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JULY 2018


A Celebration Filled with Good Food and Family

For my family and me, one of the greater celebrations in the year happens to be in July. Every year, we throw a July Christmas party, where the whole family can spend time together and participate in fun activities. The main reason why we’ve created this family tradition is because of how far away we live from one another. Most of my family lives in the Dallas, Texas, area. Getting up there multiple times a year can be rough. Other than in July, we try to gather together as a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, the holidays are only six weeks apart, and while I enjoy spending time with my family, gathering everyone twice within such a short time is a little silly. Throwing our Christmas party in July gives enough of a gap between holidays that we can look forward to seeing each other when the time comes, but it also gives us time to relax at home. For our July Christmas party, we don’t bring any presents — we save that for December 25. Our party is held either at my house or my great Aunt Alice and Uncle Glenn’s house. Everyone tries to bring something to the event; there’s always a lot of cooking

and good food. My cousin owns and runs a food truck, so he usually brings all sorts of barbecue foods that everyone looks forward to, such as briskets, ribs, sausages, and coleslaw. Since I like to bake, I spend a lot of time making cheesecakes, pecan pies, sugar cookies with royal ice cream, fudge cake, and homemade cinnamon rolls. Out of everything I’ve ever baked, my cinnamon rolls are the most popular and usually the first to go. “We hang up stockings with the stars and stripes on them and fill them with candy and sparklers for all of the kids.” “

and sparklers for all of the kids. Although they may not get presents, we always give them treats during the party. Instead of scheduling the event for Independence Day weekend, we prefer to hold it the weekend after for convenience — everyone generally has plans for the Fourth they don’t want to miss. My family typically spends the day at Grapevine Lake boating and jet-skiing, then we head downtown when it’s dark to watch the traditional pyrotechnics at work. I hope you look forward to spending time with your family this month. Whether it’s a family tradition or a spur-of-the-moment decision, take some time to spend with your loved ones. Celebratory

times like these create wonderful memories for everyone and leave positive,

While the party might not be a traditional Christmas celebration, we decorate with both Christmas and Independence Day in mind. We hang up stockings with the stars and stripes on them and fill them with candy

long-lasting impressions.

–Kelly Lawrence



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