Regional Physical Therapy_Beat Sciatica in 4 Easy Steps

“The trick to relief from sciatica is to restore natural motion and strength to your spine, pelvis and hips.”

How to Beat SCIATICA in 4 Easy Steps

Do you ever feel like it is a challenge to get moving in the morning, or are you now careful about the way you bend down to pick something up? This is a clear sign that your spine is not functioning the way it should. The good news is that with the help of our Physical Therapy team you can dramatically improve the way you feel and eliminate that sciatic pain or back pain for good!

Ever have that aching pain from your back into your buttock, or even down the back of your thigh? This could be sciatica, a broad term used to describe radiating pain, numbness or tingling symptoms into the legs. The sciatic nerve stems from your lumbar spine and travels deep through the buttock, down the back of the thigh. Sciatica is very common, because of the amount of sitting we now do in our daily lives. This drastically affects the strain on your spine, hip and pelvic muscles, irritating the sciatic nerve.

You Don’t Need A Prescription! In the state of Oklahoma you can seek physical therapy first, without a physician referral, to get the help you need quickly!

Feel Better

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