine


to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for countless individuals worldwide.

As our conversation concluded, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s unwavering passion and mission to make a difference in people’s lives through both financial education and real estate knowledge. His timeless wisdom and focus on real estate education continue to impact individuals worldwide, helping them understand the complex world of finance and real estate to attain financial freedom. In a world where financial literacy and real estate acumen are of utmost importance, Kiyosaki’s legacy as a trailblazer in financial and real estate education and an advocate for personal empowerment will undoubtedly endure for generations to come. His Rich Dad company has changed the lives of millions, and his determination to create a lasting impact in both financial and real estate education remains as resolute as ever.


Speaker Life Magazine

The Impact of the Speaker's Video Demo Reel: Showcasing Expertise Amidst Challenges

By Lea Woodford and Debbie Allen

I n public speaking, where presentation takes center stage. The aspiration to stand before an audience, forge connections on a profound level, and leave an enduring impact is a shared goal among speakers. In this pursuit of mesmerizing and inspiring, a tool emerges as indispensable: the speaker’s video demo reel. This narrative unravels the essence of a video demo reel, its irreplaceable value, and how integrating a media interview can be the transformative “wow factor” that propels your expertise to new heights. words possess the power to transform, and ideas captivate hearts and minds, the art of

A Video Demo Reel: A Path to Connection

often define its reception. A meticulously crafted demo reel transforms an uncertain inquiry into a solid booking, making it a pivotal asset in your journey as a speaker.

Imagine a concise yet impactful visual journey encapsulating your speaking prowess – showcasing your energy, expertise, and audience engagement. Enter the video demo reel, a carefully curated compilation of clips from your most compelling speaking engagements woven together to showcase your talent dynamically. Functioning as a virtual “first impression,” the video demo reel often becomes your initial introduction. Just as a book’s cover influences readers, the first moments of your presentation

Harvesting the Power of Visual Impact

The visual medium holds unprecedented potential in an era where attention spans wane and impressions form within seconds. A good video demo reel demonstrates your ability to speak and connect with an audience fun and engagingly.


Speaker Life Magazine

The “Wow Factor”: Amplifying Expertise with Media Interviews

The Imperative of a Video Demo Reel

ensuring they stand out in the crowd.

While a captivating montage of speaking engagements forms the foundation of a compelling demo reel, consider adding the “wow factor” – a media interview that bolsters your expertise. Media interviews, whether on television, radio, podcasts, or webinars, possess a unique ability to showcase your adaptability and engagement across different formats and diverse audiences. A media interview exudes authority. It showcases your readiness to communicate effectively, even under pressure. It’s tangible proof of your expertise, as interviewers often

3. Enduring Branding: Your speaking brand deserves a place in the audience’s memory. A video demo reel encapsulates your unique style, voice, and expertise, etching your brand into their minds long after the event concludes. 4. Global Accessibility: The reach of your audience surpasses geographical confines. A video demo reel is effortlessly shareable and accessible

1. Credibility and Trust: A

thoughtfully constructed demo reel exudes professionalism, nurturing trust in potential clients and event organizers. It is a tangible testament to your ability to command a stage, captivate an audience, and deliver invaluable content. 2. Efficiency in Decision-Making: Event organizers navigate through a sea of speaker profiles. A captivating video reel offers them an immediate insight into your speaking style and the impact you bring to an event. It expedites their decision-making process,

across platforms, enabling you to reach a worldwide audience

and draw international speaking opportunities.

Speaker Life Magazine


Augmenting it with a media interview infuses your expertise with an authoritative edge, cementing your status as a dynamic speaker and a respected thought leader. With your video demo reel in hand, you’re prepared to navigate the public speaking realm with assurance and charisma, forging connections and leaving an indelible mark wherever your voice resonates – even amidst the challenges of capturing optimal stage footage at live events with less than optimal lighting, audio, and venues. Learn more about creating your own dynamic speaker and media videos at www.SpeakerDemoEvent. com

your appeal to event organizers seeking speakers adept at commanding various platforms. It illustrates your effectiveness in communicating across diverse settings, positioning you as a valuable asset for any event, podcast, or broadcast.

pose challenging questions that allow you to display your depth of knowledge and quick thinking.

The Synchronization of Storytelling and Authority

The fusion of your dynamic speaking engagements with the authority demonstrated in media interviews creates an impactful and unforgettable synergy. The storytelling prowess honed on stage harmonizes with concisely articulating your ideas during an interview. This harmony not only underscores your adaptability but also amplifies your speaking prowess.

Your Digital Signature

A video demo reel goes beyond mere compilation; it’s your digital signature in a world yearning for authentic connections. In an age where authenticity resonates, your reel bridges the gap between speaker and audience. It’s a testament to your charisma, mastery, and unwavering commitment to creating an impact.

Incorporating a media interview into your demo reel elevates


Speaker Life Magazine

E. TREPRE. E 'R �l.\ ..�TER

Building Your Business: The Power of Community

by Jen Hall

I magine facing a business challenge at the start of your day, surrounded by colleagues who don’t quite understand your entrepreneurial journey. Now picture being stress- free because you belong to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Ambition to Success is co- founded by Anna Paszkiet and Jen Hall. Anna and Jen offer women entrepreneurs an accessible, supportive and thriving group coaching community for business growth. In addition to monthly

desire to help women in achieving their dreams. This powerful team has extensive experience in running and managing multiple businesses, and they have guided countless others to business growth and success. As you dive into their program, you’ll see the secret to their success lies in their unique approach to entrepreneurship. Armed with a deep understanding of business intricacies and fueled by their passion for making a positive impact, these women have created a remarkable platform for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and growth.

business coaching, Ambition to Success sets themselves apart by sending their clients a monthly entrepreneur experience box. Each exclusive monthly box features items and services for personal and business development. A Magical Fusion: Empowering Entrepreneurs and business coaching. Anna and Jen are a dynamic duo that bonded in friendship over Disney magic and Harry Potter wizardry. Their love for Disney and Universal is only surpassed by their genuine

Speaker Life Magazine


backgrounds, Stacey found invaluable support and business coaching. This assistance proved instrumental in redefining her business focus. Encouraged to adopt a mom-to-mom approach, Stacey connected with other moms on a deeper level, sharing her personal journey and understanding their unique needs. Implementing this new strategy, Stacey experienced a significant improvement in engaging customers and forging meaningful

connections. Through the Ambition to Success Community, she discovered the power of collective support and found the inspiration to elevate her business to new heights. Ambition to Success: Empowering Entrepreneurs through a Thriving Community. Anna and Jen believe there are five essential benefits to being part of their community:

Discover the inspiring story of Stacey Montgomery, a driven entrepreneur with her confidence-building guided journals and workshops for kids. Despite successfully reaching her target audience, Stacey sensed a plateau in her business growth and sought fresh perspectives. Her decision to join the Ambition to Success Community marked a transformative turning point.

Within the community of women entrepreneurs from diverse


Speaker Life Magazine

1. Mastermind: Engaging actively within Ambition to Success is like having a mastermind group. Within this space, members can freely seek assistance, exchange innovative ideas, and extend mutual support, all contributing to the growth and success of their businesses.

cultivate the vital Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) factor for your brand. This reciprocal trust not only fosters strong relationships within the community but also generates valuable referrals that extend beyond your immediate network, benefiting everyone involved. 3. Accountability: The presence of business- savvy individuals in this unique community creates a network of accountability partners,

offering unwavering support, encouragement, and assistance in navigating through challenges and overcoming obstacles on your entrepreneurial journey. 4. Education: Within Ambition to Success, you have the opportunity to share your expertise and, in turn, learn from fellow members. This exchange of knowledge and diverse perspectives becomes a driving force that propels your business forward, fostering growth and innovation.

2. Referrals: By actively engaging with Ambition to Success you

Speaker Life Magazine


5. Mindset: An entrepreneurial mindset thrives within Jen and Anna’s community that fosters growth, positivity, and the resilience to transform challenges into opportunities. Such an environment nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit, empowering women to reach new heights and achieve remarkable success. Women encounter various tools to grow their businesses. Anna and Jen believe their business coaching community is a pivotal tool and a catalyst for turning your ambition into success! Anna Paszkiet is a Digital Marketing Strategist with over 20 years in the Marketing

Industry. She worked in the corporate world first with a media marketing company for 10 years then with smaller companies to expand their marketing and reach the communities they were located in. In 2018 she left to start her own marketing business helping other businesses. While she loved doing this, she wasn’t helping as many businesses as she would like and ended up co- founding Ambition to Success. Her focus is on business growth and marketing so your business can create an online presence and grow profitable. Jen Hall is a Veteran of the United States Air Force where she served her country as an Air Traffic Controller. She is a Certified Aromatherapist who

built a successful business and community online following the diagnosis of a degenerative spinal disease. In 2015, Jen used her experience to become a Social Media Manager and Social Media Marketing Strategist. She has helped small business owners and large organizations turn six-figure profits, expand their marketing reach, meet sales goals, acquire new leads, and retain long term customers and clients. Jen is the co-founder of Ambition to Success. Her focus is on building a community so that women entrepreneurs feel empowered and supported on their journey to achieving success.


Speaker Life Magazine

"Embrace the Extraordinary - Create Your Own Luxury Brand." To find out more email Info@LuxuryMarketBranding.com

Why most speakers and coaches never get past 6 figures , and what you can do to fix that

by Estie Starr

having a strong online presence, clear value proposition, and a targeted marketing strategy in order to obtain both clients and customers as well as lucrative paid speaking engagements. 4- Failure to Diversify Income Streams: Relying solely on speaking engagements or one-on- one coaching will limit your income potential. Creating an online program requires more than just recording your knowledge and putting it on the internet. Building a sustainable business around your expertise will involve more than one avenue including, but not limited to, a selection of speaking, coaching, online programs, books, group coaching programs, and partnerships.

coaches and consultants identify themselves as their business, since it’s based on their expertise, and take all rejection personally. This blocks them from being able to go after the bigger opportunities and price their services accurately to generate stable business. 2- Lack of Business Acumen: Excelling in the speaking and coaching industry requires more than just expertise in a specific subject matter. It demands a solid understanding of business as well. This includes understanding business strategies, marketing, branding, sales, systems and operations. Many talented speakers and coaches focus solely on honing their craft and never spend the time needed to learn the additional skill of building a business.

Introduction The world of professional speaking and coaching is both alluring and challenging. While the prospect of earning a lucrative income by transforming lives through sharing your expertise sounds like a perfect world, the reality is that many speakers and coaches find themselves plateauing long before they even reach the six-figure mark. This raises an important question: Why do most speakers and coaches struggle to reach and pass this $100,000 income threshold, and more importantly, what strategies can they adopt to overcome these barriers? The Six-Figure Barrier: Unraveling the Challenges In my 15-years as a small business coach and consultant, having logged over 12,500 hours of one-on-one business coaching, I’ve seen these 5 patterns as the primary blocks to success for coaches and consultants: 1- Mindset Limitations: One of the most significant reasons speakers and coaches often find themselves stuck at the pre six- figure level is due to self-imposed limitations in their mindset. Most

3- Ineffective Marketing and Positioning: Visibility and unique

branding is key in today’s competitive marketplace. With the glut of speakers, coaches and consultants out

there today, it is imperative

that each coach has a clear and concise branding and marketing message that allows them to stand out

and effectively market themselves amidst the noise. This includes

Speaker Life Magazine


5- Failure to Play the Long Game: Building a successful speaking and coaching career requires building meaningful relationships within the industry over time. Many individuals focus solely on quick wins and income and overlook the power of networking and creating relationships with event organizers, other professionals, and potential collaborators for the long run. Strategies to Overcome the Six-Figure Barrier

full service consultancy, Strand Consulting, as well as our online business school, the Better Business School, we have brought thousands of coaches, consultants and small business owners to business and marketing success. Here are the top 3 (out of 10) strategies that stand the test of time to give you both quick wins and lasting profits: 1- Learn how to businessify your expertise: If you want to earn a lucrative and stable income off your expertise as a coach and consultant you need to learn business skills. Even if you

have the budget to hire people to help you with your business management and marketing, you need to know how it works first. If you just rely on hiring help, without learning the basics of the 5 core business pillars: Branding, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Systems & Operations, you will end up overpaying or getting lackluster results. 2- Find Your Uniqueness in the Marketplace: As a coach or consultant in today’s glutted global marketplace, you need to stand out. Find your unique messaging based on 3 things: the

Since 2011, through both our


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Don’t expect to be a business success overnight. Business and marketing are skills you can learn and develop over time.

totality of your background, your market positioning, your audience- problem match. Doing this will also help you with your mindset, as once you understand how your expertise is valued in terms of cash exchange in your industry, you can confidently charge appropriately. 3- One at a time: Don’t try to create signature talks, coaching offerings, online programs and write your book all at the same time. Wherever you are, first master one income strength before moving onto the next one. Whether you begin with speaking, coaching or an online program,

get your first profit center flowing smoothly and earning well before you add the next one. You didn’t become an expert overnight. Your current coaching and consulting expertise is based on years if not decades of experience, experimentation and learning. Building a business is the same. Don’t expect to be a business success overnight. Business and marketing are skills you can learn and develop over time. I’ve had clients and students stuck at the $30,000 earning mark for years to decades, who have then broken through with the right

training to $150,000+ within a year, and $500,000+ within two years.

Wherever you are now in your business, you will reach your goals if you play the long game, learn business and marketing skills, and connect with the right people and guides, knowing that it’s a process and that business success is attainable for everyone who wants it.

Estie Starr is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning business consultant and speaker. After a decade-long career in the nonprofit sector, she left her CIO job in 2011 to fulfil her business dream, serving small business owners who wanted to live theirs. The founder and owner of both Strand Consulting and the Better Business School, Estie helps small business owners earn their first million in new business. Estie has logged over 12,500 hours of one-on-one business coaching over the past 15 years, guiding thousands of micro business owners to transform their business ideas and dreams to fully scaled businesses, with an average 300% profitability increase. Estie has been recognized as the winner of Best in LA Business Consultancy 2018. In 2019, her podcast, “Business Breakthrough,” was featured on NASDAQ as a top podcast to listen to. She is a featured contributor to Entrepreneur, and the co-founder and co-host of the Annual LinkedIn Influencer Summit.


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Speaker Life Magazine


pithy titles for your upcoming workshop may help you fine-tune one that increases attendance. Research with AI can lead to new angles to explore in your area of expertise. Any use of the tool to spur your own thought processes can swiftly multiply your influential reach. Conversely, misuse of the tool can strip all your credibility like a tsunami. Claiming AI-generated content as your own, for example. You did not write it, so the message is devoid of all that makes you . . . well, you. You are not protected by copyright, so others may freely use it. And your audiences may soon forsake you, for even if the disingenuity is not immediately apparent, fast-developing AI- detection technology will highlight the misdeed sooner than you might think. Remember, AI is AR-TI-FI-CIAL! I am reminded of a business trip I once took to Seoul, South Korea. In the market district, there were many street vendors shouting, “Genuine imitation!” The crux of their sales pitch was that their shiny wares looked identical to expensive brands of handbags, shoes, sunshades, and other material treasures. Yet theirs was imitation, fake, artificial. The supposed upside? Purchasers could then mislead friends and strangers alike that they owned the authentic item. Mislead, hmmm. Like it or not, the United States Copyright Office has taken a rigid stance that AI-generated content is ineligible for copyright registration. Rightfully so, as copyright protects creators with respect to what they

AI is all the rage (rage – noun: a fad pursued with intense enthusiasm;

a fit of violent wrath – both Merriam-Webster meanings, which one depends upon your view, usage and ethics). AI, of course, is short for artificial intelligence. Ultimately, the key lies in an alternate definition of the latter word. More about that later. Fans of AI tout benefits such as faster, less taxing ideation, prolific content generation, reduction of bias-based writing, and so on. Naysayers point to plagiarism, copyright infringement, and inauthenticity. It seems to me both sides are right and both sides are wrong, depending upon the instance of the technology’s deployment, as well as one’s motive and intent. As a brainstorming tool, AI is a tremendous resource. A query as to the top 25 facts entrepreneurs most want to know about a certain topic can help you prioritize your blog writing. Asking for 15 possible

Speaker Life Magazine


Any tool can be wielded for right or wrong ....new technolog� has consistently had ripple effects in the workplace and life.

that data to what it spits back out (using algorithms). Hence, showing substantial similarity to any specific copyright- protected work will almost always fail. Nonetheless, everything that survives legal scrutiny is not always ethical. Case in point! What’s more, AI is not always accurate. You may have seen news reports of the attorneys who submitted AI-generated research in their briefs to a New York District Court. They were unaware that AI had concocted

fictitious cases upon which the lawyers based their argument, and they did not double check the sources. Ruh Roh! The judge fined and chastised them with “Technological advances are commonplace and there is nothing inherently improper about using a reliable artificial intelligence tool for assistance but existing rules impose a gatekeeping role on attorneys to ensure the accuracy of their filings.” As speakers, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and other speaking

create (i.e., for their original works). You may have created the chatbot query, but you did not create the chatbot result. It is, in fact, a genuine imitation! To say that your claim of resultant verbiage as yours equates copyright infringement may not hold water, but it will always be “copying.” Proving copyright infringement requires substantial similarity. AI does indeed draw from third-party material, but it assembles data from a multitude of sources, and analyzes and transforms


Speaker Life Magazine

Many worry that AI will replace jobs, even industries. Yes, new technology has consistently had ripple effects in the workplace and life. Some good, some not so good. Still, I am convinced that those of us who make a living with the spoken word, and do so authentically, ethically, using tools properly to bolster our competence and credibility, will remain in demand. AI be damned.

verbatim is plagiarism. THINK!

professionals, you might not get fined, but best of luck in overcoming the pulverizing hit your credibility will take. Again, as the judge noted, artificial intelligence is a tool for assistance, period. As I alluded earlier, the key to the good of AI is intelligence, using your own intelligence (the proverbial noggin). AI is, at its core, research. Research edifies. Using research to spark and guide your own thoughts is wise. Using research

The Internet can be used for good or bad.

Social media can be used to build up or tear down.

Any tool can be wielded for right or wrong.

AI at its best is ideation. Copyright protects not ideas, but original expressions of the ideas. The human element will always matter.

Speaker Life Magazine


Having practiced marriage for 40 years, law for 32, fatherhood for 31, grandparenting for 1, and after braving adventures as a juvenile probation officer and professional speaker, Russ is convinced that we must never stop learning and laughing. His love of levity stems in part from an intellectual property law practice that has served such clients as Barney®, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as scores of who one might categorize as “characters” in the business world. Russ recently served 4.5 years as a member of the National Speakers Association’s Board of Directors. He is the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Cash Cow. RUSS RIDDLE

He is appropriately known as the “Anomaly at Law®,” for he is down to earth, clearly communicates and lavishes others with laughter.

Speaker Life Magazine




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