maxon Product Range 2020 / 21

Active implants → Cardiac support systems → Active valves → Positioning systems → Pump systems Surgical systems → Surgical robots → Power tools → Dental devices Pumps and medication delivery systems → Insulin / pain pumps → Dialysis pumps Rehabilitation and prosthetics

Medical Drive systems for medical technology

maxon drives are used in numerous medical applications. Our motors provide reliable, high-quality performance in high-precision devices such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, power tools, and hand and foot prostheses. Drive components for medical technology applica- tions must meet extremely demanding requirements such as: precision, sterilizability, smooth running and long service life, as well as low heat build-up in DC brushed and brushless drives. The maxon medical business unit specializes in developing and produ- cing drive systems for a variety of medical applications. Our engineers are well versed in the technical requirements of the medical industry, whether for active implants or robot-assisted rehabilitation.

→ Hand prostheses → Foot prostheses → Exoskeletons → Therapy systems


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